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Default Opinions on the Northern Ireland conflict ?

Where do most 'racialists' stand on this issue?

Hmm . . .

The whole thing followed LOGICALLY . . .

The English kings always wanted Ireland . . Yet the Irish didn't want to be part of the U.K. . . .

That was the time of the famous 'plantation'.

The English kings began settling people from England , Scotland , Wales ( all of it part of the United Kingdom . .) in the north of Ireland . . . They never got "further" , so to speak . . .

Which would eventually become a separate state.

They didn't get "all of Ireland" though.

I think here is where one of the bloodiest conflicts on European soil takes place.

The whole reason that it's Catholic vs. Protestant in Northern Ireland stems from the fact that Ireland had always been a Catholic country while the UK was Protestant.

So , it isn't really about "religion" , the hatred stems from the fact that the supposed "original Irish" see in Protestants the progeny of the settlers from the UK ( identified by their religion ) .


Hard to believe that there is a conflict taking place on European soil which remains unsettled until this day. . . . .

How do you view it ?



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