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Old October 21st, 2020 #1
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Default if you have Crohn's disease, just look at all those videos on youtube of healthy looking 20 something's with colostomy bags

obviously there is something in environment doing this.

I know dessicants and preservatives are coating your intestines killing the lining.

all health studies say, fiber fiber fiber is #1 cure for all diseases.

because it simply scrapes the shit off the wall of your intestine.

but ALSO because fiber hydrates those intestinal linings , water if it's not contained in fiber is taken out it 'leaks' out, if water is absorbed in the fiber like a sponge it reaches the lower digestive track

just think about it, Diahhrea is a malfunction of the large intestine function of water removal. when those cells sense anything wrong they stop removing water from the stools, that is how your body fights disease or reacts if something is wrong, it starts throwing your shit out your ass as fast as possible, it's vomiting out the other end. dehydration is the result, but also the cause.

so WAtermelon. Canteloup. Cucumbers. a cucumber is 97% water,

your intestines are full of shit if you don't eat a lot of vegetable matter. rotting, years old fecal material in your intestine , it's incredible you don't die.
Old October 21st, 2020 #2
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Sounds unpleasant
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