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RAP( Retards Attempting Poetry)
"To Undo a Jew is charity and not a sin."
-Christopher Marlowe
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Originally Posted by ColdFire View Post
as far as I know "Everlast" later turned to guitar-music... a later album by his was called "Whitey Ford Sings The Blues"
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Originally Posted by Ireland14 View Post
as far as I know "Everlast" later turned to guitar-music... a later album by his was called "Whitey Ford Sings The Blues"
Yup . . . he even said back then : "I became more thoughtful . Nevertheless House Of Pain is part of my past . . I was a brat back then . . into drinking beer , sometimes brawling and demonstrating Irish Pride" . .

Hmmm . . from hip hop brat to alledged 'seriously blues musician' . The way some people change their personality truly never ceases to "amaze" . .
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steven clark
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steven clark
Default Hip Hop music least popular in Ireland, study says

back to music, I always felt rock music was noted for the beat...always beating, thumping, while Irish music...most noted by the drone. One is total rhythm and a kind of mindlessness, while the drone is tragic and tied to the earth.

I feel rock is a corporate development to make a mass music to control people.
Hip-hop is merely the current phase, and also a reflection of the niggerization of culture.

Irish music always has a sadness, but also vitality, but so does a lot of folk music, but it can't compete with commercial power and money, as well as persuasion. In Germany, folk music was almost but not quite Verboten because of the inevitable Nazi associations, but when I was there, it was still strong and popular, although the educated classes were taught to hate it, and I recall kids in east Germany in love with rock...anything 'western.'

You look at Irish concerts like Riverdance, and see how they have integrated their folk music into a modern context, and it appears to be popular with people. The crowds certainly look happy.

A shame we couldn't have a president who would support folk, but instead, even Trump invites nigger rappers in the White House, but Hitler's opinion of America as being Jewified and Negrified seems to have been very prescient.

I always liked the songs of Thomas Moore (Irish, early 1800's), and they have a real power, although you understand it's a gentrified filter of folk music, but Moore was enormously popular. I have a good recording of some of his songs, although the liner notes, while praising Moore, goes on to say he was like Bob Marley and HIS work, where I said 'bullshit.' Always the glorification of nigger music, as if they're ordered to do it, but I think the writer was a Jew.

So, drone versus beat. Your opinion?


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