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Woodpecker A European Virus? Connect the Dots About Cuomo's New Covid-19-Origin Claims

First, some basic facts to help you:

Fact 1: the Jews own New York City, the Big Bagel and so, by default, the state of New York as well.

Fact 2: Jews are bold liars. For example, a Jew will tell you, without blinking, that the Earth is flat, if such a claim benefits him (and then he’ll call you an anti-Semite for daring to question his flat-earth claim).

Fact 3: Powerful Jewish organizations in America are always trying to shape public opinion. It’s what they do.

Fact 4: Lately, Jewish organizations have teamed up with Asian activists in order to fight “racism” that stems from Covid-19 hysteria.

So, the upshot to this situation is: it is very likely that a powerful Jewish organization in New York told Governor Andrew Cuomo to start calling the Chinese coronavirus a “European virus” in order to deflect the focus away from China (of course, the Chinese, like the Jews, are non-White; the Jews look White but are actually much closer to Arabs in their DNA; Jews have made careers out of anti-racism activism, e.g., Jews, not Blacks, founded the NAACP).


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Garrick Fenstad
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Garrick Fenstad

i've gotta a butt-load of coronavirus i'm ready to shit down a kike's throat.
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Proud White Guy
Hates Jews,and Non-Whites
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Proud White Guy

The people dying from the jewish media scam of Corona virus all have pre-existing conditions, and are older, in nursing homes. Namely diabetes and heart problems.

It is being survived by over 98% of the people that get this virus, proving it is a jewish media sham.

God bless Colonel Sanders.
Niggers aren't human. Humans don't behave that way.

God Bless Elon Musk, Donald Trump, and America, and God Damn the anti-white, anti-christian, and anti-American jewish controlled media.
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Gerry Fable
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Gerry Fable

So yes, the reason liberals are swooning over Gov. Cuomo’s ingenious decision to call COVID-19 the “European virus” is because that makes the virus white. (Yuck!) The only way we could ever get liberals to call a new disease the “China virus” is if it originated in Africa, then migrated to China.
Why not call COVID-19 what it really is? The flu. Hyper exaggerated to scare people witless and justify lockdown in order to cripple the Chinese export markets to the west.
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