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Old November 20th, 2016 #181
Bread and Circuses
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Default Mudshark madness

Data from way back in 1985 revealed that White women are 12.4 times more likely to get murdered by a black husband or boyfriend than a White. Thatís 1,240% more than White male killers of their White female cohorts (so few White males take up with black women, the numbers of interracial murders here are practically nonexistent).

And Iím absolutely certain itís much, much worse today, with blacks going criminally haywire across the board. Itís hard to pinpoint exact numbers in America when the Department of Justice (DOJ) actively works to obfuscate black-on-White crime numbers to keep us White people in the dark. One simply has to use common sense (that little birdy inside that warns you blacks can be dangerous, unpredictable animals).

Also, pay close attention to local news, even though thatís heavily manipulated for ďPCĒ purposes, too ó usually by not showing photos of both the perp and White victim in the same report or showing any sad shots of any grieving White family and friends ó so few of us White people can put two-and-two together on just how murderous blacks are.

You might also notice the media purposefully using any black friends, or even just neighbors for TV visuals and interviews (continuing the multicult propaganda angle). Nor do they follow up all that much down the road (greatly abbreviated trial coverage again drops White victim shots and reports as few gruesome facts of the case as possible). Sometimes they even refrain from showing any photos of the black perp while in court, especially if the crime is really terrible.

Still, you can usually figure out the real deal by reading between the lines a little, since the media canít totally censor crime locally, or too many Whites in the area of the murder might start to notice and tell friends and family (word of mouth about what they are doing). And donít forget to extrapolate out local crime across the country as a whole to get an idea of just how much White people are the real victims today.

Only force rules. Force is the first law - Adolf H. Man has become great through struggle - Adolf H. Strength lies not in defense but in attack - Adolf H.
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Default Philly Phreak Nigger Throttles Playmate Pickup

By Phillip Marlowe

I’ve been following this for the last week or so. Playboy playmate, fashion and lingerie model, Christina Carlin-Kraft, was found dead August 22 in a Philadelphia, Ardmore condo (Philly’s “Mainline” area); where she was violently pummeled in the face — her eyes swollen black and nose bashed in. Probably the pearly teeth behind her collagen-plumped up BJ lips were knocked back down her throat from a round house to the kisser. Cast-off blood was everywhere. She was finally strangled to death with a ligature of some kind.

The idiot tramp was seen walking arm in arm with the animal around 3am in the morning. Surveillance shots showed a lowlife street jig with Christina — drunk on her sexy little tushie. The killer had only got out of prison in July for robbery. He texted a friend (certainly another lowlife street thug) on a White man-invented cellphone: “I just met this sexy ass white bitch — at her house in Ardmore now.” None of these worthless parasites work regular jobs — only exist to sell drugs, get welfare and rob what’s not nailed down.

You simply can’t get involved with these animals — they’ll kill you in a Jew York City minute. She may have had a change of heart, but that didn’t stop him from raping her and going haywire — wildly beating and killing her when she threatened to call Johnny Law. He might have bashed her around to get her bank card pin number. He stole her IPhone and you can bet he also stole whatever cash he could lay his monkey hands on. Only days before, a different black had robbed her place. She had just moved in, too.

This kind of thing happens all the time in today’s oh-so-wonderful “MULTICULTURAL HEAVEN.” Mollie Tibbetts was murdered last month by an illegal beaner in Iowa, even though her tweets revealed her as a big anti-White liberal type. Lefty media was so sure it was a White pig farmer who killed the girl, they covered her being missing fairly extensively. When it came out a brown person did it, they had the nerve to blame it on “toxic masculinity” and dropped coverage as much as possible. Us decent, law-abiding White people are totally getting screwed!

These violent bastards have ZERO empathy for anyone or any thing’s suffering. They kill themselves on street corners every minute of the day — what makes you think they won’t kill your honky ass?

White people — please listen to me — there is nothing you can do to please these criminal, violent apes. You can’t be nice and polite anymore — they just plain don’t care.

Every day I read of something similar happening to a mudshark, like Christina above. Sometimes they live, sometimes they die.

This is a completely violent, primitive race, jacked up into insane hatred of us Whites by a Jewish controlled media brainwashing meant to make us White Goyim keep hating ourselves — so we don’t go all Nazi and come looking for them with pitchforks and torches

(Charlottesville got the Jews all kind of bollixed up). We should, considering how we let the bastards immigrate into this country and now we see how they repay us by using criminal blacks against us every damn minute.

Turn on the TV– it’s nothing but PC BS about evil Whitey!

These backstabbing Jews have been using blacks from the very start. Since then, they’ve branched off into radical feminism, faggotry and now, believe it or not, disgusting tranny crap. The sick Jews will not stop with their social engineering projects and filthy immoralities — the Devil himself knows what nasty vileness they are going to promote next in our lands.

Everything going on these days is so obviously geared to keeping the White race confused and at each other’s throats. They are doing everything they can to protect the black race. Have been for decades, actually. The Jews have been brainwashing us Whites with liberal claptrap for several generations. Only in the last few years or so, have Whites started waking up to the never-ending non-stop BS of Nazi/holocaust crap and slavery out of Jew Media. It’s ridiculous.

Look at how this half breed militant bitch (who IDs herself as a black) in the video below. Notice how she treats this nice pleasant White woman from the Trump administration. The disrespect for Whites is now off the charts. I’m telling you: There is ZERO you can say or do to please these angry ape-like brats.

All they want to do is make you a slave as payback, if not stick you with a knife in the gut and spit in your White face while you painfully die.

They have ZERO respect for White people anymore.

They are taking out their frustrations at life on us White people. No doubt about it. Every time they get busted for something, they start screaming “racism!” Even when black cops are everywhere, they still play the race card. Nothing whatsoever is going to please these White-haters.

Us White people need to get on the stick and start screaming bloody murder. The US media is quite obviously doing everything they can to keep our race in the dark. We’re not going to get out of this simply by voting, believe me.

The Jews have been working for decades to destroy our race. It is now so obvious as to be beyond any argument. These dirty backstabbing creeps have been in a quiet brainwashing war against us for decades.

Hell, the bastards have cranked up the anti-Nazi programming left and right, like the new movie “Operation Finale” where Israeli Mossad Jews hunt down Adolf Eichmann in a sovereign county. The nervy bastards don’t care. They will freely kill you anywhere if they deem you an enemy of sacred Jewdom. Technically, some of them believe all non-Jews are mortal enemies merely by being born Gentile. So how come you never hear a word about any of that? Because the Jews can’t let anything out on them.

Jews have been getting all kinds of bollixed up lately because of Trump. They greatly fear that we’re getting wise.

PS: I wrote all this BEFORE the black perp was finally busted. I could easily see it was a groid in the surveillance shots, plus the simple fact blacks are going criminally haywire all over the place these days. It’s a damn jungle out there.

Just think here for a second: Us decent Americans are paying for all this bull caca by paying taxes. Oh yeah, we do. Just imagine what it costs for police and court house bureaucracy alone? That filthy black bastard who croaked the whore will go to prison. But who pays for it, chumpsters?

coal burners, mud shark, mud shark misery


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