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Default Julius Streicher - 12 February 1885 – 16 October 1946

Julius Streicher

12 February 1885 – 16 October 1946

Julius Streicher (12 February 1885 – 16 October 1946) was the founder and publisher of the pro-National Socialist newspaper Der Stürmer. He was the Gauleiter (regional NSDAP leader) of Franconia (which included the city of Nuremberg) between 1929 and 1940.

At the International Military Tribunal Streicher was sentenced to death.

"Nuremberg defendant Julius Streicher, who was eventually hanged because he published a sometimes sensational anti-Jewish weekly paper, was brutally mistreated following his arrest. He was badly beaten, kicked, whipped, spat at, forced to drink saliva and burned with cigarettes. His genitals were beaten. Eyebrow and chest hair was pulled out. He was stripped and photographed."

"The IMT transcript itself contains an informative passage relating to the testimony of Julius Streicher. His testimony describes the manner in which he was tortured. In response to a prosecution objection, the passage was expunged from the transcript, but not the Court’s discussion of whether or not the passage should be expunged"



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