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Default A Revisionist Videomaker's Confessions (DenierBud)

A Revisionist Videomaker's Confessions

By DenierBud

Revisionists have been struggling for decades to get their messages out, with not much apparent success. Some say the reason for this is that they focus too much on heavily footnoted, university-style books, which are hard to read and will always merely cater to a tiny niche market. There certainly is truth to this.

On the other hand, if revisionism isn't backed-up by solid scholarly research results, it cannot possible succeed either. So we cannot do without those tomes either. They are the solid foundation upon which any popularized rendering must be based. But where are these popularized presentations of revisionist findings?

A picture tells a thousand words, and moving pictures rule today's world. Hence, the only way to reach a broader audience is by offering well-made and intriguing video documentaries. Yet there are very few videos and even less videomakers trying to convey the revisionist points of view. Why is that so?

To find out, we have interviewed Dean Irebodd (aka DenierBud) who is the most prolific of the few revisionist videomakers around. He has been working together with Bradley Smith from the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust, who also have the courtesy to collect donations earmarked for Dean.

The interview was conducted by Santiago Alvarez (SA).


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