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Default Might is Right

Might is Right:

A reality but not an exhaustive one, a condition of beastman not Heman/Superman. For those with a lower conciousness which has not developed itself to any more expansive scope that the lower ego of crude self-stimulation and material enrichment. The animal in man has not been tamed or sublimated in its ferality but subsists in savagery greedily groping for gain and absorping the wealth of the material plane in its maw- salivating over the meagre morsels while neglecting the higher dimensions of human or superhuman conciousness. "All life is struggle" for the crude apeling called Beastman whose philosophy is encapsulated in this phrase and that of 'might is right'.
Nevertheless might makes right and greater power triumphs over lesser power simply manifests in different forms for the higher consciousness by virtue of its greater scope supercedes the lower by definition as it has greater 'might' or power. Therefore even in the grades of consciousness and its manifestation might can be demonstrated to determine the right, in other words the necessary condition of being, the sine qua non of existence.
Grades of conciousness are simply different forms of power/force and are the faculty of a certain level of perspicacity-the dullard and the obtuse percieve the world from frog perspective and those endowed with clarity of mind from that of the eagle. The animal man may, secundam quid, be triumphal in his animality but the heman/superman may be superior qua animal as well as qua man/superman. Strength of body and mind are not dualistic but complementaries and mutually reinforce one another-the strength of one quickening that of another in an evolutionary upward cycle/spiral.
'What is right is natural and what is natural is right'- and hence to 'live in accrodance with nature' as the stories prescribed is to manifest the might necessary to carve out the path of destiny.
Ofttimes the animal aspect requires expression so that a stable development can be sustained over time and circumstances; aided by the human/superhuman aspect and sage-like guide and prudent navigator of the seas of Being. At other times the animal lies dormant while his vital energies are sublimated into more refined and subtle expressions embodied in art and calculation with whatever object in view. Reason and passion, Apollo and Dionysos, dance around the maypole/irminsul of temporal existence grasping for the coloured steeamers of eternity and to transcend the lower ego through itself. 'The lesser jihad' of contest with and overcoming of others if transcended via the Greater jihad of overcoming the self. In the presence of Others the self is still the target at which the arrow is aimed and they are so many paces taken away from the butt to increase the difficulty of maintaining focus on the target and accuracy of aim.
The others are both stone obstacles and stepping stones across the rapids of temporal flow/existence-incomplete ashlars they present rough terrain over which to tread, some being crushed, others falling loose and creating an avalanche and opposition to the presage to the superman. Nevertheless the road msut be tread as 'all life is struggle' and one's right of passage is carved out by might, by the will and its proper harnessing and employment.

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might is right


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