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Robbie Key
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Robbie Key

Golden Dawn and the Traditionalist Worker Party: Nationalist Unity

By: Matthew Heimbach

Meeting with Golden Dawn the previous year was transformative for me, underscoring much of what we were doing right and also what we need to improve. Jason Claar of the Identity Vanguard and I had another opportunity to meet with them this past month. Golden Dawn is one of the most successful nationalist movements in all of Europe and the aim of the Traditionalist Worker Party is to follow their examples and have positive relations between our two nationalist movements.

Golden Dawn is a Party that was founded in 1985 in an age when both the Left and the Right alike were living high on the hog on the backs of the Greek people. For years Golden Dawn remained a small Party because the Establishment was able to use huge amounts of money from the European Union to bribe the Greek people into staying silent. “Bright” people insisted that Golden Dawn shift from their consistently third positionist platform to something more mainstream in order to win popular support, but Nikolaos Michaloliakos and his comrades didn’t budge.

They had the foresight to know that the Greek people would eventually, after a gradual process of humiliation and betrayal by the political Establishment, come to embrace their complete vision.

Now that the disastrous economic policies of both the Establishment Left and Right have bankrupted the Greek people, the immigration policies have betrayed the Greek nation and the mainstream Parties spit upon the Greek Orthodox Faith and traditional Greek values, more and more Greeks are waking up to realize that Golden Dawn, and only Golden Dawn, is the Party that fights for the best interests of Greece and her people.

The Traditionalist Worker Party had the true honor of being able to be an official guest of Golden Dawn and was able to meet with the Golden Dawn MP’s and leadership inside the Greek Parliament. It was a busy day for Golden Dawn when we arrived because outside in Athens, Greek farmers from all over Greece were protesting the governments policies of high taxation, land foreclosure, and seizures of products that were bankrupting Greek farmers, their families and local communities. The European Union and her parliamentary puppets were fleecing the Greek people and Golden Dawn were the only party standing up for the Greek people.

I attended the farmers’ protest before entering the Greek Parliament and I saw that these are normal people who have been betrayed by their government. The current government, led by Syriza, or The Coalition of the Radical Left, gained power in recent elections promising relief for working and middle class Greeks. Of course Syriza had huge tax hikes that would take effect just after the most recent elections, so many normal Greeks listened to the lying vipers of Syriza and are now paying the price.

Greek farmers were discussing with one another and the public how they work now more than ever but their crops are bringing in less money and their taxes are going up. The Leftist government has abandoned these people in favor of serving the international elites, the opposite of what a legitimate government would do. I saw sadness and outrage in the faces of the Greek farmers because they have few options and many were discussing how Syriza that very day was proposing a bill that would allow the State and banks to evict people from homes their families had lived in for centuries.

I did see hope, though. Several of the farmers were holding Golden Dawn newspapers or were wearing buttons in support of the Party. While the radical Left and the Establishment Right have sold the people out, the people are realizing only nationalists will stand up for their best interests and the future for their nation.

A coalition of farmers’ organizations were preparing to enter the Greek Parliament to meet with Golden Dawn leaders to discuss how Golden Dawn could best serve the interests of rural Greeks. It was inspiring to see organizations that the Left has long controlled coming to the nationalist perspective and opening themselves up to sitting down with Golden Dawn.

Inside the Greek Parliament, I saw how the System habitually persecutes and marginalizes nationalists. Smaller Parties than Golden Dawn were given bigger office space and better accommodations while Golden Dawn was forced into back offices. I asked one of the members how they could go to work everyday and see the politicians who illegally threw Golden Dawn members in jail and who support movements that have bombed Golden Dawn offices and assassinated patriotic Greek members. With a smile and a shrug the member responded to me, “We focus our energy on serving the Greek people while these other groups focus on destroying the Greek people. This is not about Party versus Party. It is the survival of the Greek people against those who are working to destroy it.”

While Golden Dawn is now the third largest Party, Greek law has worked to enshrine the Establishment as being able to override elections. The largest Party in Greek election is given a bonus of representatives in the Greek Parliament. This law is specifically aimed at disenfranchising the will of the Greek voters to give the approved Parties a powerful head start on their agenda. Of the 300 parliamentary seats, 50 are bonus seats awarded to the establishment against the will of the people.

While the offices were cramped, they were joyous places of bustling activity. Members, secretaries and MP’s were coming in and out on business for bills in the Parliament, correspondence from members and citizens, working out details for upcoming food drives for needy Greeks, organizing meetings for local chapters, and a whole host of activities geared towards serving the constituents of the Party.

Each office also had in it Orthodox icons of Christ, the Theotokos, and various heroic Greek Saints, something that as an Orthodox Christian spoke to me deeply. The Party and national flags on flagpoles were topped with Crosses, a true symbol of Golden Dawn fighting for the Faith, family, and folk of Greece. While the Leftist government refused to be sworn in by the Greek Patriarch as is Greek custom and has even discussed removing the cross off of the Greek flag, Golden Dawn continues its staunch defense of Greek culture and the values of an Orthodox nation.

q69ASN1gUBTi5rxx6Fu8D0uwj9SmAhB-4R3ba0Ug1XwThe highlight of the trip was being able to sit down with Christos Pappas, his wife Irene Pappas, and Party leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos in Mr. Michaloliakos’ office. In our nearly hourlong meeting I was able to discuss with the leadership of Golden Dawn the Traditionalist Worker Party, our ideology, our electoral and community organizing plans, and strategies and to discuss ways for our two Parties to coordinate with one another on shared issues.

Mrs. Pappas, who I had the honor of meeting on my last trip to Greece, is a heroic woman. She has been in the struggle for nationalism longer than I have been alive and has suffered alongside her husband and the comrades of Golden Dawn on both the streets and in her personal life. When I was in Greece last year her husband was in prison as a nationalist POW. Under Greek law, the government can hold you for 18 months without a hearing or evidence brought against you.

Of course the Leftist government kept the leaders of Golden Dawn under lock and key until the most recent elections until the law forced them to release our noble comrades after a year and a half behind bars. While her husband was in prison, Mrs. Pappas did not slacken at all in her fight for Greece and her sweetness and compassion for needy Greeks and working families is evident to anyone who speaks to her for even a moment.

As a mother and a leading Party member, Mrs. Pappas should serve as inspiration to all nationalist women around the world. One must not choose between family life or politics. She is a shining example of how women can be active members of nationalist movements and raise a healthy family.

Christos Pappas is not only a dedicated husband and father, but a personal inspiration of mine. His writings on nationalism, tradition, and a whole host of subjects are some of the best that have come out in recent decades. The difference between nationalists and the System was made evident during his immoral arrest two years ago.

Shouting out “Golden Dawn will survive. Golden Dawn forever. Long live the country,” to reporters, Christos Pappas held his head up high, knowing that he was on the right side of history. The thugs of the Leftist Greek government covered their faces for fear and shame of what they were doing. Real men hold their heads up high, cowards hide their faces, and Christos Pappas certainly falls into the category of being a true European man.

Now that he is out of prison, Christos Pappas, his wife, and all of the comrades of Golden Dawn are carrying on their struggle to fight for Greece, the only Party to do so in Greece.

Meeting Nikolaos Michaloliakos was a true honor and privilege. His work as Party leader of Golden Dawn is something I can only hope to emulate in the struggle for my people here in the United States. Mr. Michaloliakos served his nation as a soldier, receiving praise and commendation for his dedication, his skills, and his willingness to do anything in his ability to secure the safety of the Greek people. His activist career stretches decades and is the tale of a man who truly loves his God and his people.

In our meeting, we discussed ways that the Traditionalist Worker Party could emulate Golden Dawn regarding strategy, propaganda techniques and community outreach. Many of these tactics will become the central tenets of our Party as we move forward into our first election season. The leadership of Golden Dawn has built a Party against persecution from the media and the State and all odds serves their folk better than any other Party or the government itself does and we in the Traditionalist Worker Party will do the same.

As our meeting in the Greek Parliament came to a close, I was able to gift Mr. Michaloliakos with a small token of appreciation, a Traditionalist Worker Party flag for his desk, and then go with several Golden Dawn members to a Party meeting being held at a nearby Athens office.

Inside the meeting, I once again saw how Golden Dawn speaks to all classes and all demographics of the Greek people. The media of course only shows stereotypes of tough young men as Party members but the meeting hall was filled with men, women, young, old, farmers, office workers, and all different parts of Greek society. Only a Party that speaks to the soul of a people can ever gather together all elements of that people under the same banner, and Golden Dawn has done that.

The meeting went very well and was standing room only. They discussed history, ideology, and practical ways to implement these ideas within Greek society. My thanks go out to my translator who kept me in the loop for what was being said at the meeting. Afterward, I was hosted at a local comrade’s home for traditional Greek food, which was of course delicious, and left feeling the true spirit of camaraderie and community that only nationalists can share.

Going to Greece was an invigorating trip and I have nothing but praise for the work of Golden Dawn. They are the spearpoint for European nationalism. We all could learn a lot from their decades of sacrifice and hard work to become leading voices for nationalism, Faith and Identity in the 21st century. I look forward to meeting with comrades in Greece again soon and finding new ways to learn from and support the Gold Dawn.

Now it is up to us in America to take the strategies I have learned and put them into effect for our first electoral season here at home. Our Party will follow our Greek comrades in battling for Faith, family and folk against all enemies both foreign and domestic. In the future, I pray the friendship between our two Parties will only grow, cementing the idea that nationalists around the world are fighting the same enemies on the same barricades. United, we will win.
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Robbie Key
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Robbie Key

Learning from Europe: How Our Nationalist Movement Can Enter the 21st Century

By: Matthew Heimbach

I just returned home from spending two weeks in Europe with comrades from Golden Dawn in Greece and the Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands (NPD) in Germany. Having the opportunity to stand with comrades in Europe at local meetings, rallies, and even a national Party congress has helped me better understand the European nationalist movement and how we can improve the movement here in America.

In order to be successful, we must understand that the American nationalist movement must evolve in terms of rhetoric, style, presentation, and more. It is time to model ourselves after our European brothers and sisters, adapting their successful strategies to our American context.

I had countless conversations with Party members of both the NPD and Golden Dawn ranging from young enthusiastic comrades to those who have been in the struggle for decades. Each person was able to give me a unique perspective on ways that our movement in America can tactically and optically adapt and improve to succeed in the contemporary political reality.

I have come to some conclusions which will not be popular with the “Old School Movement” but are necessary for our movement to finally begin to move forward after decades of treading water relative to our colleagues abroad. There are differences between our struggle and theirs which must be accounted for. But for the most part, it’s a straightforward matter of learning how to do a better job from people who are doing a better job.

The comrades in the Czech Worker’s Party who I had the pleasure of marching with last year in Brno are a small Party by Czech standards and yet in a nation with a population smaller than the New York City Metropolitan Area was able to mobilize more Party members on the street than I have ever seen at a protest or rally here in America.

So the question is, “What Changes Need to Be Made?” Something people have debated for decades in our movement and now, after being able to spend two trips to Europe with comrades from multiple countries, I think I have a few ideas.

Things That Must Go
  • Supremacism in any form
  • Petty Factionalism
  • Support of Capitalism
  • Violent Rhetoric
  • Acting fringe

Thing That Must Go #1: Supremacism in any form

The White Nationalist movement in America for decades hasn’t actually been a nationalist movement, it has been a hateful and supremacist movement. I personally disagree with this attitude and it actively alienates normal White Americans from our positions. There’s been a move to reframe the supremacism in dry academic language, and some disingenuous posturing against supremacism, but a neo-colonialist fixation on “greater” and “lesser” people remains.

A nationalist movement historically and today is based on love of ones culture, Identity, traditions, and ethnic extended family, not hatred of other groups simply because they are different. Frustration and resentment is natural, and there’s a thin line between love towards one’s own and prideful chauvinism. We must strive to avoid crossing that line.

Corneliu Codreanu, the founder of the Legion of Saint Michael the Archangel in Romania discussed how the Legion and thus all Romanian nationalism was based on a love of our ancestors, maintaining their traditions and building a moral and healthy future for our children.

“When we speak of the Romanian nation, we refer not only to the Romanians currently living on the same territory, with the same past and same future, the same habits, the same language, the same interests. When we speak of the Romanian nation we refer to all Romanians, dead or alive, who have lived on this land of ours from the beginnings of history and will live on it also in the future.”
This is the definition of a nation and thus a nationalist works to protect and fight for these noble concepts of Faith, family and folk. Never does nationalism fall into hatred. It is a worldview based exclusively on love, honor, and sacrifice.

White Supremacy is the racist grandpa of neo-colonialism, and it’s a distraction and detractor from the post-colonial yet pro-white dialectic we must arrive at. It desires for Whites to rule over and dominate other ethnic groups. This comes from many sides, but the ideological basis of using language that dehumanizes communities based on their ethnicity need to go.

Nationalists are not supremacists and in my mind, supremacists are not true nationalists. Positions found in literature like The Turner Diaries and other old movement rhetoric about dominating the world and destroying indigenous populations for the sake of White supremacy belong in the trash, not on your reading list. Fight for your people and your Patria, that is all.

Ideologies that dehumanize non-Europeans as “mud people,” “beasts of the field,” and such were wrong when they were concocted and they are wrong now. The struggle of Arabs to free themselves from Zionism or the battle of Latin American nations to battle against international finance controlling their economies are battles in the same war that Europeans are fighting. It’s difficult for many raised and steeped in the old colonial and neo-colonial mindsets to wrap their minds around, but our nationalist project is necessarily anti-colonial, against what the West has become.

An example can be found on the issue of Hispanic immigration into America. Hispanics are immigrating by the tens of millions into America primarily because of Western-backed destabilization of their nations’ economic and foreign policies during the Cold War and current Free Trade Agreements like NAFTA. They’ve destroyed the agricultural base for tens of millions of Mexicans and Latin Americans. The reason they are flooding north is because globalism and capitalism have destroyed their homelands and many of the leaders of these nations are in the pockets of international business and the banking elites, leaving many without options.

When political and economic stability return to areas, many immigrants self-deport to their nation of origin. If we fix the problem of global capitalism, the immigration crisis wouldn’t he happening. Hispanics shouldn’t hate Whites just as Whites shouldn’t hate Hispanics. It’s globalism causing the demographic and economic issues we are all facing. For too long the White Nationalist movement has been angry at the symptoms, not the root cause of our current plight.

The immigrants must go, but not because they’re somehow “bad” or “inferior.” They just don’t belong here.

All nationalists, regardless of ethnicity, should stand united against our common foes, the rootless international clique of globalists and bankers that wish to dominate all free peoples on the Earth. We man the same barricades against the same enemies, to attack other nationalists of different racial backgrounds is like shooting into the foxhole next to you instead of at the enemy who is charging your lines. It is all hands on deck for all free peoples of the world, it is time to start acting like it.

Thing That Must Go #2: Petty Factionalism

A social or political movement is like an army, you need to have commanders who direct the forces to make wise decisions on the field of battle. If every private in the trenches was able to form his own army and do whatever he wanted, a war effort would come grinding to a halt. A political movement needs to have a command structure that is formed around maintaining messaging, ideology, use of resources and organization.

For decades the White Nationalist movement has had more chiefs than we have indians in many respects. This factionalization is not new to either nationalists or the far Left. On the Left, you have Stalinists fighting with Trotskyists, who battle it out with anarchists of every different variety. Division keeps a movement weak, where unity leads to strength.

Historically every nationalist movement that has been successful has started with a diversity of movements that coalesced into a unified front. Now every year the movement spends likely hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless man hours on leafleting, propaganda videos, billboards and rallies yet this effort is diluted. There is no unified message for the public to grab onto, there is no unified messaging to build brand awareness in the mind of normal citizens.

There is no branding or content control to ensure that everything from spelling errors to cartoonish rhetoric are stopped before they see the light of day. Our efforts as a movement would be magnified under one banner, with one clear and concise message and under direction to ensure that our movements looks, acts and organizes like a real professional political movement.

There were dozens of small nationalist movements in Germany and Greece that have come together under the unified banner of the NPD and Golden Dawn while maintaining the values of the Party and that has allowed the movement to make dramatic gains for the cause of nationalism. This process can’t be forced, of course. The organization which becomes that central organization must constructively audition for the position, not destructively attack others. Coalescing takes time and work. But there should be a general effort towards unity.

We will need to of course make compromises and allow representation of a variety of groups on the Board of Directors of the umbrella Party. We must also ensure the Party is grounded on a firm ideological foundation that refuses to change based on whims of individuals. Success will be based around proper presentation, messaging, ideology, and other factors. A tent that is too wide will fall in on itself and that is why we cannot trade away our dearly held beliefs for the sake of mere numbers.

Thing That Must Go #3: Support for Capitalism

There are few things more evil in the modern age than capitalism. Working families are attacked by capitalism every single day of their lives and too many believe the phony rhetoric of the elite that we should follow and deify an ideology that puts profits ahead of people. Dr. Goebbels wrote of capitalism in 1932 that,
“The worker in a capitalist state—and that is his deepest misfortune—is no longer a living human being, a creator, a maker. He has become a machine. A number, a cog in the machine without sense or understanding. He is alienated from what he produces.”
This alienation plagues modern America and the West as a whole and it must be combated by an economic system that supports the best interests of working families and the nation as a whole.

The model that our Party needs to follow is best described by Gregor Strasser when he said, “We must take from the right nationalism without capitalism and from the left socialism without internationalism.” Capitalism and internationalism are the enemies of our movement and our people and must be dealt with accordingly.

Too many American nationalists are stuck in either being reactionary or living in the worldview of 1950s America during the Cold War in a “Capitalism vs Communism” struggle. In our modern age both capitalism and communism are servants of international finance and multinational corporations and both must die. Our movement cannot defend the ramparts of our enemy’s fortress and except to be successful. The capitalists have drafted the victims of capitalism to fight for it, and our Party must break the people from their gilded chains.

Capitalism is tied intricately with the merchant elite which works to disenfranchise and displace the European peoples. Capitalism turns human beings into commodities serving profits for corporations, instead of proud workers serving the interests of the people and of the nation. If we as nationalists are going to be able to free our people, we must also liberate our economy from the grips of the enemy.

To be true nationalists, we must have a worldview that puts the interests of the people, both physical and spiritual, ahead of any personal petty concerns. Every nationalist Party in Europe that I have met with are economic Third Positionists and this is the model that we should follow here in America.

Thing That Must Go #4: Violent Rhetoric

The rhetoric of much of the America movement is found in the failures of groups that have either disintegrated due to a lack of public support or from attacks by the State and Federal police agencies. There is a huge difference between believing in self defense and gun ownership, which I support, and working to either overthrow the United States government or attack non-Whites because of the color of their skin. Planning illegal activities is not just a good way to end up in prison or dead, it delegitimatizes the struggle for White Americans who are working legally and politically.

The principle of how unnecessary force and violent rhetoric undermining the interests and activities of the pro-White movement stretches back all the way to the Civil Rights battles of the 1960’s. This isn’t about pacifism, courage, radicalism, or passion. It’s about doing what’s best for our people and our struggle. And trust me, if carefully executed violence could achieve anything, it would have achieved something by now. There may well be a time for violence at some point in the future, but it’s definitely not now.

The battle against the forced integration of the South is said by many on both sides of the argument to have been lost with the tragic terrorist bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham Alabama. More and more White Americans on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line were beginning to see that the Federal governments push to forcibly integrate schools and communities at bayonet point was not a good thing, until of course the media was able to capitalize on the callous murder of four young Black girls and use it as a propaganda victory for the pro-integration forces.

Using force against innocent people is also the reason why Martin Luther King Jr. brought his protests to Selma Alabama in 1965. Prior to the marches in Selma, many Southern police departments would simply arrest the Black protesters and outside agitators for breaking local laws while treating them peacefully and with dignity. Martin Luther King Jr. knew he had to be able to use the media to shift public opinion in favor of his movement and peaceful police enforcing the rule of law was not going to give him that propaganda victory that he so desperately needed and craved.

In Selma, Sheriff Jim Clark was known for using police brutality against integration activists so Martin Luther King Jr. knew that he could provoke Sheriff Clark to overreact in front of the media and essentially force the public to side against the Southern people. When a peaceful march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge Sheriff Clark had his men, many of whom were not even police officers, charge into the crowd and beat men, women and children in front of the media.

At that point Alabama Governor George Wallace was gaining support across America for his stand against forced integration. But all of his political work and the work of tens of thousands of White Southerners was undone overnight by Sheriff Clark and his use of unnecessary violence because of the graphic images that were broadcast to tens of millions of Americans on the six o’clock news. If the movement against forced integration had remained peaceful and political it is likely that history might have ended up differently for not only the Southern people, but all Whites in America.

In the post-1960s White Nationalist movement, there has been a fascination with militia movements and an idea of fighting the United States government. These projects have failed one-by-one or have been destroyed as seen with the White Patriot Party that “declared war” on the US government. Historically, violence has only worked after the hearts and minds of the people had been won and only after peaceful avenues had been thoroughly discredited. That’s not our situation.

The work ahead of us will be hard and inglorious. It will involve countless hours of handing out leaflets, attending rallies, organizing soup kitchens, helping the poor, patiently networking, and mobilizing the workers. This is the work that real revolution comes from, not bombastic and short-sighted calls to violence. If violence would work in our situation, then Anders Breivik would have started a political revolution. Timothy McVeigh would have kickstarted a massive resistance against the Federal authorities.

Whether or not our problems can be solved at the ballet, we certainly can’t solve it with bullets.

The reality of many of these militia groups or organizations that talk about “Racial Holy War” are either made up of men who for whatever reason could never be real soldiers, play-actors, or government agents. Countless groups have been taken down by Federal informants due to the fact that members actively seek out to buy illegal weapons, commit terrorist acts, or have loose lips when it comes to saying things that cross the boundary from free speech to incitement for violence.

If you are organizing peacefully and politically, even if the government works to infiltrate you these informants will have nothing to report. The government will have no cause to dismantle your Party and your work can continue in working to mobilize our people to speak up for their best interests. The federal government’s trying to take you down. Don’t make their job easier by falling into their tiresome and predictable script.

Thing That Must Go #5: Acting Fringe

The White Nationalist movement has long fallen into a self-fulfilling prophecy. The media tells us that we are fringe angry outsiders and thus many groups and individuals turn themselves into actual Hollywood stereotypes and caricatures. The love of one’s people and culture is so rooted in human biology that even children as young as a few months old experience a closer affinity to those who look like them. Nationalism is literally in the blood, so there is no reason that is be considered on the fringe of our society, only an enemy media and our own missteps have led us to this place.

One of the major failures of our movement is believing in the myths that the media creates about our movement. A good example is how the media says that all National Socialists were frothing at the mouth wanting to hurt and kill Jews, homosexuals, non-Whites, and other groups of people. In reality, the mission of National Socialism was working to help men and women to become more moral, physically healthy and heroic in their defense and service for their nation, their God and their extended family.

When you confirm with your thoughts or actions that nationalism and socialism are about hatred, violence, and misanthropy, you’re clapping along with the enemy’s propaganda.

In the modern age if you describe yourself as a National Socialist, you should be focused entirely on mentoring young people, honoring your culture and folk traditions, settling down with a family to have children, and working politically for the preservation of your ethnicity. Nowhere in being a National Socialist should be race-based hatred of other groups, using racial slurs against non-Whites, or promoting lifestyles that degrade the physical and spiritual health of our nation.

Films like American History X, Romper Stomper, and countless Jerry Springer episodes and “documentaries” on the History Channel have put forward that nationalists are violent, hateful, and degenerate. If you want to be part of a “scene” then steer clear of constructive activist projects. If you want to be a nationalist, you must reject all of this and instead embrace a movement built on love, respect, sacrifice, and hard work. As G.K Chesteron said “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” We are not cartoons, we are a culture with a noble history that we must live up to.

The movement is at a crossroads, we can continue to remain politically impotent and ostracized from the community we are working to save or we can professionalize, rally behind a strong Party, and begin moving towards engaging our society in a positive and productive way. My hope is that the leaders and members of various groups can come together under the banner of the Traditionalist Worker Party, with each leader and group represented. Together we take lessons from Europe and here at home to craft a Party that will truly become the voice of the American White working and middle class. The future belongs to us, but only if we seize these opportunities and march forward as a unified front.
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Originally Posted by Robbie Key View Post
Class Cooperation Against Capitalism and Communism: Third Position

By: Matthew Heimbach (3 responses.)

A Soviet Union poster glorifying the role of motherhood and duty to one’s nation, something modern Leftists would call “fascist”

Hail victory!
The only thing worth fighting and killing for is our families. America is dead, but our families are not yet. If we cannot defend them, we deserve to flushed down the sewage hole of history.
One of the many blessings of being self-chosen by god, is permission to kill anyone questioning your divinity.
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Radio Western Rebirth Episode II

Capitalism or Socialism?

What Is Holding Front National Back?

Front National Executive Bureau:

Official FN Response to citizens complaining about over representation of perverts in their party:

Leader of Zionist occupation organization CRIF defends Marine Le Pen, demands she sack her father:

William F. Buckley and the CIA:

The Jews who created American “fusionist” Conservatism, and the National Review:
"The favorite slogan of the reds is: 'No Pasarán!: Yes we have passed! And we tell them...and we tell them, we will pass again!'"
― Benito Mussolini after the Communist capitulation in Barcelona
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Robbie Key

Why is Heimbach wasting time recording podcasts with Longshanks?

Anyway, Heimbach will be doing daily shows from here on:

Sven Longshanks joins Matt for the second part where they discuss ‘The Daily Traditionalist’ a new live show starting on Radio Aryan next week presented by Matthew Heimbach. This will be a half hour show going out every day at 12pm Eastern/5pm British time and then repeated at 6pm/11pm. Sven will be joining Matt on Wednsday and Thursday, on the other days there will be guests and callers are welcome on Skype.
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Robbie Key

The Next Step of the Revolution: April Rally in Pikeville, Kentucky

Matthew Heimbach
Daily Stormer
February 9, 2017

Action on the street is a manifestation of the countless hours of building a political movement. The podcasts, propaganda, networking, and infrastructure building all build to real life action of marches, rallies, conferences, and direct community engagement.

Dr. Joseph Goebbels said “Whoever can conquer the street will one day conquer the state, for every form of power politics and any dictatorship-run state has its roots in the street.

Without the streets, we have no capacity to truly bring about our political, social, and economic Revolution. This is why the Left, with all of their institutionalized power and control, still spends hundreds of millions and perhaps billions of dollars a year, in organizing public rallies and marches. These public events are demonstrations of strength and provide a strong psychological message to the public at large.

As Commander George Lincoln Rockwell said “Revolution is a spectators sport. The majority will sit in the stands and watch the factions fight. At the end they will choose side with the team that is winning.” Public events that are professional and well organized have an important role in motivating our side, and showing our strength to the spectators of this battle for civilization; therefore increasing our reach and support among the people.

Strength on the streets and unity of action is the reason why the Traditionalist Worker Party, the National Socialist Movement, and the other member organizations of the Nationalist Front are coming together for a weekend event in Pikeville Kentucky.

Bringing our message directly to the White working class in Appalachia is a fulfillment of what Commander Rockwell said when he wrote “When you rise and stand up and the masses see what a man of FORCE looks like, they will love you, as they now imagine they hate you.” We will stand up and stand strong for our children, for our families, for our communities, and for our future as a people; united together with one strong message of Faith, Family, and Folk.

The lies of the Jewish media will be cast aside, as we as National Socialist Revolutionaries will march forward to lay the foundation of organizing and mobilizing the people of Appalachia and all of White America.

This event, to be held the evening of April 28th and the entire day of April 29th will be one for the history books. Never before in the American White Nationalist movement have we been more united in thought, purpose, and action.
Pike County is 98.35% White and went over 80% for Trump in the recent elections. It is an area that is in need of advocacy and organization, with almost a third of the children living under the poverty line and 1 in 5 elderly people.

Due to the loss of mining jobs and the shutdown of other industries, Pike County has steadily lost population for the last two and a half decades. Many people, who have had their families living in the region for hundreds of years, are being forced out of their community due to the joys of globalism and the capitalist system.

The purpose of the event is two-fold; first of all, we will be having a dinner, speeches, live music, and training seminars at nearby Jenny Wiley State Park. Given that the venue is a State Park, the radical Leftists cannot shut down the event, giving us a great and beautiful place to hold a time for fellowship.

The training seminars will include National Socialist philosophy, how to march for public events,self defense tactics, and activism techniques on how to engage both online and IRL to advance our ideals.

Professionalizing our movement means training both brand new guys and veterans on having the knowledge and the abilities to be the best nationalists they can be.

Friday night will be mostly for socializing and meeting new friends and enjoying home cooked meals and listening to music; but Saturday is right into the trenches for training.

The exact itinerary will be released closer to the event, but plan for being at the conference location no later than 5:30pm on Friday evening for our dinner and other festivities.

Dress code for men is a black work shirt or black polo, black pants, and black boots; with an organizational patch, if applicable, on the left arm. Women are requested to dress modestly and in black as well.

All nationalists are welcome at this event, so even if you are not part of a larger organization or this is your first time at an event, you are wholeheartedly encouraged to join us for this family friendly and festive event.

Those with Concealed Carry Permits that are valid in Kentucky are also welcomed and encouraged to carry, in accordance with all local and State laws and ordinances. Armed volunteers will be looking over our vehicles during the festivities, because if you want something done right, you do it yourself.

The second portion of the event will be a public event that will be held at the courthouse in Pikeville on the afternoon of the 29th. Those concerned with OPSEC are encouraged to wear a black military style cap and aviator style sunglasses. All attendees should be prepared for possible Leftist attacks, we will not be driven from the streets, under any circumstances.

We will be asking every attendee to either bring non-perishable food items, to donate to the local food pantry, or money to donate to a local charity that works in White communities in the region.

Pre-registration details will be available in the next few days. We are looking at a cost of about $30 per attendee, and that is to cover the cost of renting the hall, food both Friday night and Saturday morning, and any and all excess will be added to the charitable donation.

Paddy Tarleton will be performing some of his classics and some brand new songs and we will have speakers from a variety of organizations including myself and Matt Parrott from the TWP, Jeff Schoep of the NSM, Spencer Borum from the League of the South, Max Macro, and many others. This event will be a great time for fellowship and moving towards a more effective movement in America.

2016 was the year of the Great Meme War, but 2017 is when we begin taking back the streets. The White working class has been abandoned for decades and it is time they know they have an advocate in the White Nationalist movement.

This begins a process of building and expanding our roots within White working class communities to become the community advocates that our people need and deserve. The people cannot rely on or trust the political establishment, we must fill that void, much like Golden Dawn in Greece, to be the force in society that our people know and trust.

The time is now to take our movement to the next level. As Benito Mussolini said “Fascism promises neither glory nor titles nor gain – only duty and struggle.” There will be sacrifice for all of us to attend this event, financial and the ever present danger of attacks by our enemies, but we are triumphantly forging forward, in our duty to secure the existence of our people, and a future for White children. I look forward to standing with you in Pikeville in April. Hail Victory!


Trad Worker Party: [email protected]

NSM: [email protected]
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Ray Allan
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Ray Allan

They should have held the event on 20 April, Herr Hitler's birthday or the 30th, they day of his martyrdom.
"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."

--Henry A. Kissinger, jewish politician and advisor
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I doubt the left is going to show up in Pikeville, KY. Especially with the guarantee that some of the ones showing up will be armed. They won't be able to crash the party with their usual tactics. Although it would be hilarious if they showed up and started throwing rocks at people who returned with bullets. They already took a major ass beating recently in California. Yeah, show up to Kentucky with knives, bats, and rocks and see how well that turns out for you.
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Heimbach interviewed by a couple of guys from the Nordic Resistance Movement:

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James T Kirk
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Craig (Matt Parrott) Dillard: "Now he's saying that not only did I fornicate with her on my first and only date, but that I knocked the woman up on that first date. That would be a pretty impressive feat, both romantically and biologically..."

Ironic, considering Matt Heimbach banged the fuck out of your wife on their "first date" and got her pregnant to boot. Really, how could you not know Heimy was slamming the shit of her day and night? I mean, where the hell were you that he was banging two pussies at a time, while you were gettin' none?

I'm just curious, as I know others here may be. Or maybe I'm the only one. Whatever the case, I thought you left white nationalism for good. Isn't that what you told the SPLC?



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