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Paul Anthony
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Paul Anthony
Thumbs down CNN commie news network thread

Dedicated to all the shit that comes from cnn!!

Even the liberal/commie/left are starting to hate the slime at cnn!! Watch how the antifa/blm crowed chase these pussies!! Notice the "reporter" hits a car on his way out, probably pissed his pants too!!!

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ZEK S 854
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ZEK S 854
Default CNN is No Longer a News Outlet . . .

they're a new world order propaganda machine for left-wing loonie and anti-White causes. Gone are the days when on-the-street CNN reporters were horrified by anti-White events such as the 1992 Los Angeles Riot. Now, CNN is always on the side of demonstrators and looters.
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Stewart Meadows
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Stewart Meadows

Actually, VNN already has a long and informative thread about the jewish garbage channel CNN:


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