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Sam Emerson
Diversity = White Genocide
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Sam Emerson
Default Age of Defamation: How Jew Media Destroys Reputations

The Worth of Fame
Andrew Hamilton

In retrospect, Aryans appear to have harbored a naïve faith in the natural relationship between reputation, fame, and merit. True, our conceptions served us well enough in our own world. But that was prior to the Age of Defamation. Now we see that fame, reputation, and moral worth can be completely unrelated. It is child’s play for dominant, cunning, and unscrupulous elites to destroy reputations, fabricate evidence and opinions, and reverse the judgments of history—and have their constructs stick, and be universally accepted.

It is the nature of contemporary society to prevent people and events important to us from coming to our attention in the first place, and to remove them quickly from a greatly-diminished collective memory as soon as they are gone. However, readers who remember National Alliance founder William Pierce, who died in 2002, may recall the centrality to his personal beliefs and motivation of a passage from the Icelandic Hávamál, part of the Poetic Edda that encodes themes identical to those of kleos and memory described by Vandiver.

The verse cited by Pierce was the following (using the translation he employed):

Cattle die, and kinsmen die,
And so one dies oneself;
One thing I know that never dies:
The fame of a dead man’s deeds.

Pierce focused heavily upon being remembered, as if accurate social memory was an automatic process or foregone conclusion. He seemed oblivious to (he probably wasn’t, but that’s how he sounds) the essential role of the bard—that is, of writers, historians, broadcasters, moviemakers, and so forth. As Vandiver (and Achilles) recognized, stories must reach and penetrate people’s consciousness in a meaningful way before appreciation or remembrance is even possible. That is why the bard’s function is so vital. There must be someone who is willing and able to record and “publish” memory.

However, this is not possible in Jewish societies. Wilmot Robertson, author of the underground classic The Dispossessed Majority (1972; 3rd rev. ed. 1981), wrote of “the publishing Mafia” in his essay “The Censorship of Silence” in Ventilations (1982):

How is the large potential audience of The Dispossessed Majority to be reached when book reviewing and book distribution, indeed almost the entire publishing industry, is in the hands of those who are totally opposed to any manifestation of a [white] racial viewpoint and who will go to any length to prevent even the whisper of such a viewpoint from coming to the attention of the reading public? (p. 26)

Robertson went on (p. 27) to quote the Greek lyric poet Pindar (c. 518-438 BC) (harking back to the idea of fame and reputation discussed earlier): “Every noble deed [or expression, or idea -- A. H.] dieth, if suppressed in silence,” and the 19th-century British poet James Montgomery, who “put the following iambics in the mouth of the Press”:

In me all human knowledge dwells;
The oracle of oracles,
Past, present, future, I reveal,
Or in oblivion’s silence seal;
What I preserve can perish never,
What I forego is lost forever.

Consider, also, the vital importance to Jewish-run societies of defamation, vituperation, denunciation, abuse, ridicule, hatred, social humiliation, hyperbole, and lies. As the ordeals of David Irving, Robert Faurisson, Fred Leuchter, Germar Rudolf, Mel Gibson, and countless others prove, reputations that took 30 years to build can be destroyed in five minutes. The underlying merits of a case, facts, truth, justice, mean absolutely nothing to anyone—not to Jews or the Left, not to police, secret police, prosecutors or judges, not to the media, not to academics, not to the public, not to “history,” not to friends, neighbors or family. The normal functions of reputation, fame, glory—what others think or say about us before or after we are dead—have been completely short-circuited.

Professor Robert Faurisson, 85, is ceaselessly hounded, fined, and threatened with imprisonment by the French police and courts, and reviled by the media. He was hospitalized after being severely beaten by Jewish hoods. Nothing was done because they are one—cops and criminals.

Jewish weapons such as social humiliation, defamation, assault, show trials, kangaroo courts, prison, assassination, etc., share one conspicuous attribute. They ignore “broad social, economic, and political” forces entirely and ruthlessly identify, target, and harm individuals with laser-like intensity. Everything is personal. In this they follow the underlying assumptions of primal Greek and Nordic individualism discussed earlier. Whites, on the other hand, never dream of giving Jews, the Left, and government a taste of their own medicine.

Result: game over. Whites lose.

“The white race is the cancer of human history.” Is that wad of spit in the face too subtle? The memorable slander was uttered by one of society’s and the Jews’ most honored and respected representatives, Susan Sontag. She was never forced to grovel or apologize for her statement. No Jews or Leftists had to frantically disassociate themselves from her or publicly revile her. She continued to live a comfortable, privileged life. She did not worry about being attacked, killed, prosecuted, jailed, or even socially shunned and verbally abused.

It is noteworthy that the ostensibly relativistic narratives and social constructions of the ruling class quickly emerge as new dogmas purporting to assert “truth.” The spinners of tales impose them as substitute realities, inquiry about or dissent from which is officially forbidden.

It appears that whites seeking immortality through posthumous fame in the traditional manner will not be successful. Today’s hero should instead act in accordance with an inner imperative, informed by the understanding that kleos before or after death will probably elude him, and that his exertions on behalf of an uncomprehending and ungrateful people might well go unrewarded.

defamation, fame, media, reputation


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