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Default Leftism is a Double-Racist Ideology

Since 90% of leftism is "blame all the bad things in the world on White people" and "tax the crap out of White people to pay for welfare for Blacks," leftism is, by default, a racist ideology. It's time to start calling it that.

It's also racist because it presumes that Blacks need cradle-to-grave government help to navigate thru life (well, yeah, they do, because they're retards).

So, anyway, leftism is double-racist! Who are the real racists!!?? We know who.

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ZEK S 854
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ZEK S 854
Default Too True, Franco!

A simple, concise and correct analysis, Franco! Many leftists and commies are members of black lives matter but are unable to see that belonging to that organization is racist! Of course, lefties and commies will state they reserve for themselves the right to determine what is racist and what is not. Typical!


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