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Old December 19th, 2003 #1
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,556
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Alex Linder
Default Steele on David Irving

That's Mr. Antisemite to You!

by Edgar Steele

19 December 2003

"By their enemies shall ye know them." -- Proverb

David Irving doesn't know what an antisemite is. Shhh...don't tell him he is one. Or that, in fact, he is the archetype antisemite.

Irving is a historian of some note, primarily as a result of having been targeted by worldwide jewry as a major enemy. He should be proud. He isn't.

Banned from most western countries and his books outlawed, Irving has been reduced to traveling in his native England (but not speaking his mind there) and America (where one gets the sense he still declines to speak his mind). Yet, nothing that Irving has said or written ever has been proven to be false.

Because the official story about so much history actually is false, Irving is known as a "revisionist," simply because he seeks to set the record straight. The jews prefer to call him a holocaust denier, of course, since he does not agree with the six-million/gas-chamber/lampshade/soap story. Never mind that he has proven his contentions time and again, with actual records from that era.

Yes, things have gotten that bad.

I heard Mr. Irving speak the other night in Moscow, Idaho. The location was changed at the last moment because the hotel at which he had a reservation buckled under jewish pressure, closed its meeting room and restaurant for the evening and tried to have him arrested for trespassing when he insisted upon looking in the lobby telephone book for another hotel. The Moscow city police responded in force and were appropriately menacing. You'd think they had been lined up in advance. Just try to get them to respond that quickly if you are in trouble sometime.

This is but one of the many ways that jews shut down those with whom they disagree. They find where someone they dislike plans to speak, then bring to bear their substantial economic boycott muscle on the owners to cancel at the last minute. I have seen them pull this time and again. Of course, they are doing their best to make it illegal for any of us to criticize them for it -- and already have made it illegal for any American to try to boycott Israeli products.
The hotel? The Mark IV Motor Inn. Their email address is [email protected]. Their phone number is (208) 882-7557. Let them know what you think of their reprehensible conduct.

I called the Mark IV Motor Inn after being turned away and asked why, after driving three hours to get there, I had to be inconvenienced to seek out Mr. Irving's new location and their response was for me to speak with their attorney, John Walker. I called Mr. Walker's office, identified myself as an attorney, and asked to speak with him about it. He has refused to call me back.
Mr. Walker's email address is [email protected]. His telephone number is (208) 882-4536. Let Mr. Walker know what you think, too, since the hotel refuses to collect enough backbone to speak for itself. Reportedly, Mr. Walker was personally offensive to David Irving, as well.

David Irving has made a career out of historical investigation and writing, primarily concerning the World War II era. His landmark work, Hitler's War, is what first got him in trouble. He made the mistake of depicting Hitler truthfully. Not as the made-up monster that the ADL would have you believe, but as a highly charismatic and effective, albeit flawed, national leader. For that sin, Irving must pay with his reputation and livelihood. Nothing less will do, of course.
Throughout his prepared remarks, Irving was pointedly careful to avoid even mentioning the word jew. He was quick to respond to questions with his belief that he is actually a liberal and certainly not antisemitic. As some sort of proof, he offered up his belief that Franklin Roosevelt was America's greatest president.
Irving misses the point of the label altogether, of course. As Joe Sobran has said, an antisemite simply is someone that the jews hate. Sounds like the punch line to a bad joke, but it is true.

I asked Irving why he does not simply acquiesce, as I do, and say, "So what? Do you blame me, after all that the jews have done to my family and me?" He visibly blanched at the suggestion and allowed as how he did not wish to attract the wrong element.

I looked around and saw that most of the fifteen attendees were just like myself. Three identified themselves to me as being members of this list. Two others traveled to the meeting with me. The lone skinhead present struck me as being the duty ADL/FBI plant. There was a University of Idaho history professor sitting in the corner, who gave the impression of having just slipped in a mud puddle and who hurried out the door as soon as the talk was over.

In other words, Irving already is drawing the very people he claims to be avoiding; in fact, we are the only people he seems to draw. And, what's more, he draws us precisely because of the disrepute heaped upon him by zionists around the world. But he doesn't seem to know it. He pretends we're there because we're after the skinny behind his massive two-volume work on Churchill.
One has to wonder what it is that Irving is after. Why does he lurch from town to town in the dead of Winter in his rented SUV, personally selling copies of his books at poorly-attended and furtively-held meetings? The only people that will have him are those that he wishes to avoid. Like it or not, he is one of us.
The jews have spoken, after all, and that concludes the matter. David Irving is an antisemite. In fact, Irving is the penultimate antisemite, so hated is he by jews around the world. How ironic that he plays into their hands and tries so hard to appear otherwise.

Tired and truly alone, David Irving seems to have missed the fact that great swaths of humanity now are awakening to the misery caused by zionists and their jewish brethren who provide them cover. He is uniquely situated to provide perspective and truth to a movement growing throughout America and Britain. Events make the man. Irving is a man that coming events could make into a giant, if only he would awaken to the destiny that could be his.

A vast and violent storm is rising up in the distance, a storm that will sweep away jewish control in Western civilization as surely as it was swept away in pre-WWII Germany...and for precisely the same reasons.

New America. An idea whose time has come.

Old December 19th, 2003 #2
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,556
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

What Steele says tracks with what I saw when I heard Irving speak in Las Vegas last year. Points that struck me about Irving:

1) hyperattentive, alert to circumstances
2) very solicitous of women
3) surprisingly high-pitched voice
4) contents under extremely heavy pressure

The text of his lectures is indeed fascinating. His books are excellent, both in production and contents.

But Steele is correct that there is a subtext, and that subtext is honest, thoughtful White men and women LOOKING FOR LEADERSHIP and hoping to find it in Irving. He don't want no part of that, it seems to me. He's a Britisher, and British are unusually concerned with their reputation in the eyes of others. Irving has been declassed by the jews, and it bothers him. He masks this professionally and ably, but it is clear. He has made the odd remark to this effect, that he is only with us because we're the only ones who'll have him. Perhaps a transvaluation of values is in order for Mr. Irving.

But again, what matters here is that the honest, thoughtful White man has no where to turn for leadership, whether he's a German, a New Zealander, an American, a Briton, or a Frenchman.

That is where we are today. We all see the problem.

Now we need to take steps toward the solution.
Old December 19th, 2003 #3
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Originally Posted by Alex Linder
But again, what matters here is that the honest, thoughtful White man has no where to turn for leadership, whether he's a German, a New Zealander, an American, a Briton, or a Frenchman.
What about BNP chairman Nick Griffin, Alex? What's your take on him?
Old December 19th, 2003 #4
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,556
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

1) Griffin: I'm not close enough to the British scene to opine intelligently. I do follow the BNP and the various parties, and I do read magazines they put out, but I have not met any of these parties personally, so I can't comment. If the BNP has indeed come out for multiracialism, then it has made a fatal concession.

2) pro-semitic speaker: No, I would certainly not allow such at my hotel.

But that isn't the point, Dozer. If there's genuine free association, then it is up to the proprietor to hire/fire/rent to whomever he wants. We don't have free association in America anymore. If you're providing a common carrier, or public accommodations, or hiring employees, you are subject to what are mistermed "civil rights" laws. These prevent you from hiring or renting by race, and all of the other restrictions (sex, creed, etc.) The spirit of Runnymeade is replaced with the spirit of the Talmud.

I guarantee you that if White gangs were going around physically and economically pressuring jews or minorities, it would be treated as a federal case -- a conspiracy to deny civil rights. And the whites so doing would be prosecuted. When the jews do it, as in the example cited by Steele, it's perfectly kosher.

Power flows from the streets. You may have seen the story we posted from Australia, I believe it was in yesterday's letters. It involves the court cases of the Lebanese who gang-raped the white girls in Australia. These things are so thick, and have so many in their packs that they can fuck with the police and, as we saw in the Rodney King riots, the police withdraw in fear. That is, cops were questioning some of the sand simians, and they got on on their cell phones and rounded up their buddies and started harassing the cops -- even at their headquarters! Think of the power relations there. As the article said, in withdrawing, the cops effectively ceded a section of the city to the sandies. That means that White girls are open season in southwestern Sydney, i think it was. Whereas, Whites -- see Mr. Steele's Lonnie Rae -- are fined and thrown in jail for calling a nigger a nigger even after he attacked their wife.

The Nazis succeeded in large measure because they were willing to fight and die for their beliefs on the street. They proved this over and over again. The bourgeois were not. Only the jew-fed communists resisted them.

Jewish power in America rests on their control of money, through the Fed, which "creates" the money that pols use to purchase nigger clients, and through the media, which pushes their lies and agenda on the whites, who lack their own media to resist. And who are shorn of their money through the inflation-theft-tax fiat money always produces. The dollar has lost 80% of its purchasing power since the 1970s, and the media has lost 100% of its explanatory power since 1900. Whites do have numbers and creativity over jews, and ought to exercise these to counter-pressure the kike usurpers.

Today in AmeriKwa, jews provide the money, materiel, and media memes; monkeys provide the manpower, so to speak. The nigs are a tool used by hymie to physically threaten whites. Have you noticed the ubiquitous prison-rape meme on tv? This goes hand in glove with the whites-are-guilty/have-no-right-to-exist meme pushed in all media and public indoctrination centers.

The System is designed to destroy white people. As the woman wrote in article posted in letters, you can see this quite visibly in public schools where whites are the minority. Their kids react like abused children from the physical and verbal pounding they take at the hands of mexicans and niggers.

Whites are cultural criminals, objects of scorn and derision, and any resistance to this order is called hate.

Nothing will change until we start killing jews.
Old December 20th, 2003 #5
William Robert
Join Date: Dec 2003
Posts: 1,911
Blog Entries: 3
Default Thanks for the nickel on Irving......

Makes perfect sense. No Denying the some of the truths you've mentionioned. With regard to Zog's overwhelming omnipotent power, well, let's just say that, they would love to have that kind of power, some day, working in the minds of every W.N.

Are they really that powerful? Do they really control every individual law enforcement agent in this country? I think not. There are many W.N.'s in Federal, State, and Local positions. Could they murder one of us and get away with it. Sure, it happens all the time. Should we live in fear of Death? No. Can this real or imagined fear be overcome? Sure. We all need all the moral support we can get.
The local R.C.C.'s can provide this.
Hope is out there. Look on the bright side.

Originally Posted by il ragno
You wanna know what is most terrifying about all this? It was only 1996 when Irving's GOEBBELS book was about to be published by St Martin's. At that point, Irving was solely a 'controversial historian', not a bloodthirsty madman, whose 'controversiality' was mitigated by his unimpeachable quality & quantity of research, and his universally-admired meticulous attention to detail. He had been - up till then - an A-list author published variously by Viking, Simon & Schuster, Avon, William Morrow, Macmillan, and Little, Brown. GOEBBELS had already been tabbed for a Military Book Club 'main selection'.

And then the Jews went to work. Here, in the land of the 'free' where Publisher's Row marionettes, dancing on kosher strings, kid themselves (and us) that censorship doesn't exist. You can (and should) read the gory details at

It begins with Jew after Jew after Jew contacting St Martin's to announce they will NEVER BLURB ANOTHER ST MARTIN'S BOOK - in any category - should St Martin's publish GOEBBELS. And then it gets ugly. Read it for yourselves.

The point that should freeze the blood of righteous men & women everywhere is that up until this moment in 1996 David Irving was a bestselling author regularly published by the highest-profile imprints in America. Overnight he became a Holocaust-denying monster who lured Jewish children into his gingerbread house, thereupon to flay them alive and make soup from their femurs.

A 35-year career went poof! Just like that. Just that simply. Like pressing a button. And like katz toying with a wounded mouse, the subsequent seven years was a script that has written itself. I'm sick at heart to write this next sentence, but it is now only a matter of time before he is murdered. Irving is forced to earn his way via threadbare public appearances as a marginal figure - he is too vulnerable, too easily gotten-to, too poorly-protected. But the clincher that guarantees his future murder is that - even if he is executed while on his knees, begging for mercy, it will not be properly investigated by law enforcement, nor followed up on by journalists who might just as well write their 'good riddance to a sick monster' obits now to save themselves the trouble of having to compose copy after the actual deed. Kind of the way they drop any pretense of compassion to openly root for nightly black cock-injections any time a 'racist' is sent to prison for refusing to grovel before Almighty ZOG. His now-global pariah status makes him a no-fault murder candidate complete with get-out-of-jail-free card attached.


As for why David Irving is loath to link arms with what passes for 'the movement' in this country, you need only to look at 'the movement' in this country. It's one thing to be poorly organized, even atomized - it is another to be self-destructive yahoos. Look at 80 to 90% of this forum (or any of the other WN boards) on any given day and you will see foulmouthed, infighting, quasi-criminal baboons. Don't blame Irving, who has lost nearly eveything he has already - blame US. We are doing a HORRIBLE job of presenting our concerns to the world at large (and Alex, your new tack of calling for mass murder in every other statement you post isn't helping in the least - and I'm just as bad when I let ,my emotion rule my typing finger as well.) We are doing a HORRIBLE job of policing ourselves and squelching the yahoo element within our ranks. We are doing a HORRIBLE job in our own various backyards (seemingly every WN and/or anti-Semite being monomaniacally focused on national organizations and infantile Day of the Rope imagery). I think Irving is way too skittish to declare solidarity with US nationalists anyway- he is probably temperamentally too Germanic to identify very strongly with Americans to begin with - but we are making it as difficult as possible for him to even consider otherwise. (And I include 'me' in that 'we'.)

I know I'm probably in for a tirade or two for saying this but I gotta call em like I see em. WE need to do, and be, better than we are right now. There's a football coach who's fond of saying "You ARE what your record SAYS you are." If someone can prove otherwise, I'm all ears.
Old December 20th, 2003 #6
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Originally Posted by Alex Linder
1) Griffin: I'm not close enough to the British scene to opine intelligently. I do follow the BNP and the various parties, and I do read magazines they put out, but I have not met any of these parties personally, so I can't comment. If the BNP has indeed come out for multiracialism, then it has made a fatal concession.

It depends on how you define multiracialism, I think. Their site has a questions section there at which explains their position on race. They may not call for the expulsion of all non-whites from Britain, but they are anti-immigration and anti-miscegenation.

edgar steele


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