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Avatars=rarity these days
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Default What do you think about Buddhism ?

Buddhism is the religion associated with the Asians today . .

. . with their 'headquarters' in Tibet . .

. . the 'Roof of the World' ( Tibet is highest located country in the world ( for the record . . . the Netherlands are the lowest ; a part of it is even located below sea level . . .) . .

How do you view Buddhists ? Or how do you view the fact that many Asians are Buddhists ?

Little explanation for those not really into this subject . .

Buddhists believe in reincarnation and strive towards 'loosening themselves from the 'circle of reincarnation''. .

They do so by strict meditation , concerntrating etc . .

That much concerning the religion . .

Concerning the fact that Asians mainly have it . .

There was a time when the Asiatic species was among the most fierce enemies of the Aryan race . .

. . in old times ( when empires in the Middle East were still unmixed Aryan ) , they had a lot of quarrels among each other .

The fact of the Asiatic race being historically one of the biggest adversaries towards the Aryan also stems from the fact that both inhabited the continent of Eurasia . .

Yet , Buddhism , I think , more or less had a 'pacifying' effect on the Asians . .

The Mongols of old times sure were heathen and very warlike . .

So what's your opinion about Buddhism ?
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James T Kirk
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What do you think about Buddhism?



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