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Old April 25th, 2015 #1
Gabriel Braun
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Gabriel Braun
Lightbulb Modern White Youth and Self Defense


I feel like it would be appropriate to discuss something of this nature considering the increasing amount of racial tension and anti-white violence in modern day society, particularly in American schools, suburbs, etc. pretty much anywhere that multiculturalism can be found really. And considering the way the world works today, That's every where.

I'm 19 years old. I've grew up witnessing the transition of society to what it is today.

The youth of today has no sense of self-preservation. No sense of tribal instinct and brotherhood that other races have. At least, that's what i've witnessed from personal experience, and spending a lot of time researching the ongoing war against our kin. The attitude isn't there. It's a lot easier to follow the sheep and accept diversity so as not to be outcasted from mainstream society. I understand that. A lot of young people today feel that pressure. We don't have the drive to learn how to defend ourselves and our own blood.

I'm going to tell the people of my age something that most of them don't want to hear, and that's that we don't have a choice in the matter.

We HAVE to learn how to fight.

The only other option is to take our chances with what we already know, or lay down and take it. And when you think about it, those aren't very preferable alternatives.

Things like this happen to us on a daily basis:

Now tell me, would you rather be this guy:

Or this guy:

I'm not encouraging people to go out and start problems on purpose, but when the shit goes down, we'll have to rely on instinct, wit, strength, endurance, and hopefully, skills. It is your job to learn how to defend yourself and those you love. Being attacked is a very real threat, and knowing how to neutralize the that threat is key to our survival. We're the next generation. It is up to us to to raise our children not to show fear and be proud of themselves, something that our generation at this moment seems to be lacking. We have the right to exist and we need to have the strength to back up that claim. We already have the logic on our side.

The brown hordes seek to take what we have, and they don't care about chivalry or fighting fair.

It is up to us to decide if we will be prey, or if we will be an unstoppable force that they regretted ever crossing. Take care of yourself. Your body. Learn. Train. Exercise. It's not all that difficult to do with the right mentality.

The knowledge and opportunities are out there. Join your local gym, or if you don't have the time and or money, a simple home workout just to stay in shape could do wonders for your self esteem, attitude, and overall way of life. We need ourselves thinking positive, forwardly, and realistically. We can't always have a gun or any other weapon to help us out in a possible life or death situation. Anyone can learn to shoot. Its those that are physically unprepared and out of shape that are probably at the biggest disadvantage. We have to set the example. Or we will be doomed to face the enemy with nothing but good intentions and bad planning. We have to be the ones to lead.

Or we will be inevitably drowned out and overrun.

White boys and girls unite
Stand up and fight
Old April 25th, 2015 #2
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Self defense? As the world renown kung fu master, Bruce lee once said...

Old April 26th, 2015 #3
Ray Allan
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Ray Allan

I'm all for staying in good physical shape at any age, but unless we've had many years of martial-arts and self-defense training, us middle-aged and older guys can't go all Kung Fu Charlie. Even Bruce Lee seems to agree.

"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."

--Henry A. Kissinger, jewish politician and advisor
Old February 5th, 2016 #4
Paul Vogel
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Default Before use of force, use your head, and ...

Originally Posted by Ray Allan View Post
I'm all for staying in good physical shape at any age, but unless we've had many years of martial-arts and self-defense training, us middle-aged and older guys can't go all Kung Fu Charlie. Even Bruce Lee seems to agree.

Indiana Jones - Arab Swordsman Scene - YouTube
Agreed, RA.
Before use of force, use your head, and also know your terminology.
Otherwise, you will be at the mercy of those that would disarm you.

Last edited by Paul Vogel; February 6th, 2016 at 10:21 AM.
Old February 28th, 2017 #5
Matthew Allen
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Matthew Allen

I agree with the original poster. When I was his age, I was also being attacked at school by black individuals. I've been studying MMA for a long time now and have had to use it a few times. I didn't always win against black guys, but I did always fight back, because I knew my chances of survival were much better if I fought back with everything I had.

But for the rest of you guys: If you can't learn to fight because of health problems or age limitations, just stick to getting a firearms permit and become proficient by going to the shooting range.

fight, kid, kids, white, youth


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