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Old October 29th, 2004 #41
T. Kadijevic
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T. Kadijevic

What was funny about Sesame Street is my brother and I watched it. What did we learn? That brown people lived in slummy areas with a resident who lived in a garbage can. The only guy we liked was Mr.Hooper or any white kid that would be in there. Its funny how an instinct like that in children (well us anyway) from 4 - stick to your own kind.

And what about Ernie and Bert? Were they just friends who shared a rubber ducky?

"Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him...." ------ John 8:44
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Jay Jay
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Jay Jay

Originally Posted by White Winger View Post
To anyone who knows the hell that Whites have been subjected to-being relentessy mocked,and attacked,by niggz,spics,mexcrements,arabs,asians,and,at the heart of darkness of it all,of course,the kikes,plus,self -loathing Whites(Beatniks,Hippies,Rock & Rollers,Disco shits,and,lately,Whiggers)-it's not surprising ,that it was the late 196660's,that the flood of criticism,mockery,and outright racist hatred of Whites exploded.This is especially true of the toxic waste/poison that has been dumped at Whites through our TV .Every form of TV show-sitcom,drama,variety show,sketch/skit comedy shows,sci-fi,horror,soap opera,news show,etc,up to the current time,10/2004:

In no particular order,because it doesn't matter;racism against Whites is racism against Whites:

"60 Minutes"
"60 minutes 2"
"Law & Order"
"Law & Order:Special Victims Unit"
"Law & Order:Criminal Intent"
"New Tork Undercover"(Possibly the most anti-White series ever;99% of Whites are the most evil things that have ever existed,except White women who are sensitive to savage niggz,and 99.9% of niggers do nothing wrong whatsoever,except maybe,petty thievery)

(The four shows listed are created by a the racist traitor-Dick Wolf.The name sounds kike-ish,but from everything I've read,a catholic.I could be wrong.)

"The Smothers Brothers Show"-The first anti-White/self-loathing White variety show.CBS was able to cancel it,in their last days when we could get shit like that cancelled. 1967-69
"Playboy After Dark" (Early 60's to '71)
"The Jack Paar Show"- I'm too young to remember it,but,Paar(Dead now,thankfully) always love to talk about his famous visit to Cuba,shortly after Castro took power,and always beamed with pride,that his kids and Castro's kids pl;aying together,getting along wonderfully.Another thing he beamed about about,was that his show was the first ever,to show a black comedian(Godfrey Cambridge) perform in front of a black audience(At some nigg "college"-Southern,Grambling,Howard,they're all interchangeable),and telling jokes about Whites.
"Homicide"- Racist Jew Devil Barry Levinson's police series.
"A Different World"-The awful racist nigger shit-com,that tries to make them look human. (1987-'93)

Every single show ever created/produced,by Norman Lear:
"All in the Family"(1970-81)
"Archie Bunker's Place"('81-83)
"Good Times"(1973-79)
"Mary Hartman,Mary Hartman"(1976)
"Fernwood/America 2night"(1977-78)
"704 Houser Street"
"Hot L Baltimore"(1974-75)
Any others,fill it in.

Every show created,by David E.Kelley:
"L.A. Law"(1986-94)
"Picket Fences" (1991-97)
"Ally McBeal"(1997-2001)
""Boston Public"
Some thankfully show that took place ,among some stupid brothers up in New Hampshire,during last season,that ran only 4 or 5 episodes.
"The Practice" (1996-2004)<and,of course the new spin-off-
"Boston Legal"
Many,many more to follow,undoubtedly

"Larry King live"
"The John Larrouquette Show"(1994-96)The "NY Undercover" of sitcoms.
"Donohue" (1967-96)
"Rivera Live"
"The Maury Povich Show" (STILL on the goddamn air.Every other show has interracial couples on,99.9% of them niggerilla male/White female(Never any nigg males/JEWISH females,of course).No othjer show in the history of TV has ever doen this,as relentlessly as his has.Racist Jew Devil!!!!)
"Ricki Lake" (1993-2004)
"Jerry Springer"-No need to go into that shit.
"Soul Train"
"The Soul Train Awards"
"Any niggerilla "acheivement"/"music"/"spirit",etc, "awards" show.
"The Grammy Awards"
"The American Music Awards"
"The Academy Awards"(Even if niggz don't win,there's always a giagantic amount of anti-White hatred)
"The Emmy Awards."

"MTV Video Awards"
"MTV Movie Awards"
"MTV's The Real World"
"Pimp My Ride"
"Yo,MTV Raps"(A long time ago,sure.But it's what got the evil shit on MTV,and the beginning of the end of MTV for Whites)

"VH1's The Surreal Life"
"I love the (70's,80's,90's)"

"Politically Incorrect" (1994-2002)
"Showtime at the Apollo"

BET(And every show on it)

Every single stand up special,with a nigger/spic/jew/self-loathingWhite comic.

HBO(And every single show on it,ever-
"Def Comedy Jam"
every stand up comic special
every single documentary
"Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel"
"Inside the NFL"
"Six Feet Under"
"The Wire"

"ESPN Sports Reporters"
"Pardon the Interruption"

"The View"
"In The Heat of the Night" (Mid '80's to mid-90's)
"The Arsenio Hall Show"
"Hollywood Squares"-The Whoopie Goldberg version,up to today.

Comedy Central(And ever single show on it)

"100 Centre Street"
"The X-Files" (1993-2002)
"The West Wing"
"CSI:New York"
"The Simpsons" (1990-present!!!!)
"Walker:Texas Ranger"
"The Family Guy"
"The Best Damn Sports Show,Period"
Any show hosted by Jim Rome
"The Late Show,with Craig Kilbourne"(2000-2004)
"Late Night with Conan O'Brien" (1993-present)
"Arrested Development"
"American Dreams"
"Crossing Jordan"
"The George Lopez Show"
"My Wife and Kids"
"NYPD Blue"(1993-2005)

Every show on UPN

"The Bernie Mac Show"
"Will & Grace"
"Joan of Arcadia"
"Third Watch"
"Kevin Hill"

Your contributions,please

How is the "X files" and "Family guy" anti white? And why did you not list the worst anti-white show ever produced? That show bieng "in living color"
Old March 6th, 2012 #43
The Bobster
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Originally Posted by COTW View Post
As a kid our family watched the Gong Show (shudder). Anybody here remember that one? I remember my parents proclaiming how any black would win, no matter how bad they were and I can’t recall them ever being wrong.
Jaye P. Morgan was a nigger-lover who gave every nigger act a 10 and would stand in front of the gong if anyone else tried to gong a groid.
Old March 6th, 2012 #44
The Bobster
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Originally Posted by T. Kadijevic View Post
Different Strokes....jeez, I remember that, I used to watch it...more for Kimberley
She was possibly a coal-burning whore.'rent_Strokes

Todd Bridges was arrested in 1994 after allegedly ramming someone's car after an argument.[9] He also had issues with illegal drugs for several years, but has given up the habit. He has since traveled across the U.S.A., touring schools and discussing the dangers of drug use.[10] He also enjoyed semi-regular guest spots on Everybody Hates Chris as Monk, a shell-shocked Vietnam veteran, conspiracy theorist, and nephew of Chris' boss Doc.

Bridges stated in an interview with Meredith Viera that while he was questioning, he and Plato had sexual relations during the production of the show, which he says Plato did to help him identify his sexuality. He also stated that Plato started him out with drugs, giving him marijuana at age 14. Plato denied both of these statements.
Old March 6th, 2012 #45
Steven L. Akins
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From the very start televison has been a Jewish-owned enterprise and the Jews used it to promote their agenda from the begining.

Even seemingly innocent shows like The Andy Griffith Show, The Beverly Hillbillies, and Hee Haw were created, directed and produced by Jewish television executives, and they carried a very subtle anti-White message - that White people are backwards, clumbsy, inept, unsophisticated, oafish, square, and generally lacking in admirable qualities:

These weren't shows made by White people who wanted to laugh at themselves - they were shows made by Jews to ingrain a subtly planted seed of self-hatred in Whites; leading them to despise their White culture which was depicted in highly exaggerated negative stereotypes in the cultural mirror that is television.

And that was just the beginning...
Old March 6th, 2012 #46
Steven L. Akins
Join Date: Nov 2011
Location: The Heart of Dixie
Posts: 13,170

In the early days of television, nearly all characters (even the ones portrayed by Jewish actors) were cast as White. Blacks on television were unheard of, apart from the occassional role of a servant, such as the Jew Jack Benny's man Rochester; who was depicted as a typical Uncle Tom type clown that occassionally showed more common sense than his "White" boss. But for the most part, televison was devoid of non-white characters as the Jewish television executives were uncertain as to how White America would react. They had to test the waters first and introduce them gradually.

One of the first non-White characters to be introduced to the American television audience was Lucille Ball's real life Cuban husband, Desi Arnez; who was depicted as a suave, sophisticated, exotic, Latin with a well-dressed sense of style and "sexy" Latino rythmn. These attributes were played against his White wife's ditzy, immature, scatter-brained, bi-polar personality, as well as the stogy, shlubby, personalities of the couple's land-lord neighbors, Fred and Ethel Mertz (who may have been based on Jews, though this was never revealed in the show).

In the early days of TV, Jewish television executives often relied on what motion picture audiences of the cinema found acceptable and used Hollywood to test the waters as to what they could get away with on TV. The civil-rights movement of the 1960's saw a number of motion pictures released that presented themes of racial tolerance, diversity and even inter-racial relationships as their main plots.

One of the first of these was the 1962 film adaptation of Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird which focused on a fictional court-case in a small Alabama town brought against a lowly black man accused by a white-trash backwoods girl of attempted rape, after her redneck father caught her kissing him. The black man was defended by a court appointed lawyer played by Cary Grant, who was presented in a positive light by virture of his fairness and integrity in defending the negro against his repugnant, low-life, bottom-feeder, White accusers.

Following on the footheels of To Kill A Mockingbird, Jewish Hollywood movie executives released A Patch of Blue in 1965 about the relationship between a black man, Gordon (played by Sidney Poitier), and a blind white female teenager, Selina (Elizabeth Hartman), and the problems that plague their relationship when they fall in love in a racially divided America. Made in 1965 against the backdrop of the growing civil rights movement, the film explores racism from the perspective of "love is blind". Scenes of Poitier and Hartman kissing were excised from the film when it was shown in film theaters in the Southern United States.

Shortly afterwards, in 1967, Jewish film director Stanley Kramer released Guess Who's Coming to Dinner , considered to be a groundbreaking motion picture for its positive representation of the controversial subject of interracial marriage, which historically had been illegal in most states of the United States, and was still illegal in 17 states, mostly Southern states, up until June 12 of the year of the film's release, when anti-miscegenation laws were struck down by the Supreme Court in Loving v. Virginia.

1967 also marked the year of Television's first interracial kiss, albeit in the context of it being forced upon, but not resisted by, the characters of Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura, who were being manipulated by tyranical aliens in the form of Olympian gods in the episode Plato's Stepchildren of the Jewish-produced science fiction television show, Star Trek; which featured a multi-ethnic, multi-racial crew of star voyagers set in the socially advanced 23rd century, where the issues of race and prejudice had been set aside

It all went downhill from there....

Last edited by Steven L. Akins; March 6th, 2012 at 07:41 PM.
Old March 23rd, 2012 #47
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Everything you said above was correct BUT the court appointed nigguh defender was played by Gregory Peck.
Old March 23rd, 2012 #48
Steven L. Akins
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Originally Posted by Dreng View Post
Everything you said above was correct BUT the court appointed nigguh defender was played by Gregory Peck.
You are right! How forgetful of me.

Cary Grant is English.

They say the mind starts going at 45; I'm right on schedule.
Old March 25th, 2012 #49
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NiggaBeasts, Jews, Muds, Incinerator Fuel
Old March 25th, 2012 #50
Steven L. Akins
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Originally Posted by SlagMaster View Post
Comic books were another Jewish-dominated business in America:

Brian Michael Bendis, comics book writer

Sol Brodsky, comic book artist and Marvel Comics executive

Al Capp, cartoonist (Li'l Abner)

Roz Chast, cartoonist (New Yorker)

Howard Chaykin, comic book writer

Daniel Clowes, alternative comics writer (Ghost World)

Gene Colan, comic book artist (Daredevil)

Sophie Crumb, alternative comics artist

Peter David, comics writer & "writer of stuff"

Kim Deitch, comics artist

Will Elder, cartoonist (MAD Magazine)

Will Eisner, comics artist (The Spirit)

Miriam Engelberg, comics writer (Cancer Made Me a Shallower Person)

Al Feldstein, cartoonist (MAD Magazine)

Bill Finger, comics artist (Batman)

Max Gaines, founder of EC Comics, pioneering figure in the creation of the modern comic book

William Gaines, comics artist and MAD founder

Leo Garel, cartoonist for Playboy and The New Yorker

Rube Goldberg, cartoonist

Steve Greenberg, editorial cartoonist

Milt Gross, Gross Exaggerations

Allan Heinberg, comic book writer (Young Avengers)

Harry Hershfield, cartoonist (Abie the Agent, Desperate Desmond)

Al Hirschfeld, caricaturist

Al Jaffee, cartoonist (MAD Magazine)

Bob Kane, comics artist (Batman)

Gil Kane, comics artist (Green Lantern)

Jack Kirby, comics artist (Captain America, Hulk)

Neil Kleid, cartoonist, graphic designer

Aline Kominsky-Crumb, cartoonist (Dirty Laundry)

Adam Kubert, comics artist

Andy Kubert, comics artist

Joe Kubert, comics artist

Harvey Kurtzman, comics artist and MAD editor

Mell Lazarus, cartoonist (Momma, Miss Peach)

Stan Lee, comics writer (co-creator of Spider-Man, creator of X-Men, The Hulk, Fantastic Four)

Jeph Loeb, comics writer (Batman: The Long Halloween)

Robert Mankoff

Clifford Meth, comics writer and editor (The Futurians)

Josh Neufeld, Xeric Award-winning cartoonist (A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge)

Martin Nodell, comics artist (Green Lantern)

Paul Palnik, cartoonist, writer, (The God of Cartoons)

Harvey Pekar, comix writer (American Splendor)

Rachel Pollack, comic book writer (Doom Patrol)

Trina Robbins, comix writer

Julius Schwartz, comic book and magazine editor

Joe Shuster, comics artist (Superman)

Jerome Siegel, comics artist (Superman)

Joe Simon, comics artist (Captain America)

Art Spiegelman, comics writer (Maus)

William Steig, cartoonist & children's writer

Saul Steinberg, cartoonist & illustrator

Hilda Terry, cartoonist (Teena)

Lauren Weinstein, comic book artist

Mort Weisinger, comic book and magazine editor

Morris Weiss, comic book and comic strip artist (Margie)

Judd Winick, comics writer & artist (Pedro & Me, Green Lantern)

Marv Wolfman, comic book writer

Zeke Zekley, cartoonist on Bringing up Father and several others

Last edited by Steven L. Akins; March 25th, 2012 at 07:15 AM.


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