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Old July 18th, 2012 #1
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
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Alex Linder
Default Critical reaction to MR, CC, OD, TOO, LRC and paleocon sites

[my comments at bottom]

Posted by Graham_Lister on July 18, 2012, 05:31 AM | #

It seems Majority Rights is to become once again Majority Richards or Monocausal Reasoning. A rather sad development with no positive benefits at all. 6 months or so ago we all remember the ‘debates’ over monocausality, the explanatory power of models, basics in the philosophy of science (falsification), the asymmetrical use of evidence (confirmation bias) and the wonders of David Icke. All seemingly to no avail. Personally I don’t have the mental energy nor inclination to go through the whole farce again. An intellectually dishonest, psychologically paranoid fanatic doesn’t make for a pleasant, let alone productive, debating partner. It’s a monumental waste of everyone’s time and energy. If someone really dogmatically hold the belief that the Earth is flat the sensible person simply leaves them to it and focuses elsewhere, yes?

But I thought Mr. Richards was going to pastures new? Surely his brand of monocausalism is well served in the vast expanses of cyberspace? Or if not can’t his own website become the place for his highly idiosyncratic views? Of course the brand on offer, as has been noticed by others, is radically toxic – it has a profound ‘chilling effect’ for two reasons. Firstly, it makes any discussion of the topic look crazy (guilt by association) and secondly it repulses all but the most fanatically devoted to its basic hypothesis (J-lizards are behind everything I dislike about the world). The function of the second part is to serve as a self-selecting mechanism for the truest of true believers – hence an ‘echo-chamber’ is set-up but one in which the boundaries are very narrowly drawn indeed (with only the most deeply committed to its premises staying/tolerated). Therefore the ‘debate’ is an internally directed circle-jerk about how everyone (actually a tiny number of people) signed up to this ‘world-view’ are all wonderfully smart and knowledgeable etc.; it’s pretty pathetic stuff when viewed at the psychological level.

Onto other related matters – trashing comments etc., I believe Mr. Richards is the IT guru of the site, yes?

Can I (in full view of all other readers, contributors et al.), directly ask him why my IPs (note multiple IPs - yes I have changed my ISP a couple of times) are inevitably blocked from MR (thus forcing me into using proxies)? And secondly why, as someone given the admin. privilege to post ‘front-page’ items by GW, have I also been blocked from doing that too?

There must be some rational explanation beyond “bad luck old chap sorry don’t have a clue what’s going on”. After all Mr. Richards is not a fan of the ‘cock-up’ theory of history now is he? Is the ‘cock-up’ theory of website admin. any better?

Majority Rights is an excellent site; one I've read with profit as long as I've known about it, though I rarely comment there. Now it has come under a cloud. For whatever reason, the proprietor, GuessedWorker, is allowing a known crank running under the moniker J-Richards, and possibly other monikers, to essentially edit the site, at least from time to time, and perhaps even worse, per the Lister quote above, run the IT.

J-Richards' intent is to make any discussion of jews causing most of the problems in the West look ridiculous by blaming them for literally everything that happens, and calling anyone who discusses the problems they cause a jew. Most who seek to absolve jews do it by underblaming them: they try to claim that problems obviously and demonstrably caused by jews are actually caused by other people. JR goes the other way. He's a good enough sophist to make a plausible case. But those watching closely can see he's a fraud. Two examples:

1) claiming Hitler rose to power on the back of jewish international banking money. This is simply false. And Richards knows it to be false. He is deliberately circulating this big lie to get WN to doubt that Hitler and the NS are a valid resource for tips and techniques when it comes to fighting today's jews, who after all use mostly the same practices as they did in Weimar.

2) JR claimed that I was basically doing what he is actually doing - which itself is an ancient jewish technique. He claimed, for example, I ignored the jews' role in 9/11, and played down the event. I countered by proving that not only did I overtly blame Mossad for the WTC demolitions, in order to jumpstart a new round of wars in the Middle East, I made this claim in our main WTC thread, which has more views than pretty much any other thread on this forum. I demanded JR retract his lie, or admit he was mistaken. He did neither. He continued to repeat the lie.

GuessedWorker is making a huge mistake by allowing JR to have an iota of editorial or technical control. At best JR is a paranoid nut; but at likeliest, he is doing exactly what I say: attempting to deflect or make ludicrous legitimate examination of the jewish role in the undermining of the West. If I were GW, I wouldn't even allow JR to comment. He's a crank up to no good and should be flushed. When even someone as dopey as Lister can see that, you can pretty much bet it's the right call.

Last edited by Alex Linder; July 18th, 2012 at 08:17 AM.
Old July 18th, 2012 #2
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,478
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

Here we have the paleocon fool Nowicki making fun of those who get at the facts about the WTC demolitions. is a site for jerk-jobbers. Some of their material is good, but that can be said of any conservative site. There's no solution and no fight in these people.


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