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Avatars=rarity these days
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Thumbs down German city of Trier bought Karl Marx statue from the Chinese

- - - - - -

Karl Marx hailed from Trier . .

Well . .

Even AMONG THE 'ORDINARY' CROWD ( i. e. those people who do not have a deeper insight into the NWO movement and their plans . .) should doubts be present . .

Not everybody may be aware of the fact that Communism is just blueprint for the N.W.O. yet everybody with eyes to see should witness . . .

What suffering the Bolshevist ideology has brought unto humans.

. . and that the Red despots were among the cruelest in the world.

I suppose it is 'politically correct' to leave a statue standing in a Western country of a man who was as anti-Western as it can be . . .

Boy . . .

The 'masses out there' sure have a lot to catch up to still . . .

( the reason I'm currently aware of this is because I have an ex who hailed from Trier and we still have contact sporadically . . .)

Wow . . .

Is it just the fact that he hailed from Trier and NOT what his ideology has brought upon the world ?

Crazy times . . .

On a side note , Trier has A LOT of other things to be proud of. . .

It is the oldest city on German ground , founded by the Romans ( 'Augusta Treverorum' ( = 'the Augustus city of the Treveri' ( the Treveri were a Celtic people settling in that area back then . . .) ) ) and , according to information , it even is modeled after the model of Rome , when it comes to city layout . . .

Trierer ( German expression for people from Trier ) , are you really that foolish ?

No offense , but do you really have to celebrate Marx ?

He may have hailed from your town but I do not think , no offense , he gave two shits about that city . . .

To the NWO all that matters is internationalism.

Again , no offense , but I think 'Der Rote Kalle' is laughing at you beyond his grave .

( 'Der Rote Kalle' = German 'der rote' = 'the red' and 'Kalle' is a German nickname for people named 'Karl' . . .)

'Political Correctness' at its finest . .

Well , Karl , maybe one day your 'dream' may become true . . .

( lyrics to the song 'Imagine' by John Lennon , the crypto-Communist hymn of the 'Hippy'-generation . .)

On a side note , when typing in the word 'Lennon' to search this vid on YouTube , I almost accidently typed 'Lenin' . .

Now . . I wonder why


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