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No one has mentioned Archie Bunker in America and Alf Garnet in U.K.

Great period stuff and wish that kinda stuff was allowed now.
This bus is "Whites only". Your bus will be along in 3-4 hours.

The number one enemy of the white race is the jew. Number two is rabbi john jewtree. His concubines included.
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I do not really care about all this, so I do not have a "favorite Tv serie of all time". But about 10 years ago or so I really enjoyed a british TV Show called "Hammer". All white, no muds and not too Jewey.
"The Jews, racially are monsters, flunked hybrids, distraughted, who have to disappear. Everything they fiddle, everything they scheme is cursed." - CÚline, 1938
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M. Kraus
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M. Kraus

Originally Posted by steven clark View Post
To be fair to Elizabeth Montgomery, she also played in a TV movie where she was raped by a black kid, was afraid of them afterwards, and wrote (she was a journalist) an article condemming blacks, and took some heat for it.
I remember that movie. It begins with Montgomery's character as a liberal anti. There is one scene where a White man chides her for being a lefty, and then asks her how she would react if a nigger attacked her. "What are you going to do? Yell 'Four hundred years of oppression'? Start singing 'We Shall Overcome'?" The odd thing is, his character was not portrayed as villainous at all. Such a character would not appear in any movie today, when propaganda is too important to contain any realism.

As for TV series, I liked the Rockford Files, a quintessential 70s show. Even the spic cop talked like a White man. James Garner was an excellent actor; very natural and adept at going from comedy to drama.
An anti-semite is someone who knows what's going on.
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Originally Posted by George Witzgall View Post
I loved the brit-coms. I loved benny hill; ab fab; loved monty python.
Right on. I missed out on some of them growing up, only to find them later via the net. Only Fools and Horses is a great sitcom. Worth downloading all of them.


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