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Aryan Lord
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Aryan Lord
Default A New Religion for a New Age

Wodenism is the most ancient religion of the English Folk. This religion is the religion of our English Ancestors. Through constant repression by the Judaeo-Christian Church our faith was forced underground. Although, to some, it seems that it disappeared forever, this was never the case: the secrets were hidden in legend, fairy tales and within the words of the poets. These hidden secrets were preserved that some day they would be once again understood, and the ancient faith would again arise and renew itself, though in a new form suited to the new era.

Hidden in Norse mythology is the secret of Ragnarok. The Ragnarok is the Doom of the Powers, an end of a world-age when the gods go down in a Final Conflict, to be reborn as the Sons of the Gods. There is no actual ending-merely a new beginning. Woden, in yet another typical shamanic initiation, is swallowed by the Wolf`s jaws, to be reborn in the guise of his son, Widar the Avenger.

Woden`s Folk is one of the very few groups who have recognised that the new archetype for the New Age is the Crowned and Conquering Son. No longer is Woden worshipped as The Hanged God, for he has stepped down from the Tree of Woe to be "reborn" as The Avenger. His image today is that of an Aryan Warrior wielding a Flaming Sword and riding a White Horse; he is crowned as the supreme archetype of the age of Ing. The name we give to this archetype is Ing.

Woden`s Folk Activists & Supporters must realise that today we are founding a new religion; yes, this is based upon the essence of our most ancient English Religion, but in a new form suited to the New Age. This is why we differ from Odinism & Asatru, and all the other forms of our ancient faith, for ours is a new religion in that the archetypal god-form of the age has changed. We have already recognised that the Age of Ing has dawned, and that this is the Age of the Son. Our aim today is to spread the word of the New Age, and to earth the new archetype through ritual work and magical work.

The new archetype runs counter to the era of equality, humanitarianism, pacifism, meekness & weakness in which we experience today. It stands for inequality, heroism, self-sacrifice and self-overcoming. In an era of mediocrity this stands for the great, the noble, and the heroic ethos of the past. In a short time the past will take root in the present in order to create a new future. It is now down to our own folk to forge this new religion, and to gather together the Elect of Woden into the Folkish Brotherhood that will guard the Holy Blood of our Folk. Ours is no new faith for the masses, but a new faith for the Elect of the Folk. Not through birth but through worth will the Elect of Woden be formed; this is the criteria for the age of Ing.

[Taken from "Sword of Wayland" series 2 number 6, published by Woden`s Folk, see their web site ]

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