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Originally Posted by Marty Macaluso View Post
I'm not sure, I saw an interview with the nigger who founded Kwanzaa a few years ago and he wasn't in jail.
Ron Karenga (born Ronald McKinley Everett on July 14, 1941, and also known as Ron Everett and as Maulana Karenga) is an African American author, political activist, and college professor best known as the creator of Kwanzaa.

In 1971, Karenga, Louis Smith, and Luz Maria Tamayo were convicted of felony assault and false imprisonment for assaulting and torturing over a two day period two women from the US Organization, Deborah Jones and Gail Davis.[7] An article in the Los Angeles Times described the testimony of one of the women: "Deborah Jones, who once was given the title of an African queen, said she and Gail Davis were whipped with an electrical cord and beaten with a karate baton after being ordered to remove their clothes. She testified that a hot soldering iron was placed in Miss Davis' mouth and placed against Miss Davis' face and that one of her own big toes was tightened in a vise. Karenga, head of US, also put detergent and running hoses in their mouths, she said".[7]

Ron_Karenga Ron_Karenga
The average kwan is of such low quality that he'd shoot himself if he had any self awareness.
-Joe from Ohio
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March 3, 2010 (MILWAUKEE) -- A man accused of killing seven women in Milwaukee will get a new lawyer, which will likely delay his trial.
Walter Ellis told Milwaukee County Judge Rebecca Dallet Wednesday that he hadn't had enough contact with his lawyer, Russell Jones, and when Jones does visit they don't talk about the case. Dallet spent much of the 20-minute hearing trying to convince Ellis that Jones, who was retained, was doing a good job and that he would likely get a court-appointed attorney with fewer resources. Dallet says the May trial date will likely be delayed.
The 49-year-old Ellis has pleaded not guilty to first-degree intentional homicide and first-degree murder in the deaths between 1986 and 2007.


A 49-year-old man suspected in the killings of at least eight women over 21 years in Milwaukee has been charged in connection with two of the homicides, authorities announced Monday.
Walter E. Ellis of Milwaukee faces two counts of first-degree intentional homicide in the killings of Joyce Mims, 41, and Ouithreaun Stokes, 28, who were strangled a decade apart.
Ellis was arrested around noon Saturday at a motel in Franklin, one day after authorities linked DNA from his toothbrush with samples found on Mims' and Stokes' bodies, according to a criminal complaint.
Ellis could be charged this week in connection with some of the other killings, Milwaukee County District Attorney John T. Chisholm said.
Until a news conference Monday, police had not said publicly that Ellis had been linked to the 1992 killing of Irene Smith, 25, and the 1994 murder of Carron D. Kilpatrick, 32, whose bodies were found within a block of each other.
Both women were strangled and stabbed, police spokeswoman Anne E. Schwartz said. Their murders were linked to Ellis' DNA in the past two weeks, Milwaukee Police Chief Edward A. Flynn said.
Ellis' DNA has been found on at least nine females killed between 1986 and 2007, Flynn said. Police officials have said they think someone else killed one of those victims, a white 16-year-old runaway whose throat was slashed. The other victims, all prostitutes and African-American, were strangled. And at least two were also stabbed.
The average kwan is of such low quality that he'd shoot himself if he had any self awareness.
-Joe from Ohio
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Story found while searching TNB stories. Nigger is currently on trial for assault of a woman. Victims were negro women.

Dec 24, 2009

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Authorities arrested a man Wednesday who is believed to be connected to the deaths of multiple women, three of them from Baton Rouge, which date back 10 years.
Jeffery Lee Guillory, 43, of Lafayette was taken into custody by the Baton Rouge Police Department and charged with the murders of the three women from Baton Rouge. Florida Edwards, 36, was killed on Sept. 3, 1999. Sylvia Cobb, 36, was murdered on July 25, 2001. Renee Newman, 46, lost her life on April 11, 2002.
Edwards was found dead inside an abandoned building at 1100 North Boulevard, which was once the site of the Dynasty Club. At the time, investigators believed her body had been there 24 hours or less. Police found the body after a tip from a nearby pay phone. According to relatives, she had been staying in a house not far from where she was found dead.
Cobb was discovered beaten to death at 631 North Acadian Thruway West. Her head had been smashed in and her body was badly decomposed. A retired chemist found the body in an abandoned home next to his and called police. Her mother had last seen her that Sunday around 3 a.m. as she got into a red truck or SUV on Gracie Street. Her body was found that Wednesday. Initially, investigators believed her death was possibly connected to the murders of six other women in the Central and north Baton Rouge areas.
Newman's body was located at 1501 Laurel Street in a parking lot behind the old Goudchaux's. She had been strangled to death. The initial investigation into her death also hinted to a connection with the multiple deaths of women around Central and north Baton Rouge.
Guillory was originally identified as a possible suspect in the Cobb murder when his fingerprint was found at the scene, police said.

"Additional scientific testing by the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab eventually resulted in Guillory's DNA being matched to evidence at the Edwards and Newman crime scenes," said Sgt. Don Kelly with the Baton Rouge Police Department.
Guillory has been incarcerated on unrelated charges in Lafayette and Baton Rouge since Jan. 2008. He remains a suspect in several other unsolved murders of women in Baton Rouge that occurred during the late 1990s and early 2000s, police added.
They are also looking into the possibility he had something to do with the murders of several women in Jeff Davis Parish over the past few years. Some of those murders happened before he went to jail almost two years ago.
The average kwan is of such low quality that he'd shoot himself if he had any self awareness.
-Joe from Ohio
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Originally Posted by Joe_J. View Post
I did research on Derrick Todd Lee in 2003. The case drew a lot of attention because authorities were bound and determined to find a White culprit, because of the presumption that serial killers are White.

The fact is that Blacks are overrepresented among serial killers, as among most violent criminal categories, just not as much. I think however that there is an essential difference between a serial killer that kills for killing's own sake, or because of some agenda or grudge, and a rapist who kills simply to eliminate the witness. I would wager that most Black serial killers are essentially rapists.

Pamela Kinamore had an antique shop in Baton Rouge. I went there and talked to another antique dealer on the same block who described her as "a very trusting person." That seems to have been the case with all of Lee's victims, who were mostly White women (and it is believed that there were more than the five victims that could be proven). For some reason they trusted him and made themselves vulnerable.

Of course the fact that authorities kept stating that they were looking for a White serial killer didn't help, but even if there were a White serial killer at large it doesn't justify the assumption that Negroes are safe. It's easy enough to divine the origin of that assumption. Hollywood, TV, and liberal open-mindedness killed these women.

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Marty Macaluso
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Marty Macaluso

Henry Louis Wallace is another black serial killer who got away for as long as he did because niggers aren't supposed to be serial killers. Here is a good article about him, some of the niggers complained he wasn't caught for such a long time because the police don't care about black people. I must admit the detective work in this case was horrible though.
Hail Jeboo!
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PRINGFIELD, Mass. (CBS/AP) Alfred Gaynor, a serial killer from western Massachusetts, has confessed to an eighth murder, placing the 43-year-old among the most prolific serial killers in the state's recent history.

Gaynor admitted Tuesday that the strangulation death of 45-year-old Vera Hallums in April 1995 was his first killing.

Hallums, a mother of four, was found bound with electrical cords, beaten and strangled in her Springfield apartment, and was the first of several women killed in the Massachusetts town over the next few years.

Gaynor met many of the women he murdered during a mutual quest for crack cocaine.

Police and prosecutors say he robbed some for drug money, raped most of his victims, and often posed their bodies grotesquely to shock whoever found them, which in several cases happened to be the victims' young children.

His new admissions come as part of a plea deal for his nephew Paul Fickling, who is serving time on a manslaughter conviction - reduced from a murder charge - for his role in the 1996 deaths of his ex-girlfriend, Amy Smith, and her toddler, who was left to die alone with his mother's body in their sweltering apartment.
The average kwan is of such low quality that he'd shoot himself if he had any self awareness.
-Joe from Ohio
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Craig Cobb
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Two of the stereotypes surrounding serial killers are that they are almost always White males and that African American males are barely represented in their ranks. In a sample of 413 serial killers operating in the United States from 1945 to mid-2004, it was found that 90 were African American. Relative to the African American proportion of the population across that time period, African Americans were overrepresented in the ranks of serial killers by a factor of about 2. Possible reasons why so few African American serial killers are known to the public are explored.
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Alexander M.
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Alexander M.
Default Another Negro Serial Killer Caught

Only Whites are serial or mass shooting killers. Like most of the noxious gasses that escape the bloated corpse of the dinosaur media there's no truth to it. Just more propaganda and lies, like the endless parade of White criminals presented by fictional programing on the electronic synagogue. On the talmudvision the negro is the heroic doctor and lawyer and of course there's plenty of wise latinas and light of the world jews. Back in reality a piece of negro garbage killed dozens of women.
Experience molds perception.
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I never heard of this Robert Rozier guy up until today.

He was part of a nigger supremacist group and he murdered 7 white people as a part of the organization. He got ten stinking years for murdering 7 people and taking body parts?

I'm sure his name would be a household name if the races were reversed.

In 1985, he decided to join "The Brotherhood", Yahweh's secret group, that required murdering a "white devil" and returning with a body part to join it. Rozier would admit to killing seven white people to please Yahweh.[3] He was arrested and charged with murder on October 31, 1986. After agreeing to testify against Yahweh's organization, he was sentenced to 22 years in prison. After serving ten years of the sentence, Rozier was set free in 1996.[2]
Robert_Rozier Robert_Rozier

Wow, the jewsmedia really does a fine job of keeping stuff like this under wraps.
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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

2013: East Cleveland, Ohio, Michael Madison, at least three (all black) kills
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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

[from same post above]

2007-2009: Anthony Sowell, aka The Cleveland Strangler

Anthony Sowell 'The Cleveland Strangler'

Discovered by police after a woman escaped his home during an attempted rape and called 911 to report the crime

Beat, raped and strangled 11 women to death from June 2007 to July 2009
Hid the bodies in and around his home, with some found wrapped in plastic, others buried in shallow graves outside

All of the victims were either recovering or current drug addicts aged 24 to 52

Was in a relationship with the niece of then-East Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, she was also a drug addict

The ex-Marine was a convicted sex offender who was released from prison just before going on his killing spree

Sentenced to death in 2011, is currently sitting in prison awaiting execution

Read more:
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Anthony_Sowell Anthony_Sowell
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Can anyone recall the name of the black serial killer they caught while he was in prison in california but most of his murders occured in salt lake city? Ive been googling it but im coming up with nothing.
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Originally Posted by GREG IN SPOKANE View Post
Can anyone recall the name of the black serial killer they caught while he was in prison in california but most of his murders occured in salt lake city? Ive been googling it but im coming up with nothing.
I guess you are talking about Roberto Arguelles. They didn't catch him. While in prison in 1997, after finding out that he was a new father of a baby daughter he suddenly developed a conscience and spontaneously confessed to four murders in Salt Lake City.

It's hard to catch serial killers who kill complete strangers, especially if they are transient.

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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

[SERIAL KILLER: USA: LOS ANGELES: Chester Turner (nigger)]

LA's 'most prolific' serial killer already on death row for killing ten women is found guilty of killing another four

- Chester Turner jailed in 2007 for the murders of ten women in Los Angeles
- Was dubbed one of the city's most prolific serial killers by prosecutors
- Now convicted in four more killings after DNA evidence linked him to crimes
- Already on death row but will be eligible for the death penalty again

19 June 2014

One of the most prolific serial killers in LA's history, who is already on death row for killing ten women in the Eighties and Nineties, was convicted of four more murders yesterday.

Chester Turner, 47, was found guilty of strangling the women in South Los Angeles between 1987 and 1997. Prosecutors said DNA evidence linked him to the killings.
Jurors deliberated less than a day before finding the former Domino's pizza deliveryman guilty of first-degree murder with special allegations that make him eligible for the death penalty again, according to a statement from the Los Angeles County district attorney's office.

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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post

As with most Negro serial killers, Chester Turner is essentially a rapist who murders to eliminate the witness.
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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Originally Posted by Hadding View Post

As with most Negro serial killers, Chester Turner is essentially a rapist who murders to eliminate the witness.
That's a good point. I don't know if that's true of most, but at least many.
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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

black serial killers or multiple killers in South Africa

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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

[since that site is hard-loading, i'm going to copy the data here]

European Knights Project

For the preservation of Western European culture, civilisation & individual national sovereignty through civic nationalism

If you're looking for racially charged white-power rants, want to debate whether Kate Beckinsale & Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page pass the one drop test, to meet skin heads, or think we've anything in common with Zionist fronted Stormfront, you've found the wrong site. If you want unapologetic pro-Western views, penned by European men with conservative Anglo Saxon & traditional Western European values, then you're in the right place. The EKP brings honourable men & women together, under the banner of patriotism, love for Western civilsation & preservation of our unique cultures & individual national sovereignties. No liberals, Zionist or Marxist shills, skin heads, white trashionalists, proponents of communistic ideals, or guilt of any kind. Just pure, unadulterated, unapologetic TRUTH. We are literally being attacked by Zionist organisations on a daily basis for a reason. The ADL, Zionist Organisation of America, & Algmeiner have grounds to fear our truthful words.
[i dont know about any of that, or who is behind this, it's something i came across on twitter]

1. South Africa's Black Serial Killers - The World's Deadliest compiled by EKP Staff

2. Remembering South African Victims of Multiple Homocides by Sunette Bridges

Please be sure to click like on our new facebook community page - EKP South AFrica, Exposing the Genocide, so we can continue to fight the good fight. Also be sure to leave a comment at the bottom of this page before leaving us today
Liberals tell us we need to understand why people like Moses Sithole-a man that murdered and raped hundreds of women, perpetrate acts of violence. How their inhuman existence is responsible for their hatred of humanity. A non-black man makes an off colour remark about women, and he is labelled a misogynist. A black guy beats and rapes a hundred women to death, and feminists grant him victimhood status.

Remarkably, the left and their media mouthpiece tried their utmost to make us feel sorry for Moses Sithole. This, in spite of the fact the man murdered scores of innocent people in Atteridgeville, Boksburg and Cleveland between 1994
and 1995-as well as the fact that his anger stemmed from the rape laws, the Leftist SA institutions introduced! The hypocrisy & contradictions were astounding. Imagine a white guy raped and killed women because he was upset at being falsly accused of rape, as was the case in the Sithole murders. Do you think the left would try and elicit sympathy for him?

In case people have forgotten the case, "Sithole baited women by offering them jobs at a children’s home in Benoni. Most of his victims were strangled with their own clothing, such as belts and underwear. He was arrested in 1995 when he was trying to obtain a firearm from a family member. During the arrest Sithole attacked an undercover police officer with an axe and was shot three times. A recording of conversation Sithole had with hi fellow inmates while he was in prison revealed his motives to the court. Sithole hated the sort of black women the ANC empowers, so much, that he could not stop himself from killing at least four a month. The tapes revealed that Sithole’s dislike for women came from being falsely accused of rape in 1989 and serving four years in prison.

Still ,the left tried their damndest to perpetuate the lie, that poverty and his 'life experiences as an underprivileged black male' were behind his hatred. They ducked the fact that 90% of all rape allegations made by black women in South Africa are deemed false. It appears, Sithole hated black women because the white man was mean to him.

Sadistic violence has NOTHING to do with poverty or any other social ills. It has to do with a certain segment of the population's disregard for human life, and another, even more evil segment of the population's, decision to facilitate it. In Sithole's case, his anger was in fact, a DIRECT result of the ANC government's policies.

As much as we might not like to accept it - angry blacks are being given a free pass by their liberal enablers and our oppressors, to rape, kill, abuse, dishonour and insult our decency at every opportunity. Some are even being encouraged.

The numbers do NOT lie. From the US to SA, black on non-black violence is at an ALL TIME high. Black on black violence is even higher!

Who's facilitating the violence? Encouraging blacks to attack us in the streets?

It's the same people that ignited the fire of racial hatred in the US after the Trayvon Martin shooting. The LEFT.

The left make their livelihoods from societal discord. It's their bread and butter. Without it, they have nothing. Right now in Brazil, there are literally thousands of leftist anarchists terrorising tourists that are visiting their nation for the World Cup. You might have read about the British tourists that were attacked by anarchists last week. The majority of the men and women enabling acts of violence against our respective societies are-and it saddens me to say this, white, upper middle class liberals.

These people thrive on our misfortune and are a bigger menace than the blacks running wild because of them. They fill black men, already rife with rage and savagery, with the notion that their hatred and blood lust, is somehow our doing. They empower men like Moses Sithole, and the brutes that perpetrated the Walkerfield farm murders. They inspire their rage, not only justifying it, but blaming us for their hatred. In fact the media tried to spin the Walkerfield murders against the victims. I have seen loads of comments made by leftists BLAMING the Viana family for the crime. That's how deluded these people are.

How do we combat the violence?

By taking our societies back.

We need to implement laws in our lands that do not reward savagery. This can only be accomplished by removing the sort of liberal degenerates that enable the violence, from positions of authority.

Liberals, representing these savages in the courts, the media and government, are what stands between societal civility and savagery. If good men were able to implement laws that protected society, and their hands were not tied by liberals and their representatives in destructive humans rights organisations, the courts, the media, and in government, we would be able to deal with the issues we face, and ultimately, be a whole lot safer.

Liberals stand between South Africa's non-black population and safety, as they stand between Britain & our ability to combat Islamism, Eastern European migrant criminality, and leftist moral degeneracy.

We need the ability to be able to recognise difference and rely on evidence to formulate policy.

Statistically, black males, commit a disproportionate amount of crime, yet we are prohibited from saying so. Relying on statistical evidence when formulating an opinon has become all but illegal. People have the right to think about their security, especially when they're vunerable, and should never be told by people that typically live far from the black populations, they enable, they can't.

That's why we need to direct our focus on the enablers facilitating the savagery. Once liberals and their Marxist leaders are toppled, mark my words, EVERYTHING will fall into place. G Wolf

South African Serial Killing Filth - The TEN Worst

1. Moses Sithole also known as the “ABC Killer” or “The South African Strangler” (38 murders) 1994-1995.

Moses Sithole carried out killings in Atteridgeville, Boksburg and Cleveland between 1994 to 1995.

Sithole baited women by offering them jobs at a children’s home in Benoni. Most of his victims were strangled with their own clothing, such as belts and underwear. He was arrested in 1995 when he was trying to obtain a firearm from a family member. During the arrest Sithole attacked an undercover police officer with an axe and was shot three times.

Sithole faced 38 charges of murder and 40 charges of rape. A recording of conversation Sithole had with his fellow inmates while he was in prison revealed his motives to the court. Sithole hated black women so much that he could not stop himself from killing at least four a month.

The tapes revealed that Sithole’s dislike for women came from being falsely accused of rape in 1989 and serving four years in prison. “I fully hate black women and even if I came back to earth as a black man I could never want a black woman …I would rather masturbate.”

Sithole was sentenced to 2410 years in prison.

His sentence is made up of 12 years for each of the 40 rapes he committed, 50 years for each of the 38 murders and another 5 years for each of his six robberies.
His sentences do not run concurrently. There will be no possibility of parole for at least 930 years. Sithole is currently in C-Max, the maximum security section of Pretoria Central Prison.

2. Elifasi Msomi, also known as the “The Axe Killer” (15 murders) 1953-1955

Elifasi Msomi blamed the tokoloshe for the 15 murders he committed between 1953-1955, saying that it told him to kill his victims.

He posed as a doctor luring his victims into going with him to remote places and used an axe to kill his victims. The murders took place in KwaZulu-Natal . He was hanged in Pretoria Central Prison on Friday, February 10, 1956

3. Jack Mogale also known as the “West-End serial killer” (16 murders) 2008 -2009

For two years Jack Madumetsa Mogale was involved in a gruesome reign of terror that targeted women in the west of Johannesburg. Mogale lured 15 women and one child to deserted fields in Westonaria, Venterspost and Lenasia. He struck his victims with blunt objects, then raped and strangled them. Mogale strangled 11 of his victims using panties, clothing and handbag straps. In other cases, he subdued victims by beating them with bricks or a sharp object and then strangling them with his bare hands.

Many of the victims were found partially naked near the West End Clay Bricks factory in Zuurbekom, where Mogale lived. He was arrested in March 2009. Mogale escaped from police custody a few days after he had been locked up. He escaped by posing as a fellow inmate who was being transferred to court, he was later found in the court toilets and taken back into custody.

One of his victims had to undergo facial reconstructive surgery she was so badly beaten by him. Mogale repeatedly bashed her head with a brick before raping her and leaving her for dead. Her face was so damaged that her jaw shifted almost entirely to the left, she told the court when she testified against Mogale. Her head wounds were even infested with maggots.

Mogale faced 61 counts of rape, murder, kidnapping and attempted murder. He was found guilty of 52 charges – 19 of rape, 16 of murder, nine of kidnapping and attempted murder, among them.

He was sentenced to 16 life sentences which are running concurrently. He was sentenced without the possibility of parole.

4. Christopher Mhlengwa Zikode, also known as the “Donnybrook Serial Killer” (18 murders) 1994-1995

Christopher Mhlengwa Zikode was behind the murders and rapes of 18 people in Donnybrook KwaZulu-Natal between 1994 – 1995. Zikode committed five of the offences he was convicted of after he was released on R300 bail in August 1995.

Zikode was sentenced to five life and further sentences totalling 140 years in prison.

5. Sipho Thwala also known as the “Phoenix Strangler’’ (19 murders) 1996-1997

Sipho Agmatir Thwala became the most wanted man in KwaZulu-Natal during a year-long killing spree in the sugarcane fields of Mount Edgecombe, near the small town of Phoenix.

known as the “Phoenix Strangler’’ or “cane field serial killer”, Thwala raped and strangled 19 victims with their underwear before burying them in shallow graves.
Thwala lured his victims into the killing fields by offering them employment. He was acquitted of rape and murder charges in 1994 – the same year the first victim was found in a cane field. He was sentenced to 506 years in prison for the killings.

6. Cedric Maake also known as the “Wemmer Pan Killer” (27 murders) 1996 -1997

One of the worst serial killers in South Africa’s history, Cedric Maake murdered 27 people and raped 14.

Maake was found guilty of 27 of the 34 murders he was charged with; he was found guilty of 26 of the 28 attempted murder charges and found guilty of 14 of the 15 rapes he was charged with.

Maake was described as a “unique serial killer”. Unlike most multiple murderers, he did not fixate on one type of victim or method and his motives remain a mystery.
His victims ranged from a 74 year-old tailor he murdered with a hammer to a 15-year-old teenager on her way home from a disco with her boyfriend.

The murders were so varied, with no underlining pattern of gender, age or race, that police at the time believed they were investigating at least two different serial killers.

Only when the evidence from the two different cases started overlapping did the police realise it was a single individual committing the murders.

In 1998 Maake was finally caught when he sold a bicycle at a pawn shop. The bike had been stolen from Gerhard Lavoo, murdered in 1997.

When the police found the pawn shop receipt they realised that Maake, who had been arrested a few weeks earlier for attempted murder and rape, was the man behind the grim murder spree.

Maake still maintained his innocence during the trial, claiming that there was a conspiracy against him. He is currently serving a 1340-year prison sentence.

7. David Randitsheni, also known as the “Modimolle serial killer” (10 murders) 2004-2008.

David Randitsheni committed a series of murders, rapes and kidnappings of children between 2004 and 2008. He was sentenced to 16 life terms and 220 years in prison. He only be eligible for parole after serving at least 35 years in prison.

8. Bulelani Mabhayi also known as the “Tholeni serial killer” (20 murders ) 2007-2011.

Bulelani Mabhayi was the serial killer who terrorised the village of Tholeni near Butterworth in the Eastern Cape. Mabhayi started his murder spree in 2007, preying on the weak and vulnerable women and children of the village.

He murdered his victims with an axe or panga. The road that led to his arrest was littered with the bodies of his 20 victims, nine of which were children and 11 women. His youngest victims were an 18-month-old baby.

In 2011 shoe prints smeared in his victim’s blood led to Mabhayi’s capture. The police discovered the “abnormally large” shoe print. The shoe size and make were not common in the village and a detective remembered seeing Mabhayi wearing large shoes.

The police arrested Mabhayi, just 500m down a narrow road from the latest murder scene.Mabhayi was sentenced to 25 life sentences after pleading guilty to 36 charges — 20 of murder, six of rape and 10 of housebreaking.

9. Jimmy Maketta, also known as the “Jesus Killer” (16 murders) April -December 2005

Jimmy Maketta targeted the township of Philippi outside Cape Town between April and December 2005. He was convicted on 16 counts of murder, 19 counts of rape. He was sentenced to life in prison.

10. Stewart Wilken also known as the “Boetie Boer” (10 murders) 1990 – 1997

Stewart Wilken preyed on the street children and women in Port Elizabeth from 1990 to 1997. He was convicted of seven counts of murder and two counts of sodomy.

Wilken confessed to murdering 10 people including his 11-year-old daughter, and five counts of sodomy. But the state prosecutor failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the two skeletons and a decomposed body found where Wilken said he had sodomised and killed three street children were those of his victims.

Wilken admitted to eating the flesh of one of his victims in crazed drugged state after becoming addicted to dagga and mandrax. He cut off the nipples of his fourth victim, a 42-year-old women and swallowed them.

During the trial Wilken gave a statement where he gave a detailed account of how in the act of strangling his victims, he experienced sexual climax – even if the victims were dead. Wilken also described how he also strangled his daughter, Wuane because he “had no choice”. He said he saw his daughter was not a virgin. He believed she had been raped by her stepfather.

Wilken claimed during his trial that he was sodomised and abused as a child by a church deacon. He stated that he did not want her to go through what he had. He closed his eyes and said “God you must forgive me but I am sending my child’s soul to you. Wilken was sentenced to seven terms of life imprisonment.

2. Remembering South African Victims of Multiple Homicides by Sunette Bridges

Somehow the skeptics are still claiming that what is happening to White South Africans by the hands of their Black countrymen, is simply just crime. South Africa is a violent country and people are murdered here everyday, so what makes our situation so special? …and why should anyone take notice?Well, apart from the fact that 99% of White South Africans that are murdered die by the hands of gangs of Black men, it is the way in which these murders are committed and the characteristics of this phenomenon that warrants your attentions. Firstly, the absolute brutality with which people are killed, the extensive torture and the dehumanization of the victims is simply unheard of.

Here are 4 examples of actual cases. There are literally thousands!

1. 24 September 1996: 6 Black men attacked a group of friends on the Heldersig farm in Nieuwoudtville. They stabbed 57-year-old Gansie Louw 39 times. Her friend, 37-year-old Julia Fairbanks-Smith, was stabbed 41 times and Julia’s 4-year-old daughter, Emma, was stabbed 29 times, her scull was cracked and they crushed her tiny face by stomping on it, leaving their boot prints behind. The only survivor of this attack, Johan Viviers (50) was left for dead with the knife broken off in his neck. They left, taking nothing.

2. 16 April 2001: John (77) and Bina (76) Cross where attacked on their farm, Cottondale, in Gravelotte by 4 Black men. John was taken to the bathroom where he was shot in his knees and then had the showerhead forced down his throat with the hot water running. He was finally shot dead. His wife, Bina, was also shot in her knees dragged around the house and tortured for ours before she was shot dead and left on the dining room floor. Nothing was stolen from the house.

3. 6 March 2010: Mother and daughter Alice (76) and Helen (57) Lotter were attacked and tortured in their farmhouse in Allanridge in the Free State by their Black gardener and at least 5 others in an attack that was described by the investigating officer as one of the most gruesome he had ever witnessed. Helen Lotter’s cervix and uterus were ‘missing’ and her death was caused by sharp trauma and injuries to her lower body, incurred during the attack. The medical examiner was unable to find the woman’s uterus or cervix. He described these extreme injuries as “having been caused by very clear penetration with a sharp object”. Her mother, Alice, died due to “asphyxiation after breathing in blood from penetrating stabbing wounds in her neck and throat.” Both women were extensively mutilated.

4. 1 October 2011: The entire Viana-family was tortured to death in their home on a smallholding in Walkerville. The father, Tony, was hacked with a machete and then had to watch as his wife, Geraldine was gang-raped by 2 of the 3 Black men that attacked them. When they were done raping her, broken bottle was rammed into her vagina. Tony begged them not to kill him but after they raped and murdered his wife, they shot him. Their 12-year-old son, Amano, was witness to all of this and was crying bitterly. The attackers tied his hands and feet and started running hot water into the bathtub. They forced Amano face-down into the boiling water until he drowned.

Another, very disturbing fact, that I can’t seem to find in criminal stats anywhere in the world, is that entire families or groups of friends are murdered in totally unmotivated raids on their homes, smallholdings or farms when the victims are already subdued and pose no threat to the, so called, robbers who, more often than not, steal absolutely nothing! I did an extensive search to find proof of a similar phenomenon elsewhere in the world, but simply couldn’t find any. In Australia there were 4 reported cases of “Double murders” in 30 years.

In New Zealand there were 5 in 20 years. In Canada, which had the highest amount of “Multiple Murder” cases, there were 21 in 25 years and I could find only a single case reported in Germany in 1922. My search on South Africa delivered 280 cases where Black assailants perpetrated “Multiple Murders” on White victims in the past 20 years. There are most probably very many more.All of these people were murdered in their homes in quiet suburbs, smallholdings or farms. They were not killed in family feuds, lovers quarrels, bar fights, gang related violence or on the streets of dangerous neighborhoods.

The youngest victims include 5-month-old Wiaan Botes, 2-year-old Willemien Potgieter and 4-year-old Emma Fairbanks-Smith. 65% of the victims were older than 60, with the eldest at 96. They posed no threat to their killers. 11 of these victims were women older than 70 who were raped before they were murdered.

Here is what I could find since 1993


1. Marietjie du Plessis, Soes Pieters – 02/1993 – Brandfort VISIT OUR NEW EKP SOUTH AFRICA PAGE
2. Barend, Miriam Lindeque – 02/1993 – Vanderbijlpark for fantastic new articles you will
3. Marthinus, Christine Steyn – 05/1993 – Breyten only find on EKP
4. Pieter, Gertruida Roos – 05/1993 – Witbank
5. Tjaart, Sue Benade – 07/1993 – Meyerton
6. Johannes, Theresa Swart – 11/1993 – Ermelo1994
7. Joseph, Nelie Stevens – 03/1994 – Carolina
8. George, Vrou Gourlie – 04/1994 – Randburg
9. Mr, Mrs Benade – 05/1994 – Meyerton
10. Pieter, Lida, Eulalia, Jean Orffer – 07/1994 – Stellenbosch
11. Gerrit, Corne Stassen – 06/1994 – Ohrigstad
12. Reinier, Ruth Mostert – 10/1994 – Nylstroom1995
13. Coenraad, Amanda Slabbert – 04/1995 – Kokstad
14. Fillip, Christeen van Zyl – 06/1995 – Vanderbijlpark
15. Johannes, Maria Hurter – 08/1995 – Komtiepoort
16. Bergie, Isa van den Berg – 08/1995 – Bapsfontein
17. Frikkie, Annetjie Du Toit – 09/1995 – Makwassie
18. Boet, Erika Greyling – 09/1995 – Greytown
19. Johannes, Annetjie Botha – 10/1995 – Pietersburg 1996
20. Gert, Maria Grobler – 09/1996 – Potchefstroom
21. Gansie Louw, Julia, Emma Fairbanks-Smith-09/96–Nieuwoudtville
22. Christiaan Nel, Maria Cronje – 11/1996 – Graskop1997
23. Gerrit, Audrey Venter – 01/1997 – Vereeniging
24. Michael, Magdalena van Wyk – 03/1997 – Trichardt
25. Stefan Brodie, Brenden Ollsson – 04/1997 – Diepsloot
26. Francois, Susanna Willemse – 09/1997 – Ugie
27. Nico, Magdalena Marais – 11/1997 – Newcastle
28. Barnie, Lenie Muller – 12/1997 – Secunda
29. Gerhard, Nelie Scheepers – 12/1997 – Ermelo
30. Ben, Roos van Wyk – 12/1997 – Potgietersrus1998
31. Rob, Debbie Jones – 01/1998 – Port Elizabeth
32. Piet, Anna Gunter – 01/1998 – Heuningspruit
33. Camden, Quintin Geyer – 01/1998 – Nahoon
34. Isak, Chrissie Oosthuizen – 02/1998 – Valpan
35. Gert, Engela Smit – 02/1998 – De Deur
36. Johan, Vrou Bruell – 03/1998 – Randfontein
37. Hendrik, Annemarie Ruatenbach – 03/1998 – Vereeniging
38. Donne, Verina Delafield – 05/1998 – Rustenburg
39. Hannes, Anna Marais – 06/1998 – Ladismith
40. Jacobus, Martie Greef – 07/1998 – Hanover
41. Jan, Jeanette Robbertze, Willem Brits – 07/1998 – Middelburg
42. Piet Erasmus, Dina Buys – 07/1998 – Mooirivier
43. Andrew,Bobby Reid, Ria Heathfield, Marchant Gerber – 08/1998 – George
44. Bill, Santie Meyer – 08/1998 – Devon
45. Boet, Ralie Hartman – 09/1998 – Zeerust
46. Henry, Isabella, Marietjie Hough – 09/1998 – Garsfontein
47. Annetjie, Kolonel Roos – 11/1998 – Fouriesburg1999
48. Braam, Annemarie, Danie Hoffman – 01/1999 – Reitz
49. Salie, Ria Nortje – 01/1999 – Pretoria
50. Alec, Nellie Steyn – 01/1999 – Christiana
51. Gert, Fransie van der Merwe – 02/1999 – Naboomspruit
52. Pieter, Louise Vermaak – 04/1999 – Gamtoos
53. Roelf, Lien Malan – 04/1999 – Pretoria
54. Pieter, Louise Vermaak – 04/1999 – Gamtoosvallei
55. Albert, Anna Loubser – 06/1999 – Hazyview
56. Jacobus, Annabella Swanepoel – 06/1999 – Roodepoort
57. Arent, Daniel Dewalt – 07/1999 – Delmas
58. Gert, Jacoba Slabbert – 07/1999 – Cullinan
59. Johannes, Eunice Du Plessis – 12/1999 – Port Elizabeth2000
60. Boeta, Marina Beukes – 01/2000 – Pretoria
61. Nicky, Sue Liebenberg – 02/2000 – Bothaville
62. Jan, Anna Bezuidenhout – 05/2000 – Breyten
63. Man, Rita Du Toit – 07/2000 – Magaliesburg
64. Willie, Anna Marais – 07/2000 – Citrusdal
65. Nicolas, Robert Hunt – 07/2000 – Bushy Durr
66. Tillie, Man Theron – 08/2000 – Heilbron
67. Willem, Ada Kritzinger – 08/2000 – Kommadagga
68. Koos, Erna Wolmerans – 08/2000 – Pinetown
69. Marthinus, Dina Cordier – 09/2000 – Wesselsbron
70. Sam Naude, Chrissie Janse van Vuuren – 09/2000 – Jamestown
71. Duggie, Ria Hill – 11/2000 – Klerksdorp
72. Hendrik, Anna Bezuidenhout – 11/2000 – Breyten
73. Anthony, Lindy, Glenn, Sarah Lee Ingegnere – 12/2000 – Durban2001
74. Malcolm, Dorothy Potgieter – 01/2001 – Witrivier
75. Percy, Loretta van Zyl – 01/2001 – Muldersvlei
76. Bob, Joy Green – 02/2001 – Meyerton
77. Hans, Louise Uys – 02/2001 – Capital Park
78. Nicolas, Hester Jansen van Rensburg – 03/2001 – Marikana
79. Kevin, Lou Mc Gregor – 03/2001 – Elliot
80. Carl, Peggy Von Litsenborgh – 03/2001 – Klapmuts
81. John, Bina Cross – 04/2001 – Gravelotte
82. Ernst, Trudie Neuenshwander – 04/2001 – Wellington
83. Gawie, Dorothea van der Merwe – 05/2001 – Hartbeesfontein
84. William, Shirley Dennis – 05/2001 – King Williamstown
85. Bennie, Danie, Kleinjan Visser – 05/2001 – Bokkeveld
86. Tonie, Nellie De Necker – 06/2001 – Pietersburg
87. Johan, Marika, Schoonwinkel – 06/2001 – Groblersdal
88. Jannie, Lizette Visser – 06/2001 – Bokkeveld
89. Johan, Vrou Le Grange – 07/2001 – Witbank
90. Chris, Martha van den Heever – 08/2001 – Naboomspruit
91. Fanie, Susan van Jaarsveld – 08/2001 – Potchefstroom
92. Johan Stapelberg, Henk Uys – 08/2001 – Magaliesburg
93. Fanie, Thelma Stols – 09/2001 – Witrivier
94. Lynette, Ilse Jooste – 10/2001 – Krugersdorp
95. Ronald, Marie van Biljon – 10/2001 – Badplaas
96. Hannes, Monica, Nelize van Aswegen – 10/2001 – Petrustad
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99. Nicolas, Rula Katonis – 12/2001 – Muldersdrift2002
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101. John, Evelin De Lange – 01/2002 – Mount Pleasant
102. Lenie, Albie Fourie – 01/2002 – Paarl
103. Susan, Man van den Heever – 01/2002 – Tzaneen
104. Atrhur, Isobel Smith – 01/2002 – Sundra
105. Martinus, Lillian Delport – 03/2002 – De Deur
106. Maxine, Roxanne Booysen – 05/2002 – Florida
107. Hennie, Richard Jooste – 05/2002 – Eikehof
108. Robin, Alison, Nicholas Dent – 06/2002 – Wartberg
109. Marius, Vrou Klingbill – 07/2002 – Heidelberg
110. Jannie, Jannie jr Theron – 07/2002 – Dewetsdorp
111. Christo, Marie van Tonder – 07/2002 – Swartwater
112. Ben, Petro De Lange – 08/2002 – Brandvlei
113. Linelle, Marne, Megan Saeur – 08/2002 – Burgersdorp
114. George, Albertina Lewis – 09/2002 – Bronkhorstspruit
115. Johannes, Lorinda, Pieter Pretorius – 09/2002 – Balfour

117. Carl, Ronelle Uys – 10/2002 – Reddersburg
118. Lieb, Floretta Liebenberg – 11/2002 – Bultfontein
119. Hennie, Dawn Meyer – 11/2002 – Roodepoort
120. Hannes, Kleintjie Gouws – 12/2002 – Bultfontein
121. Willie, Tollie, Jessica, Cynthia Lombard – 12/2002 – Brits
122. Willem, Selma, Charlene, Chantelle Harmse – 12/2002 – Brits
123. Johan, Chrissie van Dyk – 12/2002 – Louis Trichardt2003
124. Gerhard, Elsie Swart – 01/2003 – Rustenburg
125. Piet, Aletta Burger – 02/2003 – Hartsvallei
126. Dolf Lloyd, Jan Zandberg – 03/2003 – Estoire
127. Dirk, Vossie Jacobs – 04/2003 – Louis Trichardt
128. John, Debbie van der Bank – 04/2003 – Vereeniging
129. Andries, Eleanor Visser – 04/2003 – Vereeniging
130. Douw, Jacoba Grobler – 07/2003 – Cullinan
131. Fanie, Ina Smit – 07/2003 – Heilbron
132. George, Lettie van Huyssteen – 08/2003 – Steynsrus
133. Johan, Ockie Fourie – 09/2003 – Modderivier
134. Stanley, Tommy Herbst – 09/2003 – Pelgrimsrus
135. Louis, Henrietta, Mihanna Badenhort – 11/2003 – Clarens
136. Pierre, Andriesa Basson – 12/2003 – Paarl2004
137. Jacob, Simon Weber – 01/2004 – Sabie
138. Johan, Susan Mosterd – 01/2004 – Henley-on-Klip
139. Brendon, Lana Stevenson – 02/2004 – Douglasdale
140. Frans, Darrel, Gina, Melissa van der Merwe – 02/2004 – Benoni
141. Danie, Neels Terblanche – 03/2004 – Thabazimbi
142. Gert, Hendrika Vosloo – 03/2004 – Heidelberg
143. Piet, Kobus Fourie – 03/2004 – De Deur
144. Cornelius, Olive Lourens – 03/2004 – Magaliesburg
145. Jannie, Trudie Terblanche – 05/2004 – Hobbhouse
146. Phillip, Ria Meyburgh – 06/2004 – Brakpan
147. Richard Theron, Estelle van Dyk – 06/2004 – Magaliesburg
148. Clint, Michelle Haywood – 10/2004 – Louis Trichardt
149. Halie, Johanna Leeuwner – 10/2004 – Caledon
150. At, Rien Venter – 10/2004 – Cullinan2005
151. Hennie, Cecilia Jansen van Vuuren – 01/2005 – Potgietersrus
152. Eugene, Elsie Pienaar – 02/2005 – Muldersdrift
153. Daniel, Maria Bekker – 03/2005 – Bloemfontein
154. At, Carlien Deysel – 04/2005 – Lichtenburg
155. Tienie, Lynn Terblanche – 05/2005 – Port Elizabeth
156. Fanie, Hettie, Ria Theron – 05/2005 – Jeffreysbaai
157. Moos, Vrou Visser – 05/2005 – Edenburg
158. Helgard, Salomie Brink – 07/2005 – Akasia
159. Mariaan, Margaret Gerike – 07/2005 – Port Elizabeth
160. Buks, Mariaan Opperman – 08/2005 – Delmas
161. Joe, Elsa Wasserman – 09/2005 – Badplaas
162. Johan, Sylvia Hart – 11/2005 – Muldersdrift
163. Leon, Vrou, Jaque Gouws – 12/2005 – Steelpoort
164. Hennie, Celia van Vuuren – 12/2005 – Roedtan2006
165. Phillip, Caroline, Natasha Reed – 01/2006 – East London
166. Bennie, Stella Swanepoel – 01/2006 – Meyerton
167. Charles, Joey Botha – 02/2006 – Naboomspruit
168. Armand, Jean, Andre Rudolf – 02/2006 – Randfontein
169. Hendrik, Ina, Lena Breedt – 03/2006 – Roosenekal
170. Man, Ronel, Kind Cronje – 03/2006 – Kameeldrift
171. Koos, Maggie Coetzee – 04/2006 – Reddersburg
172. Luis, Marina Marcos – 04/2006 – Louis Trichardt
173. Janus, Anri, Renette van Rooyen – 04/2006 – Heilbron
174. Gordon, Anne, Leigh Mc Gaffin – 04/2006 – Grassmoor
175. Niek, Siena Swart – 04/2006 – Bethlehem
176. Martiens, Mien van der Merwe – 04/2006 – Clocolan
177. Kobus, Charlotte van Tonder – 05/2006 – Vrede
178. Arnie, Gerda du Plessis – 06/2006 – Cullinan
179. Barry, Marco Visser – 06/2006 – Cullinan
180. Des, Colleen Horrman – 06/2006 – Fort Grey
181. Willem,Anthea,Desere,Willie Lourens – 06/2006 – Louis Trichardt
182. Willie, Marinda van Wyngaardt – 06/2006 – Louis Trichardt
183. Gideon, Daleen, Anuska, Frans Pieterse – 07/2006 – Swartruggens
184. Willie, Martie Snyman – 07/2006 – Pretoria Tuine
185. Peter, Anne Marie Jacobs – 08/2006 – Johannesburg
186. Clarance, Dorothy Potgieter – 09/2006 – Brenthurst
187. Gerhard, Hardus, Wian Venter – 09/2006 – Kameeldrift
188. Joggie, Bets Prinsloo – 09/2006 – Warmbad
189. Chris, Annika, Juleen Herbst – 10/2006 – Elardus Park
190. Andrew, Kowie Olwage – 10/2006 – Bellville
191. Johan, Aletta Snyman – 10/2006 – Strand
192. Carli, Rena Barnard – 11/2006 – Vanderbijlpark
193. Sergio, Grisella Disario – 11/2006 – Sandbaai
194. Eugene, Annemarie Fourie – 11/2006 – Verkeerdevlei
195. Cornelius, Lynette Nick – 11/2006 – Midrand
196. Louis Fivaz, Bettie Smit – 11/2006 – Ventersdorp
197. Mike, Wesley Botes – 12/2006 – Brooklyn
198. Freek, Vrou du Plessis – 12/2006 – Addo
199. Albert, Carin Etsebeth – 12/2006 – Faerie Glen
200. Jan, Johanna Greyling – 12/2006 – Trompsburg
201. Conrad, Christene, Wilkie Strasheims – 12/2006 – Brooklyn2007
202. Emile, Francois, Michelle De Toit – 01/2007 – Elarduspark
203. Dirk, Adri van Sittert – 01/2007 – Verwoerdburg
204. Francois, Hester, Lourens Gersbach – 01/2007 – Mondeor
205. Brenda, Renette van Staden – 01/2007 – Nelspruit
206. Izak, Vrou Visser – 01/2007 – Groot Marico
207. Gerrie, Sarie Germishuys – 01/2007 – Northcliff
208. Gert, Lani Daffue – 01/2007 – Moutainview
209. Coenie, Laetitia van der Merwe – 01/2007 – Wilgers
210. Lionel, Cheryl, Phillip Brown – 01/2007 – Natal
211. Deon, Wilma Joubert – 01/2007 – Florida Park
212. Desire, Man Oberholzer – 01/2007– Elardus Park
213. Johan, Martie Prins – 01/2007 – Groblersdal
214. Mark, Luitjie Singery – 01/2007 – Willow Park Manor
215. Christo, Liana van Rensburg – 01/2007 – Willow Glen
216. Steven, Magda Smit – 01/2007 – Akasia
217. Alwyn, Zena Conradi – 02/2007 – Erasmuskloof
218. Jacques, Teresa, Jean-Jacque van Zyl – 02/2007 – Krugersdorp
219. Adel, Moira Schreider – 02/2007 – Silverlakes
220. Andrew, Jocelyn Blair – 02/2007 – Umhlanga
221. Eric, Marguritte Gander – 02/2007 – Parkhurst
222. Albie, Susan Greyling – 02/2007 – Pretoria
223. Bertus, Elaine Stoltz – 02/2007 – Alberton
224. Jonty, Yolandi Swart – 02/2007 – Pretoria Tuine
225. George, Ryno Helmand – 04/2007 – Brakpan
226. Raymond, Yvonne Fitch – 07/2007 – Swartberg
227. Siggi, Ingrid Schadle – 11/2007 – Wartburg2008
228. Ludwig, Rita Wernich – 02/2008 – Potgietersrus
229. Stephanus, Anita Joubert – 03/2008 – Somerset West
230. At, Katerina Deysel – 04/08 – Lichtenburg
231. Douwe, Hendrika Bijkersma – 05/2008 – Florida
232. Hendrick Janse van Rensburg,Charles Woodraffe – 05/2008 Bronkhortspruit
233. Willem, Yvonne Ras – 06/2008 – Witbank
234. Andre, Chris Bam – 07/2008 – Doornpoort Pretoria
235. Schalk, Marie van der Westhuizen – 08/2008 – Kleinmond
236. Owen Daniels, Kulsum Herbst – 11/2008 – Elandslaagte2009
237. Henry, June Lambert – 03/2009 – Johannesburg
238. Willouw Cilliers, Loudene van Blerk – 03/2009 – Brandvlei
239. Johan, Cobi van der Bosch – 04/2009 – Pretoria
240. George, Jacoba Venter – 05/2009 – Port Elizabeth
241. Willie, Julie Le Roux – 10/2009 – Plettenbergbaai
242. Leon, Hetta Steyn – 10/2009 – Sabie
243. Hennie, Magda Visagie – 12/2009, Vierfontein2010
244. Koos, Retha van Zyl – 01/2010 – Steynsrus
245. Joshua, Esme Booysen – 02/2010 – Potgietersrus
246. Jacobus, Alice Botha – 02/2010 – Benoni
247. Theuns, Suzie Venter – 02/2010 – Pretoria
258. Jacobus, Francois Els – 02/2010 – Kingsley
249. Nick, Elsie Els – 02/2010 – Swellendam
250. Etienne, Francois Cannaert – 03/2010 – Ellisras
251. John, Margaret Barret – 04/2010 – Margate
252. Alice, Helen Lotter – 06/2010 – Virginia
253. Christopher, Jennifer Early – 07/2010 – Hibberdene
254. Graham, Kathleen Lizamore – 07/2010 – Pinetown
255. Jan, Elizabeth Smit – 10/2010 – Stilbaai
256. Johan, Annelise Greyvenstein – 11/2010 – Mesina
257. Pieter, Henna van der Lith – 11/2010 – Louis Trichardt
258. Attie, Wilma, Willemien Potgieter – 12/2010 – Lindley
259. Chris, Martie Erasmus – 12/2010 – Koster
260. Casper en Daleen Aucamp – 12/2010 – Thabazimbi2011
261. John, Sue Collen – 05/2011 – Benoni
262. Jan, Susan Malan – 06/2011 – Vereeniging
263. Martiens, Charlotte Bekker – 07/2011 – Heidelberg
264. Percy, Neolene Withmore – 08/2011 – Kemptonpark
265. Carlos, Anna De Sousa – 11/2011 – Alberton
266. Chris, Katrien Jooste – 11/2011 – Soshanguve2012
267. Lorraine en Gordon Adam – 02/2012 Bethuli
268. Trevor, Laura Rees – 04/2012 – Benoni
269. Wiaan Botes, Margaret de Goede – 05/2012 – Delmas
270. Eric, Berry Robins – 06/2012 – Port Edward
271. Johan, Gloudine van Rensburg – 06/2012 – Baltimore
272. Noel, Yvonne Robson – 07/2012 – Colenso
273. Tony, Geraldine, Amano Viana – 07/2012 – Walkerville
274. Gawie, Bets Greef – 09/2012 – Sandton
275. Johan, Cecile Fourie – 09/2012 – Trompsburg
276. Gerhard, Gerrie Rudolph – 12/2012 – Brits2013
277. Rudolf, Elna van Heerden – 01/2013 – Belfast
278. Ernst, Annetjie van Rooyen – 01/2013 – Parys
279. Daan, Erka Rousseau – 05/2013 – Wellington
280. Pikkie, Rina Stassen – 08/2013 – Kemptonpark

We, the White South Africans, are literally BEGGING for your support to help us put an end to this! We are an 8% minority and our numbers are dwindling…August 26, 2013

2 RepliesŤ PreviousLeave a ReplyYou must be logged in to post a comment.frederick du plessis on August 26, 2013 at 8:44 amWe need the help!!!Log in to ReplyJoe on August 26, 2013 at 11:05 amI doubt that the international community will listen or help. When we look at our own response to cries of help from other countries where genocide is happening, we can assume that their response will be equally slow to non existent. This kind of ethnic cleansing is happening in many countries and the international community does absolutely nothing about this!

[typically dense Germanic folk. what do you mean "the international community does absolutely nothing"? It caused those murders to happen. I mean, do you remember the decades-long struggle against apartheid? What do you think the people behind that had in mind? They get off on that stuff. If you're too dumb to figure that out, you should go extinct.

Don't blame me for pointing out the truth either, I did what I could to help you in the 1980s.

Time for a Sally Field moment, South Africa: "You hate us! You really, really hate us." Yes....they do. They really, really do hate you. They really, really do love seeing you raped, tortured and murdered. They can't wait till you've disappeared for good."]

Last edited by Alex Linder; June 21st, 2014 at 10:03 AM.
Old June 21st, 2014 #40
Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Natural reality is that most species go extinct, and that subspecies fight for space until one drives out the other. That's how it is. Christianity turns in horror from that factual reality to imaginary fantasy worlds in which everyone gets along and cares about the others. That fantastical assumption is the root of the Boer's appeal to the very folks who destroyed him -- the international community (a euphemism for jew-controlled mass media and the political superelite it serves). It's bizarre when you think about it. Why would you appeal to your enemy to stop defeating you? Why won't the Boers acknowledge their enemy? Why won't they call him by name? Why won't they admit what he's up to? The answer to all these questions is simple animal fear - which has been transmuted by christianity into a saccharine moral universalism functioning as a paralytic poison. These folks' belief system has disabled their natural defense mechanisms. It has put out their eyes. They refuse to see or perhaps at this point simply cannot see what is going on.

Which of you Boers thinks the jewsmedia didn't realize what would happen to the 10% white minority when the 90% savage black majority took power? The people running the World Show for longer than Cats aren't some delusional female college nitwity, they know exactly what they're doing. At least give them that. But you won't. You refuse to see them for what they manifestly are, because it makes you emotionally uncomfortable. So you persist in appealing to them; you persist and seem to enjoy your little game of pretending they are the same kind of folks you are, with the same motivations. Anyone can see they are not.

So, White South African is your playing by the Golden Rule working out for you?

It's cheap and easy to assume the other guy is like us, and to smooth over or ignore any differences. Cheap and easy and popular with simpletons and those obsessed with what they call morality. Adults look at things differently: you treat people the way their behavior shows you'd be wise to treat them.

The christian says that god is part nigger, since god created blacks, and they reflect one of his aspects. The white man says that blacks are wild animals, and white society must be kept protected from them.

It's not white and christian, it's white or christian. Choose wisely.

I don't have at hand the best possible example for proving media motivation, as if it were necessary. But there was a point during the struggle to impose black supremacy when a number of SA white soldiers were trapped by some black militants, with the media looking on. The media egged the blacks into murdering the white soldiers. The whole thing was captured on video. That example is a microcosm in which you have the entire political problem in a grapefruit spoon. A hint to the wise is sufficient, but a barrel poured on a christian doesn't make him any wetter.

Last edited by Alex Linder; June 21st, 2014 at 11:00 AM.

nigger mass murder, nigger massacre, nigger serial killer, nigger serial murder


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