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Tomasz Winnicki
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Tomasz Winnicki
Default The Legal Situation in Canada

Liberal MP Keith Martin introduces bill to REPEAL SECTION 13 (Internet censorship) of the Canadian Human Rights Act.

By Ezra Levant on January 31, 2008 12:02 AM | Permalink | Comments (29) | Trackback (1)

Keith Martin, a Liberal MP from Victoria, has introduced a private member's bill motion that is as groundbreaking as it is concise:

That, in the opinion of the House, subsection 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act should be deleted from the Act.

This is important for several reasons:

1. It's evidence that the "undernews" of the abusive, unaccountable conduct of the human rights commissions has caught the attention of at least one MP (we can assume Sen. Anne Cools is watching things, too).

2. That MP is a socially progressive Liberal (formerly a red Reformer), whose human rights credentials with the Left are impeccable. Not only has he made international human rights one of his causes in Parliament, but he has personally walked the talk, serving on various Doctors Without Borders missions.

3. If a progressive, young, hip Liberal MP from an urban seat feels comfortable proposing this motion, it is a sign that reforming these commissions is politically safe, even for a Conservative government still worried about being tagged as "anti-human rights". Martin is a political entrepreneur who goes for winning opportunities. He once ran for the leadership of the Canadian Alliance; he crossed the floor to the Liberals and was rewarded by them; he has a very friendly relationship with the press. The man picks political winners. That alone is a signal to other MPs that it's safe to stand and be counted on this fight.

4. By taking the initiative -- and beating other MPs, especially Conseratives, to the punch -- Martin will get some well-deserved credit for leadership. But he'll also make it easy for Conservative MPs, even the Conservative government itself, to "follow" his example, rather than to lead. In a way, Martin takes the political risk; by supporting him, the Tories are merely sensible and bi-partisan followers. He's the point-man.

5. The fact that Martin is a "visible minority" is irrelevant to most normal Canadians, but to the identity politics Left, it's a sign of his moral virtue, and thus makes him even more politically safe.

Congratulations to Martin for doing the right thing. But more than that: he has given the government itself a political opening to amend this awful law. The Conservatives should ensure that Motion M-446 goes to a vote, and every one of them -- as well as other MPs of good faith from every party that cares about freedom -- should join with Martin to make his amendment law.
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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default The Legal Situation in Canada

Ongoing battle in which all the major laws and issues are hashed out: Marc Lemire’s Constitutional Challenge of Internet Censorship and Repression Continues:

- Section 13 of the Canadian ‘Human Rights’ Act makes it a ‘discriminatory practice’ for ‘a person or a group of persons acting in concert to communicate any matter that is likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or contempt …’ This includes areas like race, religion, sex and a long list of others. Who decides what is ‘likely’? The government agency.

- The Canadian ‘Human Rights’ Commission (CHRC) said in a trial of Ernst Zundel that the truth of any statement is no defence. The head Internet investigator for the CHRC, Dean Steacy, has said: ‘Freedom of speech is an American concept, so I don’t give it any value’.

- For violating Section 13 (or rather when the ‘Human Rights’ Commission has decreed that you have) you can be subject to a lifetime ban on your opinions registered with the Federal Court, a fine of up to $50,000 and up to five years in jail.

- The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal

Active and Past cases: 46
Cases the tribunal ruled on: 37
Total complaints received by CHRC: 100

NOT A SINGLE respondent have ever won a section 13 case before the tribunal.
∑ 100% of cases have Whites as respondents
∑ 98% of cases have poor or working class respondents
∑ 90.7% of respondents are not represented by lawyers
∑ So far, $93,000 has been awarded in fines and special compensation since 2003.
∑ 35 respondents have lifetime speech bans (Cease and Desist) orders and if not followed the victims could face up to 5 years in prison.
∑ 72.4% of complaints specifically identify "jews" as victims.
∑ 48.8% of all cases are by Richard Warman


Hate debate

Zealots too quick to complain to human rights commissions


"I hate therefore I am."

The rallying cry of self-justifying liberals as they run to human rights commissions with complaints or to the courts with their latest hate crimes prosecution. The comfortable lords of the umbrage industry, demanding that if anyone offends them in any way they must pay and pay again.

We've heard a great deal recently about various Muslim activists taking journalists Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn to assorted human rights commissions because the two men indulged in that age-old sin of informed and moderate free expression.

But it would be unfair to label Muslim radicals as the only or the loudest of censors.

Islamic zealots have merely taken a lesson from other groups, in particular those from the Jewish and gay communities. Numerous Jewish leaders somehow thought it a good idea to prosecute Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, thus transforming a fringe madman into an international icon. They have targeted numerous neo-Nazis and like-minded twits and vociferously supported the introduction of hate-crimes legislation.

Gay organizations joined in the censorship festival and have tried and often succeeded in silencing and fining teachers, printers, social workers, priests, ministers, nurses, journalists, politicians and any number of other people for expressing criticism of some aspect of homosexuality or homosexual life.


Just last week it was announced that there would be a second hate crimes prosecution of former native leader David Ahenakew, who in 2002 made repugnant remarks about Jews. He lost his Order of Canada, lost his position, lost his standing. Which is just as it should be. Ostracize and reject bigots and thugs.

This latest litigation comes about because an initial hate crimes conviction was overturned on appeal. So we waste even more public tax dollars and court time trying to convict Ahenakew again. Yet we already know he's a racist and a buffoon.

All that might be achieved by this nonsense is that people might begin to have sympathy for someone they increasingly perceive as a broken and beaten old man.

The courts should have nothing at all to do with one person's hate or dislike of another. It is simply none of their business. If someone assaults a person, prosecute him. If someone calls for a person to be assaulted, prosecute him, under the long-standing criminal code. If someone says nasty things about a person, ignore him.

Ahenakew's comments were genuinely ugly and ignorant, whereas Steyn was providing comment on geopolitics and Levant printing cartoons of international importance. The point, however, is that when the state is allowed to judge speech and decide whether it is acceptable, use is just as bad as abuse. In other words, the very process is as malicious as any verdict.

If there is any doubt, ask Catholic Insight magazine. A gay activist was so hurt by the monthly journal's comments about homosexuality that he read numerous editions of the magazine, assembled a whole collection and sent them to a human rights commission.


Common sense cries out to be heard! The publication is Catholic and therefore reflects Catholic teaching concerning sexuality. Thus it may not be pleasant reading for gay people.

The solution is simple. If you're gay, don't read Catholic Insight. Even hate Catholic Insight if you want. But don't try to silence Catholic Insight.

We're liked and disliked, loved or hated. Only the truly neurotic think it could ever be otherwise. Only the truly intolerant would have the state try to enforce it.

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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Re: The Legal Situation in Canada

The decline of freedom of expression in Canada began with seemingly minor and understandable speech restrictions. In 1990, the Canadian supreme court upheld the conviction of James Keegstra, a public-high-school teacher, for propagating Holocaust denial and anti-Semitic views to his public high-school students, despite repeated warnings from his superiors to stop. Keegstra was convicted of the crime of "willfully promoting hatred against an identifiable group," which carries a penalty of up to two years in jail. Criminalizing hate speech, the court stated, was a "reasonable" restriction on expression, and it therefore passed constitutional muster.

Two years later, the same court held that obscenity laws are unconstitutional to the extent they criminalize material based on sexual content alone. However, any "degrading or dehumanizing" depiction of sexual activity — including material that the First Amendment would protect in the United States — was deprived of constitutional protection to protect women from discrimination.

Even the most zealous advocates of freedom of expression often feel uncomfortable defending the right to engage in Holocaust denial or to propagate degrading pornography. But, not surprisingly, the inevitable result of allowing these initial speech restrictions has been the gradual but significant growth of censorship and suppression of civil liberties across Canada.

In many cases, the speech that is suppressed conflicts with the Canadian government's official multiculturalist agenda, or is otherwise politically incorrect. For example, the Canadian supreme court recently turned down an appeal by a Christian minister convicted of inciting hatred against Muslims. An Ontario appellate court had found that the minister did not intentionally incite hatred, but was properly convicted for being willfully blind to the effects of his actions. This decision led Robert Martin, a professor of constitutional law at the University of Western Ontario, to comment that he increasingly thinks "Canada now is a totalitarian theocracy. I see this as a country ruled today by what I would describe as a secular state religion [of political correctness]. Anything that is regarded as heresy or blasphemy is not tolerated."

Indeed, it has apparently become illegal in Canada to advocate traditional Christian opposition to homosexual sex. For example, the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission ordered the Saskatoon Star Phoenix and Hugh Owens to each pay $1,500 to each of three gay activists as damages for publication of an advertisement, placed by Owens, which conveyed the message that the Bible condemns homosexual acts.

In another incident, after Toronto print-shop owner Scott Brockie refused on religious grounds to print letterhead for a gay-activist group, the local human-rights commission ordered him to pay the group $5,000, print the requested material, and apologize to the group's leaders. Brockie, who always accepted print jobs from individual gay customers, and even did pro-bono work for a local AIDS group, is fighting the decision on religious-freedom grounds.

Any gains the gay-rights movement has received from the crackdown on speech in Canada have been pyrrhic because as part of the Canadian government's suppression of obscene material, Canadian customs frequently target books with homosexual content. Police raids searching for obscene materials have disproportionately targeted gay organizations and bookstores.

Moreover, left-wing academics are beginning to learn firsthand what it's like to have their own censorship vehicles used against them. For example, University of British Columbia Prof. Sunera Thobani, a native of Tanzania, faced a hate-crimes investigation after she launched into a vicious diatribe against American foreign policy. Thobani, a Marxist feminist and multiculturalism activist, had remarked that Americans are "bloodthirsty, vengeful and calling for blood." The Canadian hate-crimes law was created to protect minority groups from hate speech. But in this case, it was invoked to protect Americans.

A great deal more censorship in Canada seems inevitable. For example, British Columbia's extremely broad hate-speech law prohibits the publication of any statement that "indicates" discrimination or that is "likely" to expose a person or group or class of persons to hatred or contempt. The Canadian thought police are on the march. Hopefully, it is not too late to stop them.
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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Re: The Legal Situation in Canada

There is no Freedom of Speech in Canada

Support free speech online - because the government doesn't By Sea

Sea rants about being confronted by the police after a singer couldn't take what was pretty normal internet name calling.

Recently, I published an article about a Los Angeles-based rock star wannabe lead singer not being able to take constructive criticism on her music - notably, the first song of hers I'd ever said anything bad about. The opinion was unwarranted, unacceptable, according to her. She told me she only wants to hear from me if I like a song, otherwise my opinion is worthless. This followed a heated exchange through email where the level of decently regressed to her calling me somebody who belonged in diapers wah wah wah, and I told her to grow the fuck up, because she was acting like a spoiled little brat. I ignored her last two emails because they were getting stupid and were not worth the time to read them, so instead I published a short blurb about my personal feelings on the matter.

I interviewed her and members of her band a month or two ago on my radio show as a preview to their upcoming album release. By the way, I've played their music frequently on my weekly Internet radio music show, spread the word about her band, and distributed a half-dozen promo CDs she mailed to me. I supported her ambitions and was determined to help her when I could. I had her band in my notes to consider for work on various live tours, a movie soundtrack and a long line of concert & festival ideas over the years.

Now, I resent her and my wasted efforts, and hope she vanishes into a cesspool of livid normalcy.

If she wasn't receptive to my comments, she shouldn't have accepted my other ideas for her that she thought would be great to adopt in the past, such as a journal of her thoughts (similar to how I use this website to post what's on my mind - such as her acting in a psychotic manner) or all of her used and unused lyrics, as lyrics are very dear to her.

Who is she?

The reason I'm not mentioning her name is because, as recently advised by the Toronto Police, I'm not allowed to. Sure, I can say whatever I want about her contrived music, her inconsistent vocals or her try hard lyrics, her ambitions for musical success through making money and gaining "fans" rather than maybe enjoying her work as an art. Just no negative posts, jokes or references, not just by me, but other free-willed, opinionated people of our worldwide UM community.

It's not even her real name, anyway. Draw your own conclusions. Protection of her image must be something sleazy involved.

You see, she, or a friend of hers, contacted the police in LA, and it got back up to here in Toronto, when I was visited by two police officers. I was upfront and cooperated with them, sharing my perspective and politics on the matter and really, it comes down to free speech online. Under no pressure to do anything, I sent an apology email and closed the thread, meaning nobody further could post in it.

That wasn't good enough, and I've had increasingly tense phone calls to discuss further action, and further demands, and I've pretty much had enough of this.

After days of being what now feels like harassment, I was requested to remove all negative comments about her that might affect her in her career. I would say her fatally flawed personality and overreaction to FREEDOM OF SPEECH is more of a threat to her so-called career, because this shit isn't going to cut it in the world. Don't talk about fucking the system if you're going to rely on the system to pursue your dirty laundry.

Look at pretty much any internet community and see what the conversations are about, much of it is bashing, much of it is solid discussion, it's balanced. Shit, people have posted DEATH THREATS and my HOME ADDRESS/PHONE NUMBER online with the message for people to come and fuck me up.

I've hidden the article about her, not that I wanted to, but because I wanted to write this new one about what had happened. It's the truth, it is what happened. Do not assume this is a precedent because the next person to try something like this can kiss themselves goodbye. (Was that threatening? Should I be watching how I say things? Fuck knows anymore.) However, this is a free message board and people are free to post what they like about her - or about anybody else, including me - on here. There are comments about her elsewhere, good and bad, that simply will not be removed. Absolutely not. If that is not good enough, then they better charge me with something and lock me away forever, and things are going to change for everybody else because of how I will react to that.

Once and for all we will demonstrate why posting the truth and people's opinions should not be tampered with because some egotistical moron took exception to personal, silly, admittedly immature comments. Should we edit or attempt to forget the truth, like the uproar about Neo-Nazis claiming the holocaust never happened? Or education in places like Singapore, China, North Korea or even the United States, where the truth is manipulated under the guise of keeping up appearances and "national unity"?

Theoretically, somebody stifled into watching what they say publicly could set up a private forum dedicated to hating somebody and how they're going to kill them, and nobody would know. Pushing things underground is where problems begin, and the police should damn well know this by now.

Are we in fucking China, where they employ thousands upon thousands of web monitors, watching what people say and censoring every last piece of content conflicting to the propaganda their leaders has spewed on their population?

The beauty of the internet is that you can post anything you like, and if you don't agree with what somebody else says, you can ignore it, or post in response to it. Calling the police is mindless. What a fucking waste of resources. Toronto's crime continues to rise, we have hostage takings, gun control issues, everybody's on drugs, ... and this is the waste of time and manpower. The US is such a mess! Like Los Angeles doesn't have far worse things to deal with than a flaky rock 'n' roll bimbo's bruised ego. Don't you think we could be putting the constable's mental capacities towards solving real crimes, instead of playing the middle man in a completely ludicrously overblown situation?

Welcome to the internet, where freedoms have exceptions, and petty ones at that.

If you wish to comment on this article, you are free to post what you want. I'm not going to edit or delete your comments barring it being Spam, because that's not what we do here. Just don't call the police over mean words about you on a screen.

As I have the wonderful privilege of being allowed to comment on Starlit's music and what I will say is this: They have a couple of solid songs I think are tremendous. They are doing nothing new or inventive, and some of the vocals are the weaknesses of the songs, just because I wish singers would shut the fuck up a little more and let the music play.

There are touches of ego and psychotic behaviour clearly in their lyrics, death, destruction, blood sucking and the dark underground which includes drugs, sex and a lot of shitty times.

But from what I've heard through their recent song, Heart in a Cage, if that is the spineless direction they're heading in, then they're in for a rough ride, because it is awful, contrived, pointless and irritating.

Anyway, what a waste of time and thought, because of words on a screen. Meanwhile, people are getting shot, stabbed, drugged into doing things they're not aware of, plotting terrorist attacks, stealing, scamming the system, and yet this is where the efforts of the law go towards.

This is not a swipe at the police, whom I have always respected (other than tales of corrupt cops) but rather a swipe at the system, one that maybe people should get a clue about the potential for a better world online, resolving conflicts through words and dialogue, whether they are nice or not, rather than guns, knives, or cross-border police intervention.

And so goes my bullshit experience. That is my opinion, and I will continue to say what I want to say.
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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Re: The Legal Situation in Canada


Hello all …

You may have noticed the postings on my website this week about a man called Richard Warman. His attacks on free speech - including my own - in league with government agencies and Jewish organisations like B’nai B’rith, the Anti-Defamation League (whose job is to defame people) and the Canadian Jewish Congress need urgently to be exposed to the wider world.

This is not just a story about Canada - it is the blueprint for the end of free expression that is unfolding across the planet under the guise of Orwellian terms like ‘Political Correctness’ and ‘Hate Speech’.

I first came across Richard Warman, a ‘lawyer’ working for the Canadian government, when he campaigned with the above organisations to have my public talks in Canada and elsewhere banned because I was a ‘racist’. This is invariably the insult hurled at anyone who gets close to the truth. Even people demanding the truth about 9/11 or those questioning the official version of global warming have been dubbed as akin to ‘Holocaust Deniers’ and if you question any aspect of the official version of the Nazi concentration camps you can now be jailed by the Thought Police.

Ernst Zundel, an elderly pacifist, was illegally abducted from his home in the United States, thrown in a Canadian jail and eventually extradited to Germany to be jailed again for the maximum five years by a kangaroo court masquerading (barely) as the arbiter of ‘justice’.

What was Zundel’s ‘crime’? Differing from the official history of what happened in the Nazi camps. He was, in other words, jailed for this thoughts, his views.

Even his lawyer, Sylvia Stolz, has now been jailed for three-and-a-half years, and banned from practising law for five years, for having the same thoughts and views as her client.

All this in ‘free’ Germany.

What happens in fascist states is that the verdict and the sentence are agreed before the trial or the evidence. That is what happened with Zundel and that is what happens in the ‘justice’ and ‘human rights’ system in Canada, as we shall see.

What we need to understand before all freedom is extinguished is that you don’t have to agree with what someone says to defend their right to say it. Indeed, you are defending your right to say and think what you choose because unless everyone has free speech and free thought then no-one does. You can’t be free to think and say what you believe if someone is deciding what you can think and say.

That is not freedom of speech or thought - it is the freedom to agree with what the Big Brother state allows you to think and say.

As Voltaire is claimed to have said: ‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.’

Why? Because your freedom is my freedom.

So what is happening in Canada and elsewhere is an attack on the freedom of everyone and what is happening is truly, truly, staggering in what is claimed - hilariously - to be a ‘free society’.

Richard Warman was a member of the Canadian Green Party when I first came across him in the 1990s and he went on to be an ‘investigator’ for the Canadian Government’s ‘Human Rights’ Commission (which is like George Orwell calling his propaganda ministry the ‘Ministry of Truth’).

Warman would find out where I was speaking and then contact the venue to say that I was an ‘anti-Semite’ who was going to blame Jews for everything in my presentation. Most of the spineless idiots at these venues - with honourable exceptions - would then ban the event without any further investigation.

You can see him at work trying to stop my talk in Vancouver in a British Channel 4 television documentary from 2001. The link is at the end of this article.

It got so ridiculous at one point that Warman, writing from Canada, almost had me banned from speaking at the little local theatre a few miles from my home in England where I had spoken with no problem many times before.

In the end, the local council insisted on having an ‘observer’ at the event to ensure that I did not break ‘racism laws’. What did she find? Nothing, of course not. But truth is irrelevant - so long as the mud sticks it’s job done.

This is what Richard Warman really believes about ‘human rights’ and free expression. He was asked about his attempts to ban my public events by the London Independent on Sunday magazine. This was his reply:

‘He has taken all the conspiracy theories that ever existed and melded them together to create an even greater conspiracy of his own. His writings may be the work of a madman, or of a genuine racist. Either way they are very dangerous …

… ‘If he’s unstable then so are his followers, who hang on his every word. What benefit can there be in allowing him to speak?’

That’s right, a self-styled ‘human rights’ campaigner actually said: ‘What benefit can there be in allowing him to speak?’

This is the mentality we are dealing with here from a Canadian government lawyer who specialises in targeting people who supposedly breach human rights!! You couldn’t make it up.

As a result of the campaign against me by Warman, B’nai B’rith, the Anti-Defamation League and the Canadian Jewish Congress, I am stopped, searched and questioned without fail every time I pass through a Canadian airport because I am on a computer ’stop’ list. What do they find? Nothing. But what happens the next time I go there? The same.

On one occasion I was held for six hours into the night at Ottawa airport and then again the next morning when all I am saying is that we need to love each other, forget our manufactured differences and unite behind freedom for all, no matter what your colour, creed or religion.

In a speech in Toronto on July 6th 2005, Warman described his modus operandi as a technique of ‘Maximum Disruption’:

‘I’ve come to the conclusion that I can be most effective by using what I like to describe as a ‘maximum disruption’ approach. … If I think that they’ve violated the Canadian Human Rights Act, then I’ll look at all of the potential targets and file complaints against them starting on a ‘worst offender’ basis, although sometimes if I just find people to be particularly annoying this may move them up the list a bit.’

Warman continues:

‘The “maximum disruption” part comes in because wherever I think it will be most helpful, or even if I just feel it will be the most fun, I strongly believe in hitting the neo-nazis on as many of these fronts as possible either at the same time or one after the other. I say this because it keeps them off-balance and forces them to respond to things that focus their energies on defending themselves …’

(My emphasis. D.I.).

Warman, still an employee of the Canadian government the last I heard, is always strongly supported by B’nai B’rith (Rothschilds), the Anti-Defamation League (Rothschilds) and the Canadian Jewish Congress or ‘CJC’ (Bronfman family, connected to the Rothschilds).

So much so that the CJC gave him its Saul Hayes Human Rights Award for ‘distinguished service to the cause of human rights’ (no, that’s not a joke) and a report by the Canadian ‘Human Rights’ Commission said that Warman ‘has recently written a detailed report on Internet hate in Canada for the national Jewish group B’nai B’rith’s Annual Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents’.

What is the extent of the connection between Warman and B’nai Brith, the Anti-Defamation League and the Canadian Jewish Congress? Can anyone help?

It gets even more outrageous when you consider that Richard Warman has been using aliases, including one called Mary Dufford, to post racist comments on the very websites that he and the Canadian ‘Human Rights’ Commission then target for being racist.

Senator Cools

One rant posted on a forum called on September 5th 2003 can be seen below. Apologies for the language, but we are adults and this is what was posted about a black Canadian Senator called Anne Cools.

‘Not only is Canadian Senator Anne Cools a Negro, she is also an immigrant! And she is also one helluva preachy c*nt.

She does NOT belong in my Canada. My Anglo-Germanic people were here before there was a Canada and her kind have jumped in, polluted our race, and forced their bullshit down our throats.

Time to go back to when the women nigger imports knew their place…
And that place was NOT in public!’

This was posted by a user name called ’90sAREover’ and it was following this that a Warman ‘investigation’ began into racist postings on the Freedomsite. So who was the poster of this vicious, stomach-turning racism on a site then targeted by Richard Warman for prosecution by the Canadian ‘Human Rights’ Commission?

Well, well, well.

The owner of the Freedomsite and the target of Warman’s subsequent ‘investigation’ is a man called Marc Lemire, a computer ‘nerd’ and technical expert who traced the posting to the same computer (IP address = from which was posted another user name called ‘Lucy’.

Who was ‘Lucy’, by his own admission under oath? Richard Warman.

Another computer expert, Bernard Klatt, did his own investigation into the origin of this sick and despicable attack on Anne Cools and this was his verdict in an affidavit submitted as evidence to a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal on February 8th 2007:

‘Based on the information provided in this affidavit, in my expert opinion, I concluded that the Freedomsite message board user accounts “90sAREover” and “lucy” are those of Richard Warman and that Richard Warman was the poster of the message headed “Cools don’t belong in our Senate” posted September 5, 2003.’

Don’t bother pinching yourself, I’ve tried. It was also admitted by the ‘Human Rights’ Commission that its ’senior human rights investigator’, Dean Steacy, posts on the ‘White Pride’ Stormfront website using the name ‘Jadewarr’. The game is simple: get an anonymous account to post racist comments on a website and then charge the website owners with posting racist comments.

Richard Warman is saying of David Icke at this point in the TV documentary: ‘I think we can release the hounds now’.

Canadian author and journalist, Mark Steyn, summed it up very well this week when he wrote:

‘As I said previously, this isn’t entrapment; it’s manufacturing the crime. Mr Warman posted these words on a website and then used them as part of his complaint to the Canadian Human Rights Commission. That is Scandal #1.

Furthermore, when the defendant then made plain that he wished to subpoena the records of the ISP to uncover the author of the above post, the Canadian Human Rights Commission mysteriously dropped it from the case. This suggests an explicit collusion between the CHRC investigators and their former colleague, Mr Warman. That is Scandal #2.

For posting these words on the website and then taking said website to the Human Rights Commission, Mr Warman has been substantially enriched by the Canadian state. That is Scandal #3.’

What has happened to Richard Warman as a result of these extraordinary revelations in the ‘free’ country of Canada where ‘everyone is treated equally’? Nothing. As Mark Steyn wrote:

‘If this is correct, I don’t see how it’s possible to regard the Canadian Human Rights Commission as anything other than a racket for one of its former employees. Why should Richard Warman collect five-figure sums from suing websites for “crimes” in which he has himself participated?’

So why is Warman Teflon Man? Why does nothing ever stick or prompt further official investigation?

Warman has been awarded tens of thousands of dollars by the ‘Human Rights’ Commission that he used to work for and invariably his targets are those without the resources to defend themselves nor pay the fine and money to him without extreme hardship.

Warman brings his cases under something called Section 13 of the Canadian ‘Human Rights’ Act which is simply a vehicle for blatant censorship. It makes it a ‘discriminatory practice’ for ‘a person or a group of persons acting in concert to communicate … any matter that is likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or contempt …’ This includes areas like race, religion, sex and a long list of others. Who decides what is ‘likely’? The government agency.

Read that again and you’ll see that this could be applied to almost any criticism or contrary opinion. It is a censorship charter and the Canadian ‘Human Rights’ Commission has said that the truth of any statement is no defence. The head Internet investigator for the CHRC, Dean Steacy, the Stormfront poster ‘Jadewarr’, said: ‘Freedom of speech is an American concept, so I don’t give it any value’.

For violating Section 13 (or rather when the ‘Human Rights’ Commission has decreed that you have) you can be subject to a lifetime ban on your opinions registered with the Federal Court, a fine of up to $50,000 and up to five years in jail.

Now … are you ready for this …? Journalist Mark Steyn writes:

‘In its entire history, over half of all cases have been brought by a sole “complainant,” one Richard Warman. Indeed, Mr. Warman has been a plaintiff on every single Section XIII case before the federal “human rights” star chamber since 2002 — and he’s won every one. That would suggest that no man in any free society anywhere on the planet has been so comprehensively deprived of his human rights. Well, no. Mr. Warman doesn’t have to demonstrate that he’s been deprived of his human rights, only that it’s “likely” (i.e. “highly un-”) that someone somewhere will be deprived of some right sometime.’

Some more outrageous statistics:

100% of cases have white people as respondents

98% of cases have poor or working class respondents

90.7% of respondents are not represented by lawyers

So far, $93,000 has been awarded in fines and special compensation since 2003.

35 respondents have lifetime speech bans (Cease and Desist) orders and if not followed the victims could face up to 5 years in prison.

72.4% of complaints specifically identify ‘Jews’ as victims.

As the grip tightens on human freedom this censorship is now targeting even mainstream media outlets like Macleans Magazine and what you are reading here is what is planned for everyone all over the world - that’s the ‘Totalitarian Tiptoe’ with regard to Political Correctness. That’s the agenda behind it all. It is not about ‘protecting minorities’, it is about controlling everyone - including the ‘minorities’.

It is actually playing ‘minorities’ off against each other. If a black person says something a gay person doesn’t like he can be prosecuted by the Thought Police. But if the gay person says something the black person doesn’t like he can be prosecuted by the Thought Police.

It is classic and blatant divide and rule under the guise of ‘protecting minorities’.

Another ‘modus’ of Richard Warman is to launch libel actions against those who defend themselves from his attacks on their character or give their opinion of him and his agenda. He has had one running against me now for nearly six years on the book, Children of the Matrix, which was published seven years ago.

Among the ludicrous alleged ‘libels’ is that, sit down and take a breath, I called him a ‘censor’ and an enemy of free speech.

Children of the Matrix was published in 2001 and Warman was at my event in Montreal, Canada (which he had worked so hard to ban) when that book was on sale for the first time. In other words, he read what I wrote about him in the summer of 2001.

So did he contact me or the publisher to make a complaint and discuss it? Oh no. Without contacting me in any way, he began writing to bookstores and distributors telling them that he was taking a libel action against me and if they did not stop handling the book they would be included.

Most of these sad and spineless people allowed themselves to be intimidated and the book lost massive potential sales, for which I shall be seeking compensation. Given that Warman was in the Canadian Green Party at the time, a British Green Party member called Justin Walker contacted him and offered to arrange a meeting with me at which his problem could be discussed and resolved. Warman just scoffed at the idea and dismissed it.

Instead he waited almost a year after he had first read the book before issuing me with a libel writ - just before his deadline for doing so ran out. When he threatened the biggest British book distributor, W H Smith, with being included in the action they looked at his behaviour and described it to me as ‘bizarre’.

Six years later the case is still rolling on and in the meantime he has continued to behave with regard to freedom of expression in precisely the way I describe in my book - I mean, see above.

Still, at least a full blown court hearing will reveal to the public and the worldwide Internet community the extraordinary story of Richard Warman and the true identity of ’90sAREover’ and the Anne Cools posting that Warman has denied on oath was him even though the ‘IP’ (computer) address is the same as the one he used for ‘Lucy’.

Today eyes are now opening ever-wider in Canada to what has been going on and Mark Steyn wrote an excellent article for Macleans Magazine headed ‘Why should Richard Warman be the only citizen to have his own personal inquisition?’ See the links at the end of this text. In another exposť of Warman’s weapon-of-choice, Section 13, Steyn says:

‘At this point, the Minister of Justice needs to step in. The administration of Section XIII is a public disgrace. I agree with Pundita that it is, in fact, a criminal act in itself. The Minister should order a judicial inquiry into the systemic corruption of Section XIII. Furthermore, in the interim, Agent Dean Steacy should be removed from all “hate” cases, all current cases suspended, and the judgments in those cases brought by Richard The Anglo-German Warman vacated. The mountain of phoney-baloney “jurisprudence” based on the Warman racket should be tossed in the trash.

In the end, Maclean’s and I might prevail over this thug racket. But why should we have to spend significant six-figure sums doing so given the prima facie evidence above? Section XIII is misbegotten in theory and a shakedown racket in practice. It’s time to end it.’

I repeat, this is not just about Canada or Macleans Magazine or me. It is about all of us. Different sections of society are being picked off while the rest look the other way because they think it does not affect them. Oh, but it does.



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Default Re: The Legal Situation in Canada

Keith Martin's good fight

National Post

Published: Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It has been about three years since the longtime Reform MP Keith Martin fled from the turmoil of the unite-the-right movement, which was then just about to reach its final consummation, and crossed the House of Commons floor to a new home in the Liberal party. It is good to see that his time amongst the Grits has not dulled his taste for the commonsense libertarianism that was Reform's major selling point.

Last Thursday, Mr. Martin filed notice of a private member's motion in favour of repealing subsection 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA). That section makes it a punishable offence to use telephones or the internet to promote "hatred or contempt" of any of the protected groups in the CHRA. By and large, the impugned behaviour is the same as that which is covered by the hate-propaganda section of the Criminal Code, Section 319. The difference in the context of human rights law is that a party who takes offence can have an investigation launched, and force a fellow citizen to undertake a legal defence, without having to comply with the rules of due process or the evidentiary standards that prevail in an actual courtroom.

This, indeed, is the entire pretext behind federal and provincial human rights laws as imagined by those who created them in the 1970s: to open a low-cost road to redress of grievances in employment and housing for society's most vulnerable groups. But a tool originally created to mitigate economic injustice has now become a weapon against the freedom of news-gathering and opinion. Aggrieved Muslims have been using it to vex high-profile conservative targets such as Ezra Levant, Maclean's magazine and Mark Steyn for daring to inform and pronounce on the relationship between Islam and terrorism. That engineered attempt to chill legitimate debate has led to an online backlash within Canada, and to unprecedented scrutiny of Canadian human rights law from without. Mr. Martin's Commons motion was obviously intended to serve as a gesture of solidarity with freedom of expression, and perhaps he thought that it was the liberal, or the Liberal, thing to do.

Unfortunately, Liberals are not always reliably liberal in the best sense of the term. Mr. Martin has been challenged by some Liberal critics who want to know why he is proposing to proffer aid and comfort to potential preachers of hate speech, and Liberal leader Stephane Dion has apparently taken their side of the question, asking the MP to withdraw his motion voluntarily. In the view of these critics, any change in the law that might make it slightly harder for the government to take action against some neo-Nazi creep in a mildewed basement is a threat to the entire edifice of Canadian democracy.

Consistently applied, of course, such a standard would allow for unlimited interrogation and arbitrary detention of those who promulgate "unacceptable" ideas -- and heaven help you if you find yourself on the wrong side of the line of unacceptability. It would effectively annul the freedom of expression enshrined as "fundamental" in our Liberal-made Charter of Rights. (Those attacking Mr. Martin seem curiously confident that they would never in a million years utter an opinion so contrarian, exotic or surprising that it offended somebody.)

This freedom, and the limits to which it is subject, are part of the same legislative and judicial legacy. The wise and logically unimpeachable rule Canada has evolved is that such limits are tolerable only if they are minimally compromising, effective and rational; the ongoing spectacle of the absurdist human rights range war between Muslims and conservatives is sufficient, by itself, to show that none of these tests have been met.

It is nonsense to suggest that reining in human rights legislation, and leaving the policing of hate speech up to the actual police, would be some sort of treason to the legacy of Trudeauvian liberalism. Keith Martin should not be made to feel that he is committing sacrilege by treating permanent Charter values as more important than a particular federal statute. Indeed, he should be celebrated for doing it, and not just by Liberals.


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