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Shawn O'Malley
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Shawn O'Malley
Default TNB Parents - duct tape child and post pictures on the net

I wonder how much welfare these niggers get?
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Karl Lueger
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Karl Lueger

[quote ]I wonder how much welfare these niggers get? [/quote]

for each nigglet as well,
more niggers the more thyez gettin' paid..

breed more niggers and others will pay for it.
"To survive a war, you gotta become war."

Rambo, John J.
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I read another article similar to this one not to long ago. Not sure if it was on VNN or somewhere else. Just disgusting what some "so-called parents" would do!

A sweet toddler, just shy of 2 years old was tortured for the fun of it, according to Nebraska Police chief Bruce Lang. The 18 year old mother, Jayla Hamm and her 19 old boyfriend Corde Honea, used duct tape to tie the baby to the wall. They also tortured him by duct taping his favorite sippy cup to the wall, just out of reach so the baby boy couldn’t reach it.
These are the first heartbreaking photos of a boy being subjected to unbelievable cruelty by his mother and her boyfriend.

The 22-month-old toddler was stuck to a wall in his home by industrial duct tape after his mother had been 'partying' with her lover at her home near Lincoln, Nebraska.

Jayla Hamm,18, even held her helpless son against the wall while boyfriend Corde Honea,19, taped his wrists, legs and body.

Hamm and Honea then took these pictures of the crying child and further taunted him by taping his favourite drinking cup just outside his reach.
The second article has photos included that just break my heart as a mother!

child abuse, monkies, nigger parents, tnb, welfare


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