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Default Possession of Prohibited Guns

Yesterday, when opened my car, I found a gun in the backseat. It was parked in front of my office. I don't know who did it. Probably it was put by one of my colleagues in order to trouble me. Because I made a few enemies here. Or the guy who put it in my car wanted to dispose of the gun.
As per our(Canadian) laws, we are not allowed to possess certain types of guns. When I shared this with my friend, he said it is prohibited. So if there will be serious problems for possession of this firearm?

I'm really tensed!
Should I go to the cops or should I consult any criminal defence lawyers in Toronto? I don't know what to do. So, please let me know your opinions in this.
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You should clear the gun.

Then, you should go down to your local welding supply and buy a tag along kit.

Then, you should melt the gun.

Then, never speak of it again.

You couldn't pay me to live in Canadia.
Free Palestine.


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