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Old July 25th, 2019 #1
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Woodpecker The Life Camps of Nazi Germany, or, When Will the Hollowswindle Extortion Racket End?

Boy: “Daddy, why are there so many Holocaust survivors?”

Father: “What do you mean, son?”

Boy: “Well, weren’t all those people sent to Nazi death camps? Why are they still alive years later?”

Father: “Good point, son. You’re a smart boy! But don’t mention that to anyone, or you won’t get into a good college.”

(Mr. Albin was at Auschwitz for a whopping 2 and 1/2 years and was still healthy enough to escape?? Wow. That’s some “death camp.” The Nazis must have fed him well. By the way, did Mr. Albin immediately tell the world that “thousands of Jews are being gassed at Auschwitz” after he escaped it? Fifty bucks says “nope.”). [Article].

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