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Default ‘No more immigration’ call at Spalding protest

Published on 21/04/2013 17:53

Protestors gathered in Spalding Market Place today waving banners calling for ‘No More Immigration’ and ‘Jobs and Homes for British’.

About 150 people - from Holbeach, Pinchbeck and Donington as well as Skegness and Boston, but fewer than expected - heard speakers calling for action.

They claimed lack of government control on immigration was to blame for unemployment and anti-social behaviour in the town and across the country.

Among the speakers were the UKIP candidate for Spalding, Alan Jesson, and local resident Angela Cannon, who claimed she had been threatened by noisy Eastern European neighbours.

Dean Everitt, who organised a similar protest in Boston last year, said the Spalding meeting was being held 45 years to the day since the ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech by Enoch Powell that led to his controversial dismissal from the Shadow Cabinet by Conservative party leader Edward Heath.

References to lack of hospital beds, school places and neighbourhoods ‘changed beyond recognition’ were just as relevant today as then, Mr Everitt said.

Mr Everitt said he was overwhelmed with the support he was getting at the moment.

He said: “People are asking why isn’t the council doing stuff - why aren’t the police dealing with these issues.”

Other speakers included Bob McAuley, of the Boston Protest Group, and Chris Pain, UKIP candidate for Wainfleet and Burgh-le-Marsh. .

They were greeted with cheers, applause and the waving of banners.

Earlier, a Polish woman sat in the Market Place said she did not feel threatened by the protest.

She said: “I work hard in my factory and pay my taxes. I’m sat here to enjoy the sunshine and relax.”

After the protest, Insp Jim Tyner said he was pleased it had passed peacefully.

He said: “People have been able to make the points they wanted to. However, I am disappointed they said nothing was being done about anti-social behaviour.

“Responses on our Twitter account and in the local media say quite the opposite. If people think not enough is being done they should tell us so we can get the right people in the right places.”

For the full story and pictures, see Tuesday’s Lincolnshire Free Press.
Video and report at:


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