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jewsign Jews about the RVF demo at Israel embassy 28 sep 2019 The Hague

The municipality of The Hague in the Netherlands does not want to prohibit in advance a demonstration of the openly neo-Nazi paramilitary group Racial Volunteer Force (RVF). According to the municipality, the meeting does not pose a threat to public order. Deputy Mayor Rachid Guernaoui let us know in response to a letter from CIDI.

By: Center Information and Documentation Israel

The RVF intends to demonstrate to the Lower House at the end of September against "the Zionist shadow power in the Netherlands".

The Racial Volunteer Force is an internationally operating neo-Nazi organization, created as a spin-off from the English terror group Combat 18. According to the AIVD, the RVF strives for an "Aryan Fourth Empire", of which the Netherlands should be a part. The group is outspokenly anti-democratic and says it is prepared to use "all means" to shake the democratic system. In the past, various RVF members were prosecuted for possession of firearms and for violent crimes.

Obsessive hatred for Jews plays a central role within the Racial Volunteer Force. On the website of the organization you can read, for example, how they met to "celebrate the birthday of the Führer [Adolf Hitler]". The group also says they are fighting against "kosher nationalists", "zionist pigs" and "the internal enemy: the cosmopolitan", an anti-Semitic code word to identify Jews.

"Double loyalty"
Earlier demonstrations by the RVF and related organizations have already been accompanied by punishable expressions such as swastikas, Hitler greetings and Nazi slogans. This will probably also happen during the demonstration in The Hague. The invitation is already peppered with anti-Semitic language (such as "the double loyalty of the influential and powerful Zionist diaspora communities") and on the RVF's Facebook page, the announcement features a caricature of "Der ewige Jude" (see image above) .

In these times of increasing anti-Semitism, CIDI is deeply concerned about the signal coming from allowing this Nazi demonstration. The demonstration of the RVF is clearly not only against the policy of the State of Israel, but against Jews in the Netherlands. It is precisely The Hague, the international city of peace and justice, that should make a stand against this reprehensible philosophy.

CIDI hopes that the Public Prosecution Service will keep a close eye on the demonstration in order to effectively detect and prosecute any criminal offenses.

Source Israelcnn
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