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Ian Smith son
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Ian Smith son
Post Report warns 50 per cent of jobs will be redundant in 20 years time

Report warns 50 per cent of jobs will be redundant in 20 years timeWill YOUR job still exist in 2025? New report warns 50 per cent of occupations will be redundant in 11 years timeExperts believe half of today's jobs will be completely redundant by 2025Artificial intelligence will mean that many jobs will be done by computersCustomer work, process work and middle management will 'disappear'Report states that workspaces with rows of desks will no longer exist From self-driving cars to carebots for elderly people, rapid advances in technology have long represented a potential threat to many jobs normally performed by people.

But experts now believe that almost 50 per cent of occupations existing today will be completely redundant by 2025 as artificial intelligence continues to transform businesses.

A revolutionary shift in the way workplaces operate is expected to take place over the next 10 to 15 years, which could put some people's livelihoods at risk.

Customer work, process work and vast swatches of middle management will simply 'disappear', according to a new report by consulting firm CBRE and China-based Genesis.

'Experts predict that 50 per cent of occupations today will no longer exist by 2025 as people will take up more creative professions,' said Martin Chen, Chief Operating Officer of Genesis.

'This means that jobs will evolve and so will real estate development.'

Workspaces with rows of desks will become completely redundant, not because they are not fit for purpose, but simply because that purpose no longer exists, according to the report.

'The next fifteen years will see a revolution in how we work, and a corresponding revolution will necessarily take place on how we plan and think about workplaces,' said Peter Andrew, Director of Workplace Strategy for CBRE Asia Pacific.

A growing proportion of jobs in the future will require creativity intelligence, social skills and the ability to leverage artificial intelligence.

'And for most people that will be a route to happiness and fulfilment,' the report states.

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Sean Gruber
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Sean Gruber

A society based only on money is short-sighted. The "economic rationalists" may argue that whole groups of people are economically redundant, as judged by the latest market flux. But when the market needs to flux back, those people won't be there in the same numbers. Today the problem is "redundancy," tomorrow it's "shortage of qualified workers." But the human supply chain is exceptionally slow (it takes years, even decades, to bring a good human online). This leads to the non-solution of bringing in more immigrants, which changes and lowers the culture (lowers because most non-White groups have lower average IQs than White groups). This is one way capitalism is a destroyer (which even its acolytes admit, when they misquote "creative destruction"). (This doesn't mean communism is good.)

Unjewed gooks can see the pros and cons clearly. Example:
23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism: Ha-Joon Chang: 9781608193387: Books 23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism: Ha-Joon Chang: 9781608193387: Books
No jews, just right

Less talk, more action


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