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Default Admitted false confessors and witnesses

Admitted false confessors and witnesses

Also many non-revisionists have admitted that many claims by alleged "confessors" and "witnesses" are false.

This may include many or all claims by "witnesses" such as:

Adolf Rögner
Bernard Brougham
Binjamin Wilkomirski
Denis Avey
Einstein (Holocaust witness)
Enric Marcó
Henry Bily
Hermann Graebe
Herman Rosenblat
Jerzy Kosinski
Joe Corry
Joseph Hirt
Lauren Stratford
Martin Gray
Misha Defonseca
Rosemarie Pence
Salomón Isacovici

This may include many or all claims by "confessors" such as:

Adolf Eichmann
Alfred Franke-Gricksch
Hermann Rauschning
Kurt Gerstein
Otto Ohlendorf
Rudolf Höss

Such claimed "witnesses" and "confessors" have been admitted to be false even by non-revisionists only when it has been proven, for example, that a "witness" spent the entire war in another country. In some cases, some non-revisionist Holocaust authorities have expressed regret that such frauds were exposed and that the deception attempts were not more subtle, for reasons such as the frauds being seen as damaging the credibility of the politically correct Holocaust version.[1]

Even if fraud is proven, this is argued to be handled gently by the media, and not prosecuted, even if "witnesses" have lied under oath. This has been argued to encourage false statements.[1]



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