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Default Re: video of 60 black teenagers looting philly drug store

all white people need to understand what is REALLY going down.

these niggers aren't going to prison, they are being recruited by the jews.

and not just as ruthless criminal mercs to fight wars and rape and slaughter school children in other countries.

they are being hired into the banks, to facilitate white collar criminal operations. whites are being screwed out of their houses in the most egregious criminal activity. unless you've been through you you could not fathom the complete utter unbelievable nature of it.

EVERYTHING is one honed, perfected criminal fuck job and the entire department of collections is run by black females.

PNC was sued by 4 MILLION PEOPLE for fraudulent foreclosures, 4 FUCKING MILLION WHITE PEOPLE LOST THEIR HOMES to this shit.

so what did these cucks in congress do? they passed laws so you can't SUE THE BANKS.

also, they passed laws making it much much easier for the banks to take people's houses. there is no 6 month waiting period anymore, and this is producing hordes of homeless people as they jack up the property taxes on white people.

this is a HOT WAR because when people can't pay and lose their houses, their armed thugs show up to steal your houses.


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