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Tom Connington
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Tom Connington
Default Jews in the Americas

I meant to stick this in general discussion. Sorry.

In the book The Jewish People in America: A Time For Planting - The First Migration 1654-1820 by Eli Faber, it is explained how the Jews fled the Spanish and Portugal inquisitions, settled in Amsterdam and later came to in habit New Amsterdam (NYC), and other major port towns in The New World. Jews were able to create a pure Jewish network of mercantile trade. As Faber explains in the work, Jews went as far as marrying their own blood to keep their trading network Jewish.
I made a list of the big Jews.

Jews in Trade Goods
Isaac Gomez
Hayman Levy
Isaac Adolphus
Isaac DaCosta

Slave Trading Jews
Jacob Rodriguez Rivera
Isaac Elizer
Aaron Lopez
Samuel Moses

White Slave Trade (Indentured Servants)
Nathan Levy
Isaac Levy
David Franks
Moses Franks

jews, new world, slavery


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