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Old September 9th, 2017 #1
Randolph Dilloway
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Default Catalonia Independence Bid Pushes Spain Toward Crisis

Catalonia Independence Bid Pushes Spain Toward Crisis

A banner in Barcelona in support of Catalonia’s independence effort.


BARCELONA — The accelerating battle over Catalonia’s status hit warp speed this week.

Catalan lawmakers voted to go ahead with an Oct. 1 referendum on separating from Spain. Spain’s constitutional court declared the vote suspended. And Catalan politicians said they would proceed anyway.

On Monday, Catalonia’s national day, hundreds of thousands of independence-minded citizens are expected to take to the streets of Barcelona in a show of force, further roiling the waters.
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Dawn Cannon
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Dawn Cannon

Catalonia thread in 2012, Serbian wrote:

Not that I am against the Catalans but these independence movements are all pro EU. Seen it with Montenegro and Scotland where the most fervent supporters of the break up of Serbia and the UK were/are the most extreme leftists. Not saying that the loyalists are much better but these people are even worse.

In any case I see nothing here worth getting too excited over. If they do secede they will be just another EU member puppet state with the same liberalism that Spain has. These secession movements are certainly not opposed by the EU, unlike the Bosnian Serb one which has been crushed by military force and foreign occupation.

EU flags dominate at every Catalan independence rally.
In the same thread, Alexsander said:

They have about 16,000 sikhs who know the time for being shipped home approaches.
Another thread, 2017:

Shitty, stinking peons in Catalan area woo immigrants in quest to split from Spain

Catalonia has one of the highest percentages of immigrants in Spain, just under 14 percent of residents are foreign-born, and their votes may gain crucial votes for the independence movement in what is likely to be a close-run race.

Including them in the movement for nationhood is key says Catalonia's deputy governor, Oriol Junqueras. "We want to be a very open and integrated society," he told Reuters in Barcelona.

Campaigners are even encouraging migrants without the right to vote to ask work mates and friends to vote for independence and are advocating Catalan nationality for all migrants living in the region if it leaves Spain.

Also apart from all the other shit in our countries, has anyone noticed these fucking sikhs things are EVERYWHERE.
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Sikhs are street shitters from India. They're the ones with slightly fancier rags twisted up on their heads. A lot of people confuse them with your average sand nigger, and rightfully so, because they're genetically similar in appearance. They don't belong in White countries.
Low-IQ bible scholars are legion, the big book o' bullshit is catnip to the underbrained. --ALEX LINDER
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Each image says more than 1000 words.Catalonian nationalism is purely artificial:
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