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Donncha Dennis
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Donncha Dennis
Default Trump and the Daca plan

So I haven't exactly been keeping up with the whole news on this daca thing but will the policy in effect be good or bad for whites? I assume good as the freeloading immigrants will be left without a job or kicked out? Anyone have any good input on this and lets hope trump doesn't chump and reverse himself yet again but im not holding my breath seems they have gotten to him.
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Nikola Bijeliti
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Nikola Bijeliti

Trump agreed to a deal with Nancy Pelosi to keep DACA in exchange for some promise about boarder security which will probably amount to nothing. There is nothing good for Whites about this. DACA is just another amnesty, and the people being amnesties aren't even necessarily children; some are in their thirties and forties. Since they can sponsor their family members, it means essentially that nearly all Mexicans will have the right to live in the United States, since most have relatives here already. It is a total disaster.


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