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Default ONLY our race has to be politically correct

- - -

. . really . . who is the target of 'anti-racism' all the time ? Our race . .

OTHER races can be "racist" / are allowed to be . .

Nobody says anything if blacks call 'Latinos' spics , if Latinos call blacks the n-word , if other races call Asians 'gooks' , hell ,even if a black himself curses at another one who crossed him "That nigga crossed me" , and so on , you name it . .

'Latin Americans' ( Mestizos ) are allowed to treat blacks ( full-blooded blacks that is ) poorly in their nations and nobody gives a shit . . They are allowed to put them into favelas ( slums ) , treat them as the 'low class' of their nations etc . .

In the Arab world Negroes are still largely discriminated against . . They are even called 'kuffars' . . Most wealthy Arab nations a la Kuwait won't let blacks participate . .

Even in black Africa foreigners aren't liked to be seen.

Asians keep their nations homogenous anyway . .

Nobody says anything if black and 'Latino' street gangs collide over race . . A least they aren't painted as 'radicalized' . .

The Hindus and the Muslims in the Pakistan-region have been battling each other for eons . .

- - -

To say nothing about the amount of hostility other races often show to us ( "Honkies , crackers . ." ) . .

- - -

When people of our race defend themselves against other races it is often 'dramatized' . .

- - -

So . . there we have it . . another proof that people of our race are discriminated against . .

Do not get me wrong , the NWO is busy "spreading that peace" worldwide with their supposed 'human rights' but other races aren't 'radicalized' if they are racist . .

- - -

In closing a video by Asian Hip Hopper Chuckie Akenz dealing with a story of blacks harassing some Viet kid , then the Viet kid calls reinforcement and a whole gang of 'Asian homies' appears to beat the crap out of the groids . .



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