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Mike Parker
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Mike Parker

Man bites cobra to teach it a lesson

March 30, 2008 posted by indiatime

A man from the state of West Bengal turned the tables on a poisonous cobra, and the cobra never even saw it coming.

Subhas Banerjee, a canteen worker at a police station, was returning home from work. Near his Ekra village, he found a few villagers discussing about spotting cobra nearby. Banerjee who was intoxicated (no, they do not serve alcohol in the police station canteen) took it upon himself to check the cobra out.

When he saw the cobra, he first hit it with a stick. He then went on to bite the live cobra to death. And then he went on to utter some words of wisdom that would put fear of Shiva into the hearts of any cobras nearby :-

“..The snake should also know how it feels to be bitten..”

And then, Subhas Banerjee fell down to the ground, unconscious. The cobra on one side, Subhas Banerjee on the other, the stick separating the two vicious species with biting egos. But Subhas was soon taken to a nearby hospital and survived the cobra bite (him biting the cobra).



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