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Smile Fav. type of horse

For those of you interested in "man's earliest transportation vehicle" , what are your favourites ?

I had a phase in my youth when I had a fascination for the American Wild West , tried traditional "cowboy clothes" and even took it upon me to take riding lessons . .

J / k with the pic , I went further than that . .


"Man's earliest form of transportation" still interests me a bit . .

I might add that I hail from Lower-Saxony . .

. . born in a more rural part of the German federal state ( even though mainly raised in Bremen and also lived in other cities . .) and the German federal state of Lower Saxony is famous for its horse keeping . .

This is Lower Saxony's coat of arms . .

Since Lower Saxony is more or less the beginning of Northern Europe ( as opposed to the Alp region ) and the last offshoots of the Alpine area within Germany end here ( the area is called the Northern German plain ) the gaze here gazes towards a never-ending horizon , all flat land . .

( the Alps within Europe were formed when two continental plates in ancient times crashed with each other , forming the high lands . .)

Their last offshoots go deep into Germany and where the more or less 'hilly' landscape ends Northern Europe begins. .

It is totally flat here ( the Netherlands , also on our latitudinal lines , are even located below sea level) . .

So . . in a way no wonder people from Lower Saxony have always had a good time riding along the endless horizon . .

lol . . perhaps my interest in those animals hails from the area from which I originate . .

My pers . favourite brand . .

The Hannoveraner race ( named after Lower-Saxony's capital ) . .

Anybody else here interested ?

Maybe Americans ? Who also live close to their 'country' roots ?



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