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Where them bitches at ?!
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Default Black female shoots to kill husband . ."Stand your ground"

A black woman in Selma, Alabama, says she shot and killed her abusive husband because he charged at her and she feared for her life.

Now she’s facing a murder charge — despite living in a state with a “stand your ground” law in place, and despite a history of domestic violence, including a 2016 order of protection filed against her husband because he punched her in the face repeatedly.
There sure is a lot of trouble going on recently in 'da African-American community' . .

More and more blacks run amok . .

They get all the press , I might add . .

Coincidence ?

Or are they , by their very nature , more criminal than us ?

Anyway , this black broad sure has an interesting way justifying herself . .

Murder and mayhem in 'da African-American community' . .

When will they turn against Euro-Americans ?

They are already violent among themselves . .

Especially black females , I think , chimp out even more often than males . .

The black amazon . . A dangerous species . .

In secret they all probably wish to be Ma Bakers . .



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