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Old August 23rd, 2019 #1
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2019
Posts: 159
Default do you think there are any judges that are mentally incapable of understanding the reserve banking system is a ridiculous scam?

the obvious answer is:


No judge is so mentally deficient they could not understand, that the reserve banking system is one giant organized crime scheme by jews.

The ALL either

1) don't know, Don't care,
2)know, dont care
3)know, care and there's nothing they can do and are trying to work within the system. but almost no judges can work within a system that has them surveilled like they do now.

seriously, the laptops CAN read your minds, they learn to recognize brain patterns and the thoughts associated with those patterns, because they match them up with words as you type or read them.

i know it looks like the zOG political infrastucture is nothing but insane faggots, knumbskulls, crazy nigger racists, but always remember at the top, are 260 IQ inbred super KIKes hyped up on ADeral and probably 1000 other brain enhancing drugs plus hooked up to supercomputers to completely dominate the goy brains til they suck the life juice out of every cell of their bodies


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