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Old August 7th, 2011 #1
Geriatric Coalburner
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Default A Real Roadblock: Sneering at our ancestors who fought for the wrong causes. WWI / II, Civil War - Union, etc.

I notice a major stopping block in peoples minds of the west, is the particular fact of the world wars, the associations of nationalism and white supremacy with the Nazi's, which leads to a feeling of their grandparents having fought against them. That is all a very unfortunate roadblock to bypass in the masses minds, on a political level anyway. To them, it is a denunciation of patriotism in a regard. Well, in fact, patriotism is dead in those who rule over them, and rightly so. Hardly anything is unique to an American today as compared to any other person in the world, so I hardly understand patriotism nowadays.

Group patriotism, biological patriotism, for the sake of aesthetics in the very least, I can understand

Sitting here in the northeast U.S., I went through a family photo album recently.

In there, I saw pictures of my grandfather on my fathers side in WWII, with a variety of shots. I saw one of him, smiling with his buddies next to some nice scene in Anzio, Italy during the war. The sentiment on his face reeks of a propagandists echo for him to think "AN ITALIAN TAKING BACK ITALY FROM THE KRAUTS!". Well, in all truth, those 'krauts' were more Italian-like in the true sense, than those 'Italian-Americans'; but I won't go into that other than to say the average National Socialist or SS officer understood and respected the beauty of Italy better than the average Italian-American soldier. Had I to trust the future of Florence, Venice, Milan, Rome, to one of the two parties, it'd have been Hitler.

In another part of the album on my mothers side, I saw photos of her German father and uncles in their uniforms. Some were WWII, and even some were from the Civil War!

And of course, they were wearing union blue. Pity! Why is it that the losing side always has better uniforms? The Confederacy as much as the Third Reich. This must be world symbolism of the mob swarming over and killing the beautiful. While the beautiful are busy making sure they are living beautifully and like humans, the mob is spending all of their time on swarming and pushing.

Kinda like the ugly Soviet War factory. Kinda like the third world Asian people that are barely human, proven by how they'll sit at a desk for 18 hours straight, go get 6 hours of sleep, and come back and do more work, all for min wage.

Internationalism. The inevitable drag down, as it is either competing with such people being alive while private capitalism rules, or eliminating such people, or a change of government out of private hands in the international era, forbidding such competition with anti-human robot races.

But anyway, back to sneering at my elders. Sometimes it feels unjust. I never met my paternal grandfather, but I could see what the guy was from photos. He was a cheerful guy, not too bright probably, but always smiling, had lots of friends. He wasn't an officer I don't think, just an NCO probably. He wore an MP helmet. He was a factory worker who lived a middle class life after the war. He was no intellectual. Just played golf with his buddies. A good citizen in then-mostly-white middle class American suburbia.

I feel wrong to chastise the man. He was just another one hopped up, doing what his country called for. He, like many, was led by bad leaders. What choice did a lot of those men have anyway? Vietnam being the same? Go fight, or go to jail! I'm not sure if any of them were drafted, or volunteered though.

Maybe the same should be said about the men who fought for the Union.

In any result, I'll always feel regret looking at those photos, but I have a hard time throwing malice at anyone who was not of such influence or intellect as to truly know what they were fighting for; until 60 years later of course, when Steven Spielberg makes his Band of Brothers episode called 'Why We Fight', showing liberation of concentration camps, . Were my ancestors top brass officers in those wars (well, the one on my mothers side was a Colonel in the Civil War, err....), or say politicians on FDR's or Wilson's staff, I'd be a bit more apt.

But, we can barely stab at the true feelings those 'Allies' had, especially the ones who thought about what they were doing, invading Europe. What a stab in the dark it would be to guess the mindset of the Union officer in the civil war. For the average, I'm sure it is the same as always; patriotism, getting paid, blah blah. For the thinking man, the contemplative man, the considerate man in that war, what did he really think he was fighting for?

I look at a lot of these wars in history, and unfortunately, sticking all of the participants on a pie chart, I get the feeling all but the tiniest sliver of the pie actually know or give a shit what they are fighting for. What power to those who rule finance and politics now. Nothing has changed. The white American fighting alongside niggers, mexicans, and every other 'American', over there in the middle east as low-paid mercenaries, not really giving a shit what they're fighting for, other than the check and not being stuck at McDonalds in their shit town, hoping they survive to become an officer not dodging sand nigger bullets, or get back home and call out the government on paying for their college they promised.

It's all shit. We go through a phase of being young and believing in magic, and then we grow up a bit and stop believing in magic, and then we see shit like this, how hypnotized people really can be to blindly march for some other mans bullshit, truly hypnotized, and we almost begin to feel magic is alive and well when see what people fight for today, what people who could work 8 hours a day and live just fine with good friends, food, and decent dwellings of having what they need, instead work 12-16 hour days to chase shit they really don't need, that will let them down in the end as did everything else they chased, and you start to believe in magic again. You start to feel angry toward the people who put all this manipulation and bullshit in front of these masses. I don't want to see my relatives and my extended blood relatives of my race feeling they are suffering and miserable because they don't have what society tells them they need to be cool.

It's all so out of control when you look at the masses of people, their priorities, what they value, and the people who rule just pulling their strings, whether they are at war or at home. These people could all use a good dose of Marcus Aurelius stoicism in his Meditations; a book written by a once ruler of the west, that flies in the face of everything the west has now become.

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