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Old September 19th, 2015 #61
drinking tea
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Right, so the culinary and journalistic butthurt comes from the fact that they did not get what they paid for and not that such foods are freely available in Britain, then?
Above post is my opinion unless it's a quote.
Old September 24th, 2015 #62
News Bot
Post Pakistani restaurant served up sh*t

The owners of a kebab shop which sold food contaminated with human faeces have been ordered to pay compensation to customers who became ill.

A rare strain of E. coli - only the second outbreak of its kind in Europe - was found at The Khyber Pass in Nottingham in June 2014.

In August, owners Mohammad Abdul Basit and Amjad Bhatti pleaded guilty to breaching food hygiene regulations.

More than 140 people were affected by the outbreak.

Appearing at Nottingham Crown Court, the owners were each given a suspended four month jail sentence and ordered to pay each victim £200.

Breaches included selling food unfit for human consumption, poor personal cleanliness of food workers and inadequate hand washing facilities and drainage.

'Wholly inadequate'

An investigation by Nottingham City Council led to the discovery that the food poisoning organism responsible was Enteroinvasive E. coli (EIEC).

EIEC is only found in the human gut and so inspectors concluded people affected by the outbreak must have eaten food contaminated with human faeces.

Officials said the outbreak was traced to the restaurant after analysis of faecal specimens from patients.

The same strain of EIEC was found in lettuce prepared by food workers at the takeaway.

Paul Dales, from Nottingham City Council's food, health and safety team, said: "This was a significant and serious food poisoning outbreak affecting a large number of people, some of whom developed severe symptoms.

"It's fortunate there were no fatalities, as this is a strain of E. coli rarely found in the developed world, this being only the second confirmed outbreak in Europe."

"It's clear that hand-washing practices by some workers were wholly inadequate and this led to food becoming contaminated," he added.

read full article at source:
Old September 26th, 2015 #63
News Bot
Post Indian restaurant writes 'white ppl' on customer's receipt after he orders mild curry

An Indian restaurant in west London has apologised to a customer for marking his receipt with the words “white ppl” after he requested a mild curry.

Valentine Restaurant in Southall said the mix-up was a misunderstanding rather than a comment on the race of the customer, because “ppl” was its shorthand for “milk”.

The note, added underneath the order of a venison curry, read ***VERY MILD, WHITE PPL***. Restaurant owner Ruby Kandasamy said that it was a reminder for the kitchen to use “a white sauce made from milk, single cream, coconut milk and spices we add to our dishes when a curry is requested mild”.

But the customer, 44-year-old Stuart Lynn, said he was offended by the note and that he wouldn’t be using the restaurant again.

He told the Mirror: “I was not happy at all. It implies we can’t deal with strong curries… I thought it was very rude of them.”

Ms Kandasamy told the newspaper she was sorry “for any inconvenience and misunderstanding” and that the restaurant would be changing the way it marked mild orders. She was unavailable to comment when approached by The Independent to explain how “ppl” meant “milk”.

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Old September 28th, 2015 #64
Jack Stanton
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Jack Stanton

I'd be worried what else is in that 'white sauce'
We have it. We have it all.
Old October 3rd, 2015 #65
News Bot
Post Indian restaurant owner heavily fined - again

A RESTAURANT owner has been fined more than £25,000 after he risked the lives of his customers and those living in the flats above it.

The owner of Junness Indian Cuisine, Askar Miah, was ordered to pay £15,000 and £10,300 after he pleaded guilty to five charges relating to inadequate fire safety standards.

Fire officers visited the property on High Street, Southampton, found an inadequate fire alarm system, the fire exit was not well protected and there was inadequate emergency lighting.

Following the visit in August 2012 a prohibition notice was served, stopping people from living in the seven-bedroom flat above the premises.

Two years ago Miah was fined more than £40,000 after pleading guilty to four breaches of house of multiple occupation (HMO) management regulations and a failure to obtain a HMO mandatory property licence at Southampton Magistrates’ Court After evidence was found a number of times of people still living there and the problems with the premesis weren't fixed, Hampshire Fire and Resuce Service authorities brought legal action against him.

Speaking after the case, area manager Steve Foye, head of community safety for Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “The work carried out by our fire safety officers is vital to the safeguarding of life and property in our communities.

“We try and work very closely with businesses to advise and help them with their duties under, but unfortunately in this case we needed to go down the legal route.

“We hope that this case will act as a reminder to business owners and landlords throughout Hampshire that whilst we work with businesses as closely as we can, the safety of the public is our primary concern and we in some cases we do have to consider prosecution.”

So even after being caught out before the council continue to let him put people's life's at risk. He might be the guilty party but the council let him continue to let him do it so they should take some of the blame as well. Shop owners selling to under age children or being drunk while working now this when we enough be enough?

So even after being caught out before the council continue to let him put people's life's at risk. He might be the guilty party but the council let him continue to let him do it so they should take some of the blame as well. Shop owners selling to under age children or being drunk while working now this when we enough be enough? Shellypso

So even after being caught out before the council continue to let him put people's life's at risk. He might be the guilty party but the council let him continue to let him do it so they should take some of the blame as well. Shop owners selling to under age children or being drunk while working now this when we enough be enough?

Perhaps he should be banned from being

----- snip -----

read full article at source:
Old October 8th, 2015 #66
News Bot
Post West End: Group accuse hotel of racism

A West End hotel has been caught in a racism row after a group of friends taking selfies during a birthday meal were allegedly branded “intimidating”.

Juliet Segayi was celebrating with 21 other people when staff at the Sanderson Hotel allegedly told them “you don’t know how to behave in a five-star restaurant”.

The 28-year-old said the group, most of whom were black, were then confronted by four security guards who threatened to throw them out.

Ms Segayi said they had been perfectly behaved and that she and her guests had been left “humiliated and shocked” by the hotel’s attitude towards them.

The Sanderson, which denies the incident was racist, is believed to have told Ms Segayi the situation was caused by a “management faux pas” and agreed things had been badly handled.

Ms Segayi had described the incident as “London racism” and said she and her friends had been “treated like dirt”.

She said: “The whole experience was so unpleasant — it even forced some of my guests to leave in shock and horror as to how we were being treated.

“I could not believe it. The way he [a senior staff member] spoke to me, the language that he used — I have never experienced anything like that before.

“Normally if you are spending £2,000 in a restaurant people go out of their way to accommodate you. We were not loud, nor rowdy — but we were a group of 22 made up of largely black people.” The hotel today apologised, saying it took her concerns “seriously” and is investigating the claims.

Ms Segayi, who divides her time between London and Nigeria for her job at a media tech company, said her birthday had been “ruined”. She said the situation was finally resolved by the restaurant manager who told the security guards to leave.

Sanderson hotel manager Grant Campbell today said: “We are reviewing our policies and thoroughly investigating the conduct of our staff as relates to this incident. Discrimination is taken very seriously at Sanderson. We would like to publicly apologise for any ungracious conduct by our team.

“It is our desire to welcome Ms Segayi and her party back to Sanderson.”

read full article at source:
Old November 4th, 2015 #67
News Bot
Post Father of three took his family to KFC for 'treat night' meal but staff refused to serve him the BBQ Bacon Boss Box deal because it is not halal

By Tom Ambrose For Mailonline

Published: 12:00 EST, 4 November 2015 | Updated: 12:56 EST, 4 November 2015

A father who took his family out for a KFC meal was left 'disgusted' when a halal-only branch refused to serve him a BBQ Bacon Box deal.

Steve Mitchell, 45, was left furious when he had to drive an extra four miles to another branch of the fast food restaurant.

He had travelled to the KFC in Derby for a 'treat night' on Saturday after his daughter Chelsea, 18, spotted an advert for a BBQ Bacon Boss Box Meal.

But he was stunned when he was told the meal was not available due to the Foresters Park branch being halal-only and did not serve bacon.

Scroll down for video

Instead he had to drive 15 minutes to another KFC restaurant in nearby Wyvern, where he could finally purchase the £5.99 box meal.

Mr Mitchell, from Derby, said: 'I'm disgusted that we couldn't get the fast food we requested in the first restaurant and even more disgusted that I had to drive the extra miles to get the meal.

'I don't recall seeing anything advertising that the Foresters Park site wasn't serving this meal due to halal beliefs.

'On the way to the site from Spider Island, down Osmaston Park Road, there is even a huge poster on the side of a bus stop advertising the [bacon box] meal.'

KFC made some of its restaurants halal only - food suitable for Muslims - in 2009.

The chain said that the branch at Foresters Park was its only Derbyshire branch that had the restricted menu.

A KFC spokesman said: 'We have ensured that an alternative non-halal restaurant is nearby to satisfy all of our fans.

'The Derby Foresters Park KFC is the only halal restaurant in the area, and the nearest non-halal restaurant is two miles away at the Derby Intu centre.'

On its website, KFC says that to be halal accredited, its restaurants have to serve meat from birds and animals that are 'not dead prior to slaughter'.

The statement says that, due to 'strict animal welfare standards', all poultry is stunned before slaughter.

Halal requires that a verse from the Quran is read by an appropriate person at the time of slaughter.

The statement adds: 'We have worked with the Halal Food Authority (HFA) to understand the requirements involved in supplying and producing halal-approved products.

'We are delighted that the HFA have certified KFC's products.'

read full article at source:
Old March 13th, 2016 #68
News Bot
Post filthy food outlets list contains no surprises

Hundreds of places to eat in London have been given a zero star rating by local authorities for food hygiene, the Standard can reveal today.

Across the capital, 444 eateries failed to meet hygiene standards and were awarded zero, which means urgent improvement is needed.

Newham, Ealing and Westminster were the London boroughs with the most zero-rated food outlets, with 42, 38 and 34 respectively.

For restaurants, Westminster is the worst rated London borough – with 28 being given a zero star rating, followed by Tower Hamlets with 21 and Ealing with 20.

Croydon and Newham fared the worst for takeaways with 11 outlets receiving no stars.

Havering appears to be the cleanest place to eat in London with just 2 establishments scoring zero, closely followed by Kensington and Chelsea with 3.

All the ratings are publicly available on the Food Standards Agency website, which includes scores for restaurants, takeaways, bars, cafes, nightclubs, pubs and even hospitals.

Businesses given ratings of zero must make urgent improvements to hygiene standards.

The local authority’s food safety officer will tell the business how quickly the improvements must be made.

If an officer finds that a business’s hygiene standards are very poor and there is an imminent risk to health, meaning the food is not safe to eat, the outlet could be shut down.

Newham Council said the area has a high turn over of small businesses compared to other local authorities in London.

Its inspectors shut down The Golden Dragon takeaway in Plaistow in 2014 in what a health officer described as "one of the worst cases I've seen in 12 years".

Ian Corbett, mayoral advisor for environment and leisure, said: "Food hygiene inspections are a vital service we provide to ensure that food being served is safe for customers to eat. We carry out frequent inspections that are unannounced and thorough.

"If any premises poses an imminent threat to public health we will close it down and it will not be able to reopen until this threat has been eliminated. Businesses which need urgent and immediate improvement face close monitoring until these problems are rectified.

“Unfortunately legislation is weak. Councils should have the power to force businesses to drive up their standards. If the government was to introduce licensing then we would be able to set high standards for local businesses and take tougher action against those that fail to meet them.”

read full article at source:
Old March 13th, 2016 #69
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This is a very interesting subject. Would anyone like to discuss this clear hazard to public health on a more in-depth level, or would you all like to be kept in the going nowhere retard kettles of Banks and Paedophiles and burning your own national flag?
Justice for Stuart Lubbock
Old March 13th, 2016 #70
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My own view is that patrons of such establishments deserve all they get.It is common knowledge or at least was until relatively recently that the primitives have no concept of personal hygiene or hygienic food preparation. They come from societies where the water is more of a health hazard than the filth on food. They have always used chilies and such ingredients to nullify the dangers of eating filth.
This practice of neutralising filth with the chemical effects of chilies and spices has now become the default method of food preparation rather than the exception. We even have fetishists such as soccer yobs nationalists,loyalists and other assorted imbecilic scum who measure their manhood by their ability to consume the hottest of chilies.
Provincials are often surprised by the acceptance of McDonald's by Londoners as if Londoners were some sort of corporate lackey. The unspoken real reason is that whatever scum they employ they have a visible operating hygiene system for food preparation and if you are going to risk a snack on the go then healthwise Mcdonald's is a better option than any turko/roma run cafe anywhere in London
The above post is as always my opinion

Chase them into the swamps
Old March 13th, 2016 #71
Squarehead Chris
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Squarehead Chris

Here in the U.S. it's usually the chinese and other asian places that get the worst write-ups during health inspections. Some of the reports are truly frightening.
Of course I think that would change if we had raghead take-outs on every corner like most European cities apparently now have.
On an somewhat interesting note, the only indian (dot, not feather) restaurant in town was also written up for several violations during their last inspection.
From having refrigerated storage too warm (the cheap fucks probably don't want to pay the extra power costs), to leaving raw meat laying around the kitchen at room temperature and unsanitary prep surfaces.

I agree with Andy, if you eat by choice at or from one of these shitskin owned/run/staffed places, then you deserve whatever you get.

Last edited by Squarehead Chris; March 13th, 2016 at 08:50 PM.
Old March 14th, 2016 #72
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Perhaps if the dirty kebab shop owners were sorted out earlier, Charlene Downes wouldn't have been raped and killed by muslim pedophiles and eaten by drunken stag and hen parties in Blackpool. 2 problems sorted at once eh Joe?
Old April 22nd, 2016 #73
News Bot
Post Curry house of horrors: Indian takeaway shut down after rat urine and droppings are found in the FOOD

Curry house of horrors: Indian takeaway shut down after rat urine and droppings are found in the FOOD

The Sun
A FILTHY Indian takeaway has been shut down after health officers found rat urine and droppings - in the CURRY.

Inspectors also discovered a "heavily gnawed" flour sack in the food storage at Bombay Munch in Hackney.

When council officers visited the curry house in north east London, they were "overwhelmed" by the smell of rat in urine in a rear room where food is prepared.

The restaurant owners had simply used traps to try and kill the rats rather than calling in professionals.

Inspectors dropped in at the takeaway after a tip off from a member of the public.

After finding proof of the infestation a Hygiene Emergency Probation Notice was issued to the owners - requiring them to close the restaurant straight away.

The takeaway will remain shut until work is completed by environmental health officers and a certificate enabling them to trade again has been issued.
read full article at source:
Old May 15th, 2016 #74
News Bot
Post Swindon - Curry chef cleaned his backside with milk bottle

A curry chef who stored an empty milk bottle he used for washing his backside in the kitchen has been banned from running a restaurant.

A senior environmental heath officer felt physically sick when she found Mahbub Chowdhury had the two pint plastic Tesco container stored under the sink.

And when she quizzed him about the container, which had brown finger marks on the outside of it, he said he didn't use toilet paper "for cultural reasons".

The 46-year-old was the sole trader in the restaurant and takeaway at Yeahya Flavour Of Asia, based in the Nine Elms pub in Swindon, Wiltshire.

Simon Burns, prosecuting, told Swindon Crown Court that he was already being prosecuted in April last year when council officers checked up on him.

After finding more problems he said environmental health officers Carolyn Clinton and Caroline Lock visited his kitchen again last July.

When they went into the kitchen they were stunned by the standard of cleanliness and his knowledge of allergens: which can kill.

"Most shocking, Mrs Clinton found in the kitchen under the double sink and empty plastic milk bottle that was extremely dirty and covered in brown fingerprints," he said.

"He filled it with water from the kitchen sink and used it to wash his bottom after toileting. He didn't use toilet paper for cultural reasons. Mrs Clinton concluded the brown finger prints were faecal matter.

"He said he needed to remove the faecal matter from his body after using the toilet. So a bottle used for his cleaning his bottom was found inside the kitchen where food is prepared."

Mr Burns sad "It was a plastic milk bottle from Tesco, a two pint receptacle for milk."

He added: "The officer felt, quite frankly, sick at that."

When he was later questioned the defendant insisted that he had been misunderstood when they spoke to him and that he always recycled the bottle.

He said that he was the only person working in the restaurant and takeaway, which has now closed down, and it was a very small kitchen.

Despite the poor cleanliness and lack of knowledge of allergens he said there had been no reports of any illnesses from customers.

Chowdhury, of Plymouth Street, admitted 10 offences under food and hygiene laws. He was fined £7,500 for similar offences last year.

Nicholas Clough, defending, said his client was very remorseful for what he had done but his family and business had fallen apart at the time.

His wife had left him with their two children, one of whom the restaurant was named after, and his staff had also gone and he suffered asthma, heart problems and diabetes.

"It is a mixture of personal difficulties and break up of his family which caused him to lose his concentration in what he was doing," he said.

Passing sentence Judge Peter Blair QC said: "We have heard at length this afternoon about the disgusting state of the kitchen that you ran at Yeahya Flavour Of Asia, in the Nine Elms pub.

"There was a

----- snip -----

read full article at source:
Old May 15th, 2016 #75
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They all clean their arse with a water bottle, it's common knowledge. The issue being, that his shit covered bottle found its way into the kitchen where he prepared food that he sold to the public.

The moral of the story is don't buy food from third-worlders.
Justice for Stuart Lubbock
Old May 15th, 2016 #76
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Footprints on the toilet bowl,excrement down the upturned lid and a milk bottle were noted on building sites with coolies employed as far back as the 70's. For example the post Windsor Castle fire rebuild in the 90's the joes had their own toilets and canteens for this very reason at the insistence of the ultra left union representative..
Of late the last twenty years or so because of the invasion and settlement of the slavoturks this separation has ceased and common toilet arrangements, mess and welfare facilities are now the norm.
As stated before, anyone prepared to consume food prepared and cooked by primitives who have no concept of basic hygienic practices deserves all they get.
The above post is as always my opinion

Chase them into the swamps
Old May 29th, 2016 #77
News Bot
Post Rats found-Indian & Chinese 'Restaurants'Southsea,Hampshire.

TWO restaurants have been fined thousands of pounds after rats were detected in the pantry of one and mouse bait was spilled near food in the other which had ''filthy'' preparation areas.

Prosecutions were brought against the Aubergine Indian restaurant and the Family House Chinese takeaway, both in Southsea, after they both failed to make improvements following previous visits by health inspectors.

A spokesman for the local authority said: ''When an inspector made an unannounced visit to Aubergine last July, it revealed very poor cleanliness, with dirt, grease and food debris in many areas.

''Hand-washing facilities were not being maintained and bait for mice had been spilled near stored food. The hand and food contact surfaces were filthy and there was no effective food safety management system.''

The spokesman said restaurant manager Shamsul Khan did make improvements after the visit, including hiring pest controllers, but added that he had a ''history of making improvements after inspections and then failing to manage the restaurant effectively''.

Khan, 44, of Haslemere Road, Southsea, pleaded guilty at Portsmouth Magistrates' Court to five breaches of food safety and hygiene regulations, both as operator of the business and as sole director of the company behind it.

He was fined £4,200 for all offences, and told to pay £1,481 in costs and victim surcharges.

Family House operator Boon Ann Goh, 59, of Sudley Gardens, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, admitted eight breaches of food safety and hygiene regulations.

He was fined £3,500 and told to pay £1,394 in costs and victim surcharge.

The council spokesman said: ''An unannounced inspection last July revealed extremely poor hygiene standards. Previous advice from the council had not been followed.

''There was dirt, grease and food debris in many areas where food was being handled and stored. Hand-washing facilities were not being maintained. There was evidence of rat activity in the rear food storage area.

''The council's inspector judged there was an imminent health risk and an immediate voluntary closure of the takeaway was agreed.

''The premises were cleaned and disinfected, and proofed against rats. A pest control visit was made. The business was allowed to reopen in August.''

Robert New, the council's cabinet member for environment and community safety, said: ''The histories of both these cases shows that we have worked hard with the businesses to try to ensure they keep up food safety standards. However, they failed to follow advice and let standards slide. For the protection of the public we had to take legal action.''

This is a shame, I know we as a country cannot afford to check every restaurant all the time but maybe the money that taken in fines could fund more checks like these. The public spend a of money in these places surely we deserve the right to good clean and safe food. It's not just Portsmouth Southampton has c

----- snip -----

read full article at source:
Old May 30th, 2016 #78
News Bot
Post Brick Lane - Pakistani curry shop has licence suspended over aggressive touting

Restaurant owners in London’s world-famous Brick Lane today said a midnight curfew would destroy the city’s curry capital.

Council officers have visited the 60 curry houses along the culinary hotbed in recent days warning that they must stop serving at midnight or face a £20,000 fine.

A letter from Tower Hamlets Council warned that even eateries with licences to serve food and drink beyond midnight must now abide by local planning rules which insist upon midnight closing to cut down on “anti-social behaviour”.

But business owners claim they rely on late-night trade for up to a third of their total income - and the after-hours ban would force many to close their kitchens for good.

Azmal Hussain, who owns four Brick Lane restaurants licensed to sell alcohol and food to either 1am or 2am, said he has been told to stop taking orders at 11pm and have everyone out by midnight.

Mr Hussain, 62, who is vice chairman of the Brick Lane Restaurateurs Association, said: “This has come completely out of the blue. We get a lot of customers during 12pm and 2am. We have no lunch trade so if we have no late night trade how can we survive?

“I predict 30 per cent of the restaurants will be gone within three months. They can’t pay their rent. If there are no restaurants Brick Lane will be nothing.”

Mohammad Ahmed, 27, who owns Curry Bazaar, said: “It’s a crisis. Our late-night curry houses are established. We have been here for 18 years and our late-night customers are good people. I don’t think my business can survive without those hours.

“About one third of our profit comes through during those hours. I run the business with my two younger brothers and I have just had twins. This is really troubling us.”

In its letter, the coucil said: “It may be your licensing hours are not the same as the opening hours specified by the planning condition. In cases such as this it is the earlier closing time that you must adhere to.”

If the owners do not comply they face fines of up to £20,000 at a magistrates’ court or an unlimited fine at a Crown Court.

A council spokesman said: “This enforcement action relates to the normal opening hours of businesses down Brick Lane. Planning enforcement officers visited all licenced premises in January, as part of partnership work with the police to reduce anti-social behaviour.

“Bar owners and restaurants were reminded of their responsibility to operate within their official opening hours, which are restricted by official planning conditions. Formal planning enforcement notices would be served to any premises that continue to open beyond their approved opening hours.”

But Labour councillor Helal Abbas criticised the council’s crackdown.

He said: “These restaurants have been operating these hours for 15 to 20 years. We should be working with small businesses rather than taking a sledgehammer to them. The council has decided to come down heavy-handed in an area that is suffering. This is going to hit hard on a very small group of

----- snip -----

read full article at source:
Old July 7th, 2016 #79
News Bot
Post Kebab shop owner charged with rape by police investigating murder of 14-year-old Charlene Downes

A seaside kebab house owner has appeared in court charged with historical child sex offences by police investigating the disappearance and murder of 14-year-old Charlene Downes, whose body was never found.

Kashif Gul, 39, is accused of rape , attempted rape, gross indecency with a child and indecency with a child in relation to one female victim aged 14 and 15.

Gul, from Blackpool, Lancs., was one of two men arrested on Monday in the town by detectives investigating the murder of the schoolgirl, who vanished in 2003, as part of Operation Awaken.

Lancashire Police say there is "no suggestion" the latest arrests are directly connected to the murder investigation.

Gul, who runs the takeaway shop in Foxhall Road and just a few yards from the Golden Mile, appeared at Blackpool Magistrates' Court today before he was remanded in custody by Judge Pamela Baldwin.

He is due to appear at Preston Crown Court on July 27 and his lawyer Leisa Splaine said her client would deny the accusations.

Charlene Downes vanished from the Lancashire resort on November 1 2003 with no trace found of her despite a lengthy and complex investigation, numerous media appeals and a £100,000 reward offered.

The ongoing probe is one of Lancashire Police's largest and longest running inquiries and, as well as examining the teenager's disappearance, is also looking at the wider issue of alleged child sexual exploitation in the resort.

A 50-year-old man also arrested on Monday and questioned on suspicion of indecent assault and taking indecent images of a child has been bailed pending further inquiries.

Lancashire Police say they are still pursuing those responsible for Charlene's death with a team of detectives dedicated to the unsolved murder and are also probing alleged child sexual exploitation in the town.

Senior investigating officer Det Supt Andy Webster said: "I firmly believe that there are people who know what happened to Charlene but have not come forward to speak to the police.

"You may have been present when she was murdered or may simply have information about how she

read full article at source:
Old July 15th, 2016 #80
News Bot
Post Immigrant leaves calling card outside Chinese Takeaway

We want you to enjoy your visit to our website. That's why we use cookies to enhance your experience. By staying on our website you agree to our use of cookies.

POLICE patrolling in Darwen town centre saw a 34-year-old man with his trousers round his ankles defecating on the pavement outside a takeaway.

Blackburn magistrates heard the man pulled up his trousers and tried to run off but was arrested.

And the court was told Zbigniew Grzeszczak remembered nothing until he woke up in a police cell the following morning covered in faeces.

Grzesczak, 34, of Percival Street, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly in a public place.

He was fined £230 and ordered to pay £85 costs and £30 victim surcharge.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said the incident happened at 12.50 am outside Roosters Chicken on Borough Road.

“You may wonder why he is not facing a more serious offence because that kind of behaviour is usually classed as outraging public decency,” said Miss Allan.

“The reason is that for that charge there have to be at least two people in the vicinity capable of being outraged. The file is silent about whether other people were present.”

Angela Rossi, defending, said the incident happened on a Bank Holiday weekend and her client accepted he had been drinking quite a lot.

“He can’t remember a great deal but knows he must have drunk a lot because of the state he was in when he woke in a police cell,” said Miss Rossi.

“He had voluntarily had a tag fitted and has abstained from alcohol since this happened in May.”

read full article at source:

bon appetit, diner, food, halal, kosher, restaurant, takeaway


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