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Old August 7th, 2016 #81
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Post Cockroach Kebab owner banned from food business

A dodgy doner kebab shop owner in Wealdstone has been banned by Harrow Council from ever owning a food business again after his filthy takeaway was shut down.

Huseyin Gaygusuz, who ran Acropolis Steak and Kebab House on Wealdstone High Street, was also fined £3,500 and ordered to pay £3,777 in costs by the courts.

When council officers inspected Gaygusuz' business they made a series of grim discoveries, which included finding dead cockroaches and rodent droppings where food was prepared and stored.

They also found that the surfaces and equipment were clogged with grease and grime, food was mouldy and out of date, and even the most basic of food safety procedures were not adhered to.

Gaygusuz' disregard for customer safety was so bad that the council took the unusual step of recommending that he never be allowed to sell food again.

The banning order he received applies to the whole of the UK and, if broken, could result in a prison term.

Cllr Graham Henson, who has Cabinet responsibility for environmental health, said: "We tried to work with Mr Gaygusuz to bring his business up to scratch, but his unwillingness to cooperate meant we had to take tough action - now he’ll never serve food again."

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Old September 6th, 2016 #82
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Post Bucket of rats found in takeaway

A TAKEAWAY has been banned from using some of its buildings – after health inspectors found a bucket of RATS there.

The kebab shop – named Delight 2 – was served with an emergency hygiene notice after a complaint.

Inspectors made a surprise visit and found live and dead rats, rat droppings and gnawed packaging there.

Magistrates upheld the order and banned Delight 2 in Didcot, Oxfordshire, from using its food preparation building until further notice.

In a damning verdict Oxford Magistrates’ Court said the buildings constituted an “imminent risk to health”.

Magistrates also ordered the business to pay £1,280 in costs to South Oxfordshire District Council.

The takeaway will now only be able to use the building again when it has eliminated all pests and ensured the building cannot be accessed by them in the future.

A spokesman for Delight 2 said: “The pest control people have been and it is all fine now. We have dealt with the problem.”

The council’s cabinet member for environmental health Tony Harbour told the Oxford Mail: “Most businesses work hard to provide high food safety standards.

“Cases like this show that those who fail to do this will face swift and decisive action from our officers to protect the public.

“In this case a member of the public made a complaint and we were at the premises later that same day to investigate.”

In June a London pizzeria was shut down and ordered to £4662.44 after the council found mouse droppings in the kitchen, raw food stored next to cheese and dirt all over the food prep areas.

Apple Pizza, in Edmonton, north London, had a history of poor hygiene, including a bad cleaning regime since 2012.

Photos of the grimy and grubby takeaway restaurant showed filthy wiring sprinkled with food, a rusty and dirty chip pan and the floor littered with mouse droppings.

The owner, Kamran Javadpour pleaded guilty to 14 breaches in food safety and hygiene.

The 48-year-old was given an eight-week-sentence on June 2, suspended for 12 months and ordered to pay an £80 victim surcharge.

At the sentencing at Tottenham Magistrates’ Court the company was fined £2,000, ordered to pay £2,542.44 in costs and a £120 victim surcharge.

Enfield Council’s cabinet member for environment, Councillor Daniel Anderson, said: “It is completely unacceptable for food businesses to put residents at risk through shoddy working practices and poor basic hygiene and we will take action when we find those failings.”

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Old September 6th, 2016 #83
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Old September 24th, 2016 #84
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Post In some areas of Britain HALF of all takeaways are not safe, inspectors found

ONE in seven takeaways in the UK have failed food hygiene inspections – rising to more than HALF in the worst areas of the country, shock figures reveal.

Food Standards Agency data shows almost 30,000 establishments failed recent checks, including more than 7,000 takeaways and 8,000 restaurants.

Reasons for failing include filthy kitchens, infestations of rodents and cockroaches, cross-contamination of cooked and raw ingredients and storing food at unsafe temperatures.

Around one in 13 restaurants, cafes and canteens are judged below par and a shocking one in seven takeaways and sandwich shops, the Guardian reports.

The worst area is Newham in East London – where more than 26 per cent of all food establishments failed inspections including 31 per cent of restaurants and more than 50 per cent of takeaways.

Second worst was Edinburgh, where more than 38 per cent of takeaways failed and 26 per cent of restaurants.

In Hyndburn, Lancs, 38 per cent of takeaways failed and in the London boroughs of Harrow and Islington it was around a third.

A high proportion of takeaways also failed in Epsom and Ewell (46 per cent), Manchester (34 per cent) and Birmingham (34 per cent).

The Shetland Islands, Hertsmere, Midlothian, Luton and Ealing were also among the worst in the country.

In total there are 32 local authorities where more than a quarter of takeaways failed to pass food safety inspections.

Scores varied widely across the regions with overall 10 per cent of establishments in Scotland awarded a fail grade compared with 6 per cent in England, 5 per cent in Wales and 2 per cent in Northern Ireland.

In some local authorities areas such as North Devon and the Orkneys the failure rate was zero.

Schools, colleges and universities received the best scores nationwide of any type of food establishment, with less than than 1 per cent given a failing rating.

Takeaways and sandwich shops received the worst scores with 15 per cent judged to be below par.

Councils are responsible for checking the safety of all places that sell food, following guidelines set by the Food Standards Agency.

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland they give a score from zero to five, with two and below counted as a fail.

Currently 1,400 businesses have a zero score, meaning it “requires urgent improvement”. Many are shut down temporarily to address problems identified by inspectors.

Scotland uses a different system awarding three grades: “pass and eat” to premises that exceed legal requirements of hygiene, “pass” to those that are broadly compliant, or “improvement required” which is counted as a fail.

Matthew Collins, a principal environmental health officer at Newham council, said a score of zero had to be taken seriously as it indicated a “cumulative failure of management”.

He told the Guardian: “That would be a failure to keep clean, a failure to maintain accurate temperatures, a failure to disinfect and a failure to have any constructive plan to manage it and/or an in

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Old January 29th, 2017 #85
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Dozens of curry lovers struck down by food poisoning after eating contaminated chutney at street festival to share £400,000 compensation
Food poisoning victims have received a pay out of £400,000 after falling ill
Almost 50 visitors of the Street Spice Festival in Newcastle contracted diarrhoea
There were also 29 confirmed cases of varying strains of salmonella reported
The victims will split the compensation with some receiving five figure sums

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Old February 10th, 2017 #86
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Meat company 'carried out a £250,000 scam by duping restaurants into buying cheap turkey thinking it was HALAL LAMB’
Dutch Bangla Direct allegedly sold more than 100 tonnes of turkey to businesses
The takeaways and shops believed they were being sold halal lamb, court told
It is claimed the company netted £250,000 profit through the alleged scam
Firm's boss Mahmudur Rohman, 46, is on trial with three others, who deny scam

By Steph Cockroft for MailOnline

Published: 15:31, 9 February 2017 | Updated: 15:32, 9 February 2017

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