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alex revision
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alex revision
Default Marsupial Madness: Australians Urged to Eat Kangaroo Meat as Population Explodes

Marsupial Madness: Australians Urged to Eat Kangaroo Meat as Population Explodes

Australians have been encouraged to hunt, cull and eat more kangaroos in response to the animalís growing population; the population of marsupials is double that of humans at almost 50 million.

In 2010, there were about 27 million kangaroos in Australia. That number has increased to 45 million in 2016, reported. The increase in kangaroos is mostly a result of environmental conditions, particularly the abundance of food caused by high rainfall in Australia.

Experts are now encouraging people to hunt and eat the marsupial, especially because they are seen as pests, according to a publication by the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment.
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Question catering to the tastes of the rising ruling class

I ate kanga bangers (kangaroo meat sausages) in NYC once this past summer, but if you're going to dine on marsupial the choice stuff is wallaby.

So I'm told.

The place was an Brazilian BBQ joint in Manhattan which also had exotic birds, rattlesnake and ...I shit you not ...monkey on the menu. Wayy too close to human flesh for my sensibilities, but that didn't seem to deter the dark skinned patrons of the place who would eat heaping plates of what I had thought to be a protected species flesh and suck on the bones.

Finger lickin good? Yuck, I never went back to the place.


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