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Angry Anybody else find it offensive that blacks say we can't dance ?

Seriously , Europeans have been famous for folk-dancing for centuries, then , in the 'newer' age Negroes come along and claim we can't dance ?

They sure are promoted by today's media , yet . .

Is it just or does it , when Negroes dance , almost always look like this?

These guys have hijacked our culture. .

Just because they are promoted today. .

No wonder so many of our females jump into bed with groids today. .

The Zeitgeist is against us . .

I think maybe one of our attempts should be to restore the art of traditional European dancing . .

You know , Reel in the Anglo-Saxon world , Polka in Eastern Europe , Balalaika in Russia etc . .

Let's show the world we can dance . .

Let's put Europeans in the spotlight again . .

This fascination with , for example , "Dances around the world" today aims at multiculturalism . .

I might add that this is also true for Meso- , South-Americans . . . with their 'Mambo' . .

Practically ALL people are liked for being seen dancing today , except for Europeans. .

Europeans are portayed as being 'too stiff' for that. .

Or too 'devoid of temper' . .

TBH , I think 'dances' of other races , more or less , remind of animal rabidness . .

Europeans make dancing 'cool'

It's just another part of losing our culture . .

Let's show them the opposite . .



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