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Emily Henderson
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Emily Henderson
Default Matt Hale's Colorado Civil Suit this Fall

As of last Friday, the Creativity Movement has formally disassociated themselves from the cause of Matt Hale. No word on why.

Now more than ever Matt needs support, as I don't know how that will affect his civil case. I'm not sure if individuals are not going to testify or if it's just a stance of the church itself.

Anyone who is or is not a believer in the religion, please support Matt's rights by going to and also getting on his mom's email list at [email protected] to receive updates.

And when Matt turns in his responses and all of ours, there will be need for folks to testify, and even just to come out and voice support.

If you can be in Colorado in the Fall, then BE THERE for Matt.

This is not a guy who was a loser and took up a cause to be a big shot. He passed the bar on the first try, was in college on a Classical Music Scholarship, and literally gave up EVERYTHING for White loyalty. That's why they went after him so hard. He really was someone to fear, bringing interest in the Church to people like myself who otherwise would not have noticed.

Matt could've done whatever he wanted, and by CHOICE took up this cause. That is something that shouldn't be dismissed as 'meh'.

Please show your support, send Matt summaries asap and be in Colorado if you can in the near future. I will post all updates on 'when' and progress in the case.
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier


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