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Old November 7th, 2014 #11
Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

[comment at takimag]

In 2011 our Chief of Police here in Oslo, the capital of Norway went on TV to tell about a serious problem: all sexual assaults since 2007, which had risen with 600% since the 89's, the perpetrators where 100% Muslims and/or Africans. An imported problem - because of our insane asylum politics.

This sexual assaults in many cases involves more than one person, death-treats with a weapon etc.

The leftists' and Political Correct- which infest our nations media and parliament went crazy - and by magic the question most discussed in the media was: "Norwegians also rape" and "The highest numbers of rapes happens home.".

Suddenly it was OK to define Norwegian - as a white male. Usually our media define everybody with a Norwegian passport - to be a Norwegian even if you are a devoted Salafist stating openly that Norway is a land of dirty infidels. Very handy trick for the media to use to hide the perpetrators origin. Early this summer we could read that two Norwegian men, one wounded, had come back from fighting in Syrai. That is two bearded ISIL fighters!

Another trick in the leftist medias book - is too write about "men" to hide where the perpetrators are coming from. Two weeks ago: "4 men gang raped a 14 year old girl for hours on a train station in a sadistic fashion" The truth: 4 African asylum seekers - two of them had for weeks ago got the final "No" on their application and should be out of here.

The media do this because they are good people. To write the truth will give the uneducated masses a reason for racism - and we can have that, can we. And as in every other country infested with a PK elite - the elite live a long way from the working class, in their white only neighbourhood, a long way from the multitude of problems following the massive asylum-immigration from Arab and African countries: drugs, rapes, violence, mugging and other enrichments.

After the 2011 news about the sad truth of whom raping our women - the Police do not give out statistics of this kind anymore.

I write this because normally if Norway is mentioned at all in foreign news is normally about how rich we are, what a "Humanitarian superpower" (sic) we are, how peaceful, or about our beautiful mountains and fjords. The truth is that even central parts of our capital are unsafe, dirty, filled with gypsi beggars and drug addicts. On the outskirt - the ghettoes is growing - white people moving out as fast as they can. And what's true for the capital is true for the smaller cities.

But OK. 99% of the asylum-immigrants do not go skiing, walking the mountains, fish in the fjords or explore the natural beauty of Norway. A fact that get most tourists to believe the hype about Norway as peaceful, rich, friendly - without any problems.
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