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Default UK will be next for Islamic terrorists, warns Russia

Britain is at risk from 'extremist Islamic' exiles from the North Caucasus who have been allowed to live in the UK, claimed an advisor to the Russian government last night.

The lessons from the Boston marathon bombing is that MI5 should play far closer attention to these immigrants, some who have been admitted as asylum-seekers, and are seen as enemies of Vladimir Putin, said security specialist Igor Korotchenko.

He has claimed Britain has created a ‘ticking timebomb’ for allowing radicalised Muslims into this country.

He claimed an FBI 'failure' to heed Russian secret services warnings about Tamerlan Tsarnaev could be repeated in Britain where intelligence co-operation with Moscow has been curtailed due to the diplomatic dispute over the 2006 'murder' of Alexander Litvinenko in London.

'It was a professional failure by American counter-intelligence,' said Korotchenko, who is also editor in chief of The National Defence journal in Moscow, and an advisor to military chiefs.

'The question we should ask America is why are they not co-operating as much as the Russian secret services want them to on matters of terrorism.'

The same threat applies to Britain, he said, 'which has been willingly accepting terrorists and extremists from the North Caucasus.

'This is despite the fact that four telecommunications workers from Britain were beheaded in 1998.'

He singled out Britain’s 'mistake' in giving asylum to Akhmed Zakayev, 53 year old prime minister of the independent Chechen government in exile who is labelled a terrorist by Moscow, but stressed others had also received a safe haven in London.

A friend of actress Vanessa Redgrave and the late Boris Borezovsky, courts in London have refused to extradite Zakayev to Russia claiming he would not receive a fair trial.

'Britain has created a ticking timebomb which could explode at any time by accepting these people,' he claimed.

'If MI5 believes that people who have terrorist experience in the North Caucasus will - coming to London - become decent members of society, they are wrong.'

Britain had allowed in “people who tasted blood and explosions and have learned the skills of terror”, he said.

'It is very dangerous that a potential terrorist underground network is being created, more dangerous than the IRA.'

At the same time, Britain - like the US - had failed to co-operate closely with Russian secret services in exchanging intelligence on potential terrorist threats linked to the North Caucasus.

'Russian intelligence in every question related terrorism are prepared to have the most open possible relations with any Western special services,' he said.

But co-operation had become stymied by difficult 'political relations and unresolved questions' in relation to Britain, he said.
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Oh, oh - if only we all had mandatory ID cards. Call-Me? Are you listening? Your people need you.
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