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Tyrone White
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Tyrone White
Default The Answer is Yes

I'm trying to not take this the long way around the block. Violence is, and has always been, necessary. It's a question of the type, the timing, the environmental conditions at the moment(s) in question, and other, possibly unknown factors. But it's a situation of "3D Chess", and finesse. Timing, and that whole Judo thing of using your Enemy's own momentum against them.

In short, it's complex.

I focus on very small details, and then explore them. One example of this is I pay attention to and remember the very basic, fundamental fact that people HAVE been killed by a single, surprise "sucker punch". One punch equals DEAD. They're on Youtube if you want to go find them.

How many times does a single, unexpected punch kill you?

So first you deconstruct this question to:

1) How many punches are thrown into people's faces in a given period of time, say for example, a year.
2) What percentage of them resulted in death?

If it's 0.0004%, does that mean if you shoot someone to prevent the punch, you're acting in self-defense, and not some degree of homicide.

So that's called the "Foundation" of the argument. If that's flawed, that's where the Enemy will attack you. It's the first row, your first row, of the chessboard. If the Foundation is flawed, you've lost the War before it's even begun. They didn't wake up suddenly one morning and discover that the Allies could out manufacture the Germans after protracted military conflicts and engagements, all happening simultaneously, all over the world?


One way to understand your own history is put yourselves into the shoes of your ancestors, and from that perspective, exactly WHY did they have such a problem with the Jews.

(This is the kind of thing that makes me dangerous.)

But what if the percentage is 23.0004%, you are playing Russian Roulette with a gun that has only 4 cylinders. And someone that hates you has loaded that gun. Did they trust the Jews to make weapons, and ammunition for them? Were the Jews in the camps the "Good" Jews, and if so, do their descendants now owe us for having gifted them with the genetic quality of "goodness" (however one may define it), and from there how they intend to express their deep level of gratitude?

Remember this starts with "Some Sucker Punches Will KILL You". This is the whole legal argument you intend to make if you are are ever charged with the murder, attempted murder, aggravated assault, etc... This is the core of your "Self-Defense" argument. And they'll all hold their nose and defend you, because that's their Self-Defense Doctrine too.

Or THE COURT rules against the argument, and the level of "fist violence", or "hand-to-hand" violence increases, which overloads the system, and either Rights are abridged, or eroded, or crimes go unpunished. When is the last time you saw a Government Official get put in prison for a crime? They're going after Cops, to distract people from who's NOT being looked at.

All that Surveillance Infrastructure, and for some reason it only points outward.


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