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Thumbs down . . our schools are losing

What happened to our education system ?

Our schools are losing.

Not only are third-worlders imported into our education-system, schools also are growing more violent.

- - -

"Diversity" starts with schools nowadays
Students of our race have been alienated.

They inevitably come together with immigrants in our schools . .

Well . . if no conflict sterms from that they "become friends" with them . .

Already the foundation for miscegenation had been set . .

- - - -

Also ,students of other races who are not quite educated lower the niveau of our schools as a whole.

I suppose instead of striving to give students of our race a good education nowadays schools are more 'busy' spending money on teaching students of other races our language, "integrating them" . . .

- - - -

There you have it . .

Schools are also losing due to multiculturalism.

. . not even to mention the fact that students of the original population in our schools often are even the minority.

Yeah . . these foreigners get everything shoved down their butts . . .


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