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Old May 5th, 2012 #37
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
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Alex Linder

I'm going to try to sum up my view briefly and quickly.

First, a side point: it is sad we can't use simple words like nazi or libertarian without setting off predictable shrieks. Even smart people respond to these like their chain has been jerked. Their mouth opens, their eyes close, their brain short circuits.

Look, race is only a big deal where freedom and segregation are outlawed. Once the race problem is cleared up, which is not intellectually difficult, but politically extremely difficult, what is left? How we live among ourselves. And it is here that the 'libertarians' have a great deal of insight and findings and wise advice to offer. And it's not even that most or many of them disagree on race. If they did, they wouldn't support free association, as they are ideologically bound to do. So by their own bullshit they are not even allowed to not support the main legal prop allowing white men to protect their own communities. So implicitly they are on our side already. And if they don't emphasize this and other pertinent freedoms, it is because of cowardice, which is found pretty much everywhere you look outside WN on the matter of race, and/or because they are focused on the fed or foreign policy or some other area - where again, what they want is pretty much 100% of what WN want too.

What a lot of WN don't understand, because they don't have the intellectual or social background, is that we can combine two extremely strong and naturally dovetailing appeals:

- the chance to live in an all-White nation;
- the chance to live as free and responsible adults, rather than as 'human resources'

Too many WN want a wipe-your-ass social welfare state that is in no particular different from the ZOG we have now in terms of the scope of government control, oversight and what is laughably called 'needed services' provision.

But this is not what we want. We do not want a WN that caters to White niggers.

The only thing we owe the poorer, dumber half of our population is this:

- racial protection as part of our collective;
- the right to keep money honestly earned.

For education, health care and the rest, it is up to them to arrange, just as it is for the right half of the bell curve. The government, under my White administration, will not be used to plunder the able to succor the defectives.

You'll notice the 99% overlap between WN who can't spell common words and WN who think all we need is to replace the Z in ZOG with a W.

We need a society fit not just for White men but for white Men.

Most WN leaders have never sat down and thought about what a White Man is. I have. A white man is someone capable of making his own decisions and arrangements. If he's not, then he's simply a white nigger, and our cause is a waste of time.

Last edited by Alex Linder; May 7th, 2012 at 01:18 PM.


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