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Ted Ferguson
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Default Gun Control

Along the lines of an idea I've mentioned before, the militarizing components of the white race need to compile a list of "universal truths" we either collectively believe in, or SHOULD collectively believe in, in order to establish a common identity, and a common belief system, so that we may effectively act in concert for our collective survival.

In particular this notion of "Gun Control" needs to be deconstructed, and repacked for White Identitarians.

One day I noticed that the cities that had the most stringent gun control policies also have the highest percentage of niggers in their population. Coupled this with the red-pill concept of "high trust" communities and the general idea that democracy only works when you have a requisite minimum level of a factor I'll call "Civilized", but it could be "intelligence" or "humanity". Whatever that factor is, and it's probably genetic, white people have it and negros do not, which is why majority black communities require higher taxation to pay for more government service to include more massive social control system (Police, Courts, Prisons, Social Services, Welfare, etc...) These people need womb-to-the-tomb government support, which is antithetical (meaning the exact opposite of) the utopian ideal the founders of the United States envisioned.

Once I recognized all these broad and general truths, many things followed naturally, and one of them was the true societal reasons for restricting gun possession in high-negro populations. They can't be trusted with them. It's like handing out hand guns to a kindergarten class. SURE some of those kindergarteners will only use that weapon in self-defense, but it's much more likely that they'll use that weapon out of impulse. They'll kill one of their peers because they want their tennis shoes.

Sound familiar?

It's not enough to merely attempt to delete the Jewish programming from our identity, we must replace the code with better, more-updated code that serves our interests, and not theirs. When presented with the phrase "Gun Control" the white race should reflexively "AutoCorrect" that phrase to "Nigger Control", because we don't have a gun problem, we have a nigger problem, and whatever risks that guns may pose to our collective, societal survival, it's the niggers shooting them that are the real threat.

Guns don't kill people. Niggers kill people.

And that's why Chicago has a "Gun Control" problem. The Jews won't allow us to perceive the problem accurately as a "Nigger Control" problem.

We should all be "AutoCorrecting" Jew language and replacing it with our own programming. These are the bars and walls of our collective prison, and the sooner we deconstruct and redefine this language, the sooner we will be free again.

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